10 May 2007

video: indian kids playing with cobras

screen grab from the daily mail

and you still want to elect a guy from this culture to be your governor?
**updated 1:25 pm cdt saturday 12 may 2007**
NOTE: someone on the politicsla.com forum thread 17465 using the nick "Coach" posted a link to our piyush "bobby" jindal series of posts and made the erroneous assumption by his caption: "Picked this up on TonyG's website" that this blog is operated by or associated with someone called "TonyG" - this blog IS NOT associated with "TonyG" in any way, shape or form - we dont even know who "TonyG" is.

furthermore, if you are shocked or offended by this post thats your problem -- in fact: your support of piyush "bobby" jindal who is a traitor to the constitution and bill of rights and member of the subversive rhodes scholars is just as offensive to us. having said that however, any attribution given, should be given to www.wesawthat.blogspot.com and no others. besides, of course the daily mail and/or youtube.com.
meanwhile, greg peters over at suspect device (louisiana's most over rated and under read comic strip) disagrees. a check of his hit counter shows that he needs some hits, so click here and give peters some link love.
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