04 April 2009

just say no to joe mcpherson and gil pinac for public service commission

repost: originally posted 30 march 2009

on saturday, 04 april 2009, louisiana public service commission district four residents will go to the polls to elect a successor to former dist #4 commissioner dale sittig, who resigned to take an even cushier state job as executive director of the louisiana offshore terminal authority (loop).

psc dist. #4 covers all of the following parishes: acadia, allen, avoyelles, beauregard, calcasieu, cameron, evangeline, grant, jefferson davis, lasalle, pointe coupee, rapides, st. landry, vermilion, vernon and parts of: catahoula and st. martin. see senate bill no. 5 / act 2 of the 2001 second extraordinary session.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) is an independent regulatory agency dedicated to serving the public interest by assuring safe, reliable, and reasonably priced services for the public utilities and motor carriers.
The overall goals of the Commission are to ensure a regulatory balance that enables utilities to provide customers with safe, adequate and reliable service, at rates that are just and reasonable, equitable and economically efficient, and that allow utilities an opportunity to earn a fair rate of return on their investment.
The Commission has jurisdiction over publicly owned utilities providing electric, water, waste water, natural gas, and telecommunication services in addition to all the electric cooperatives in Louisiana.

The LPSC also regulates intrastate transportation services including passenger carrier services, waste haulers, household goods carriers, non-consensual towing, intrastate pipelines and state ship pilotage.

The companies under the Commission’s jurisdiction must obtain approval before instituting new rates, issuing stocks and bonds, transferring assets, and undertaking major construction projects such as additional power plants, transmission lines, etc.

Municipally owned utilities are not under the jurisdiction of the Commission.see about the louisiana public service commission.
the candidates
louisiana state senator joe mcpherson

senator mcpherson is a good 'ole boy's, good 'ole boy. he's been in the state legislature for as long as most people can remember. so, you would think that he would have a vast list of bills and acts to draw from to show that he truly is fighting for louisiana's working men and women. however, a look at his campaign website: www.electjoemac.com shows that this just isnt the case.

for instance, the very first thing that senator mcpherson on his the mcpherson record page brags on is that he "authored and passed 'do not call' bill." however, a quick check of the loony looziana state legislature website shows that his isnt entirely...um...true.

the "telephone solicitation relief act of 2001," [RS 45:844.11] began its legislative journey as house bill no. 175 by representative kay iles of deridder, la. in that same legislative session, there was a senate bill no. 23 by foster campbell, joe mcpherson and others, but it was withdrawn from the files of the senate. perhaps, this is the bill that senator mcpherson is referring to?

in any event, this "do not call" sham of a law is written so ambiguously that its unenforceable and likely unconstitutionally vague. the kansas city, missouri and washington, d.c. law firm of copilevitz & canter agrees that the law is "constitutionally suspect" -- although for different reasons than ours. we also cant find any evidence on the public service commission's website that any company has ever been fined under it.

anyone who follows the proceedings of the organized crime gang that calls itself the loony looziana state legislature, knows that immediately after a bill is passed they do something called "open it up for co-authors." this is nothing more than political shuck-'n-jivery whereby, if a legislator feels a bill is politically expedient can press a button and have his or her name listed as a co-author. for all we know this is what happened here with senator mcpherson and the phony do not call law.

on a side note: gil pinac who is presently one of senator mcpherson's psc opponents, authored his house bill no.1030 in the 2004 regular legislative session. it became act 40 and further watered down the 'do not call" law. - senator mcpherson voted for it.

senator mcpherson probably doesnt want you to know about his senate bill no. 39 / act 311 from the 2001 regular legislative session. in this bill senator mcpherson conspired with the criminals who run the town of woodworth, la. to take away the people's right and responsibility to elect their own police chief.

thanks to senator mcpherson and another good 'ole boy, representative charlie dewitt, they gave the power to appoint the woodworth police chief to the mayor and town council. by making it an appointive rather than elective position, this effectively consolidated the woodworth speed trap scam to the mayor and town council because you cant run a speed trap scam unless you control the police department.

this one bill shows that senator mcpherson is really about taking away people's rights and that he works with criminals. dont you find it more than coincidental that senator mcpherson who is a resident of woodworth and as it turns out woodworth is one of -- if not the most -- corrupt town in louisiana?

if senator mcpherson is truly interested in helping working men and women, then, why doesnt he resign his senate seat, run for and win the woodworth mayoralship and clean up his own residence's well earned reputation for corruption and criminality?

if just the people who reside in psc dist #4 who have been victimized by the woodworth speed trap scam and their families voted for one of the other candidates, then senator mcpherson would be handily defeated.

in his 30 january 2009 psc candidacy announcement senator mcpherson alluded to being a big believer in "economic development." "the public service commission can play a big role in creating jobs by working with state and local officials to attract and keep new businesses by ensuring that the utility services they need are available, reliable and competitively priced." we can look no further than hot wells near boyce, louisiana to see thats a lie.

despite hot wells being located in his senatorial district and despite it already being owned by the state (by the state department of health and hospitals no less) senator mcpherson has never lifted one finger to do anything about restoring hot wells.

we dont know if the hot mineral water at hot wells has any healing properties or not. it doesnt matter if it does or not though, because thousands of people from all over the united states and the world do and if it was open they would flock there like in times past.

the legislature could have taken a minuscule amount of money (relative to the millions they give to their criminal friends with the non-governmental organizations) and rebuilt hot wells. then they could have linked it up with the states medical schools and used it to develop alternative therapies and healing techniques. hot wells should be louisiana's gift to mankind.

there are however, two major hospitals in senator mcphersons district - rapides regional and st. francis cabrini who have for years been undergoing massive expansion projects in order to peddle even more of their expensive poisons and surgeries -- do you think they have anything to do with senator mcpherson's with keeping hot wells suppressed?

in the 2008 regular louisiana legislative session, corrupt lake charles democrat state senator, willie landry mount, authored her mandatory water fluoridation senate bill no. 312. senator mount is a sodium fluoride industry as well as "gaming" industry whore; her bill requires certain public water systems to maintain the level of fluoride in their water within an optimal range as established in rules and regulations. senator joe mcpherson was a co-author and voted for this bill. sb312 was pushed through the state house by monroe rino, kay "bucket of bolts" katz.

even if you are of the foolish belief that fluoride is some kind of wonder drug, do you really, honestly believe that the organized crime gang that calls itself the loony looziana state legislature has any kind of right whatsoever to medicate you or your family or friends and neighbors without their informed consent and against their will through the drinking water supply?

what this bill shows is that senator mcpherson is either too stupid or dont give a damn or both to spend about five minutes on the internet doing his due diligence about the health hazards and risks of ingesting fluoride. our own personal theory is that he must be on the payroll of the sodium fluoride industry. do you really believe that senator mcpherson is going to stand up for the little guy against cleco or entergy, et al when he is already on record as supporting mass medicating us? he ought to be called senator mengele mcpherson.

researcher eustace mullins author of murder by injection explaining the water fluoridation scam in 1993.

in senator mcpherson's 30 january 2009 announcement that he was running for the psc he includes some nonsense about "he has supported ethics reform and authored legislation to ban all gifts – even “a cup of coffee” -- from lobbyists to legislators." but what senator mcpherson doesnt tell you about is his senate bill no. 21 which was an end-run around lobbyist to legislator bribery.

in the 2006 regular legislative session senator mcpherson supported reservoir scammer then state representative (now state senator) francis thompson's hb 685 / act 313. this bill mandated the use of alternative fuels to be produced and sold in the state. alternative fuels such as bio-diesel and ethanol. senator mcpherson supported this bill despite his partial ownership of a louisiana for-profit company called rapides ethanol partners.

in july 2006 the associated press reported that: "sen. joe mcpherson, co-owner of a lafayette nursing home, reported earning more government money than any other lawmaker. The facility, maison de lafayette, received $3.3 million from the state in medicaid payments, mcpherson, d-woodworth, said in his form." see pigs at the trough.

how much more evidence do you need to understand that joe mcpherson is working for joe mcpherson and his criminal friends? to paraphrase the late, great, george carlin: good, honest, hard working people, continue to elect these rich cock suckers who dont give a fuck about them. joe mcpherson does not give a fuck about you, joe mcpherson does not care about you - at all! at all! at all!

gil pinac
besides being a former loony, looziana state legislator which should be an automatic disqualification from any future office of the public trust we didnt have to look very far to see who mr. pinac serves.

in the 2007 regular legislative session, then state representative pinac authored his hb 284 / act 31. what this piece of legislation did was to double the origination fee on a consumer loan or revolving loan account from $25.00 to $50.00. this is all the evidence that you need to understand that mr. pinac is totally owned by the banksters and is against working people. if this wasnt so, then he never would have filed such a bill. oh and by the way -- a senator who voted for hb 284 to double the origination fee -- why none other than joe mcpherson.

this leaves clyde holloway.

clyde holloway has a shady voting record as well.

H.Con.Res. 32

such as his voting no that congress must approve any offensive military action against iraq - H.Con.Res 32. congressman holloway voted yes to H.J.Res. 77 - to authorize the use of united states armed forces pursuant to united nations security council resolution 678. so its likely that had mr. holloway remained in congress he would have been just another george w. bush rubber stamp.

obviously, all three of these candidates are flawed. we wish there were more choices but there's not. on 04 april 2009 we will hold our nose and vote for clyde holloway and all we can hope for is that mr. holloway has been out of elective office long enough to see the error of his ways and that hopefully has rededicated his life to constitutional and conservative principals.
clyde c. holloway at the notable names database
clyde holloway bio at congress.gov

dont forget to vote NO to taxes on the ballot that day.
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