14 January 2015

louisiana cops give late ball asst police chief carl bordelon huge sendoff

no one will ever accuse wst... of being a pro-cop blog but to witness the fantastic turn out to the funeral for late ball, louisiana, assistant police chief, carl bordelon was an amazing, if not heartwarming sight to behold.

perhaps, we felt that way today because we remember all too well the spring 2006 incident he was a party to and the barrage of international criticism that he had to endure.

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funeral held at sacred heart of jesus catholic church, pineville, la.
carl bordelon's funeral procession approaching the church
pall bearers bring the casket of carl bordelon to the porch
(screen grab)

clip one - removing the casket from the hearse and bringing to the porch 00:37
clip two - pall bearers bring the casket into the church 01:21

clip three - after services bringing the casket from the church to the hearse 05:22
clip four - the funeral procession departing the church 07:09 
clip five - tiny fraction of the funeral procession approaching the cemetery on hwy 165 01:41
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UPDATE: rapides trustee-inmate walks off during bordelon funeral

For Immediate Release to the Media

At approximately 1:30 this afternoon, a Road Crew inmate assigned to work at a local church, fled the work detail and stole a truck that was on the parking lot at the church.

The inmate is Christopher Charles Bailey, white male, 43 years of age, 6’4” tall, 170 pounds, black hair and blue eyes.

Bailey is serving time for a burglary conviction. Due to his non violent conviction, he was assigned to a work crew that goes all over the parish, picking up trash or clearing brush.

This crew, supervised by a deputy, was clearing brush at a church in the 2700 block of LA Highway 28 East in Pineville.

According to initial reports, the inmate fled the work crew and accessed a truck that was on the lot with the keys left in it. He was last seen traveling east on LA Highway 28 East in a 2000 Ford F-150, blue in color bearing Louisiana license X924079.

Sheriff’s Office Detectives and Corrections Security personnel have responded to the scene and are conducting the investigation.

Bailey was last seen wearing blue denim jeans, an orange shirt and a blue denim jacket with the letters RPDC on the back. Bailey is not considered dangerous.

If anyone has seen this inmate or this vehicle, you are asked to call the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318 473 6700 or 911 to report any sighting.

WANTED: Christopher Charles Bailey, 43

white male

6’4” tall

170 pounds

black hair and blue eyes

last seen in a blue Ford F-150 truck LA License X924079

last seen wearing blue denim jeans, an orange shirt and a blue denim jacket with the letters RPDC on the back

Lt. Tommy Carnline
Public Information Officer
Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office
and some say that god doesnt have a sense of humor.