06 April 2012

more to the story of alliance for good government endorsement of stacy head - news release

news release sent by holly thorson

Edmund Redd, Alliance for Good Government Member and Husband of Stacy Head Campaign Manager announces Alliance endorsement for Stacy Head for City Council-At-Large

April 3, 2012 (New Orleans, LA) --Edmund Redd, a longtime leader in the Alliance for Good Government, announced that the Alliance has endorsed Stacy Head in the special election for New Orleans Council at Large.

We are grateful to the Alliance for their seal of approval,” Stacy Head said in a prepared statement posted on her website. Head expressed her special appreciation to the unyielding and uncompromising lobbying efforts with other Alliance members on her behalf by Edmund Redd.

Redd’s wife, Anne Redd, is Stacy Head’s campaign manager and longtime friend.

The Stacey Head campaign has paid Anne Redd at least $39,000.00 for “consulting,” according to campaign finance reports filed with the state.

In addition, Stacy Head has paid Anne Redd tens of thousands in city taxpayer dollars, according to City of New Orleans financial records.
[wst... note the official website of the new orleans city council lists anne redd as a "senior policy advisor" to councilmember stacy head.]
Edmund Redd is a senior executive with Vulcan Materials, a Kenner construction materials company.

Vulcan has significant government contracts associated with the construction of roads, highways and bridges with the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.