29 April 2007

louisiana's nutty professor jeff sadow plays the piyush race card

shame on charlie davis, his liquid ventures 'incubator' and politicsla.com for publishing and promoting blatant spin, spam and propaganda.

if you ever wonder why it is that louisiana is first in everything thats bad and last in everything thats good its not so much because of the crap politicians that we keep electing its mostly due to the fact that louisianians cant think properly. hmm now that we think about it the reason we keep electing crap politicians is because we cant think properly so its a vicious circle jerk.

anyway, case in point is one "professor" jeffrey sadow. how this guy is a professor we dont have a clue. hes a professor at what is called, loosely we think, louisiana's flagship university -- lsu. to be fair to lsu though it was at one time a true "flagship" university and its former greatness is due to the vision and wherewithal of one man: huey pierce long. you know that guy from ages ago black & white news reels, that everyone likes to beat up on. no one actually knows why its fashionable to beat him up and call him an 'ol boy but they do just the same. its hardly the fault of the institution of lsu that its been totally infiltrated by the republican read nazi party. this decline is in fact due in fact to the inability of louisianians to think properly.

so, back to nutty "professor" sadow. we see and are not fooled by his latest drivel (see link) in how he is trying...so desperately trying, to reinforce the old spin that if you dont support piyush you are a racist and thats why he lost in 2003 was on account of all them damn racists. we always find this tact hilarious because the new age, politically correct democrats eat this up with a spoon. no force feeding here. never mind that this is a totally invented republican propaganda talking point. the republicans put this out there knowing full well that democrats would rather gnaw off their own foot than be tagged as a racist or anything else not politically correct. so this has very effectively shut up the democrats.

we know this whole "if you dont support piyush you are a racist" routine is totally false because we would have loved to have voted for piyush back in 2003 but we didnt think it was a good idea to give george w. bush and the republicans more power. it didnt matter that piyush is brown, bronze or whatever his skin pigmentation was or is. we choose not to vote for him for no other reason than his republican affiliation. hurricane katrina as well as rita showed us that we were right too. can you imagine that if piyush would have been governor he would have signed the national guard, new orleans and calcasieu over to george bush in a heart beat.

so piyush, ever the opportunist, hooks his wagon up and moves down to louisiana's first congressional district where he's promptly elected to congress. thats good we thought as this will give us the opportunity to see what kind of statesman ol piyush is and this brings us to the other great lie of "professor" sadow's where he writes: "Jindal’s almost impeccably conservative record..." now this is a total unadulterated lie. by the way has anybody ever heard of a thing called "peer review" at lsu? you have to remember the "professor" holds himself out to be this highly educated intellectual and we barely made it out of high school so if we can see through this lie everyone else can as well. all one has to do to confirm that "professor" sadow is a damn liar is simply check piyush's voting record and you can very easily see that piyush regularly votes for things that are not only unconstitutional but are unrepublican. have you ever noticed that "professor" sadow always links back only to his own posts? he never provides outside references and sources to back up his claims.

and that brings us up to 2007 and the governor's race. now that we can see just what kind of person piyush is which is based just on piyush's voting record. we see piyush's proven traitorousness to and contempt for our constitution and the bill of rights; we reject piyush "bobby" jindal for governor on those grounds. again not because of his race.

while its true that piyush was reelected with 88% of the vote back at november 2006; all this shows is that 88% of the voters in la-01 cant think properly and are too damn lazy and sorry to look up voting records for themselves or they would see just what piyush is up to and how he has been working to enslave them and the rest of us. if the republican talking heads and especially the republican party officials were real and true republicans then based on their own platform and what they say they stand for, piyush would be the last person they would endorse and hold out for governor. the only conclusion that makes sense is that a criminal network has seized control of louisiana's republican party and because louisianaians cant think properly they are getting away with it.

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