31 October 2011

motion to quash internet records subpoenas in davenport vs slayter

Daniel Slayter's Motion to Quash RE: Davenport v Slayter

click here to download nine page .pdf [1.8 mb]

this ongoing internet defamation dispute could get confusing due to its encompassing two separate civil cases involving outspoken alexandria, la. attorney thomas d. davenport, jr., and la dads.info webmaster daniel slayter.

mr. davenport filed his suit against mr. slayter around 22 august 2011. it has never been served.

then around 06 september mr. slayter filed his own petition against mr. davenport and timely served it.

in the slayter vs davenport suit, mr. davenport is represented by marshall r. pearce of the powerful shreveport, louisiana casten & pearce law firm.

what makes these subpoenas so interesting is that they were applied for by mr. davenport's secretaries through the davenport vs slayter suit which has never been served on the prospective defendant.

an answer in the slayter vs davenport suit is due any day now; we're sure that will be an interesting read plus there is already an entry of recusal by the regular alexandria city court judge, richard starling so everything is in limbo! boo