29 November 2012

blogosphere exclusive: voucher judge tim kelley took recent bribe campaign donation from governor's lawyer

in short, on or about 24 october 2012, the faircloth law group made a one thousand dollars campaign donation to tim kelley who was running for associate justice of the louisiana supreme court. the election was held less than two weeks later. 


louisiana supreme court 5th district associate justice election returns 06 november 2012
according to the louisiana sec'y of state elections website, judge kelley received only 3.07% of the vote or second from the bottom in an eight candidate field.

surely the polls and being so close to the election, it must have been strongly suspected;  especially to a seasoned casino and political attorney such as mr. faircloth, that judge kelley had very little chance of making the runoff -- eh?

then, when you consider that the voucher lawsuit was filed months ago and as far as we know, mr. faircloth has been the governor's attorney from the start and the case has always been allotted to judge kelley ... well, we dont even gamble, much, but it's certainly not beyond the realm of imagination to ponder whether or not that with mr. faircloth's donation he was "hedging his bet," so to speak, on the pending voucher lawsuit. in the least it probably didnt hurt either right?

in any event, due to this revelation of cenlamar's, judge kelley should recuse himself because any ruling in favor of the governor is obviously not going to be seen as legitimate.