03 November 2011

investigation warranted into false pleading cover-up in sanders v alexandria civil service commission

anyone who reads mayor jacques roy "motion to set aside and vacate order of consolidation and grant motion for voluntary dismissal," will understand that our calling the so called tiffany n sanders' "'unopposed' motion and order to consolidate," a false pleading is neither hyperbolic or reckless. after all, mayor roy flat-out stated that it was "contrary to law," .pdf pg 6 para. 6.

according to the online legal dictionary, "contrary to law" is defined as:

contrary to law adjective criminal, false, illegal, illegitimate, improper, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, lawless, malfeasant, outlawed, proscribed, tortious, unauthorized, unlawful, wrong.
further, the mayor charges that ms. sanders' motion and order were in violation of several of the uniform rules for district courts.

many of the gannett/town talk commenters will remember the tiffany sanders "unopposed motion for consolidation," as that maneuver reportedly by mr. davenport when he went to see judge metoyer at a local restaurant and got him to sign the motion order. mayor roy mentions that in his papers too: .pdf pg 7 para. 7.

so the question is, why did the 3rd circuit sweep it under the rug? especially when it is an important public issue (the integrity of our courts) and when it was clearly marked for review in the mayor's assignments of error? where is the investigation? where is the accountability?

we cant have lawyers filing fictitious pleadings and judges signing improper orders and trying to pass it off as legitimate. that is called a scam. if they do it in a high profile case like this ... imagine what goes on everyday.

suppose a lawyer and a judge were in cahoots and the lawyer brought the judge something to sign without telling you about it and so you got an order and a judgment against you. how would you like that?

we think that sheriff wagner would have been much more successful, if instead of reciting -- at every opportunity, his "drug war" nonsense would have focused on investigating public corruption and white-collar criminals ... taking down the political and governmental organized crime gangs.

so once again where are the feds? to do the locals job for them ... again. time will tell.

tiffany n sanders unopposed motion and order to consolidate is page one of the .pdf followed by judge metoyer's "do over" order; then mayor roy's motion to set aside and vacate order of consolidation and grant motion for voluntary dismissal. ten pages:

"unopposed" motion potential false pleading