01 March 2010

psc commissioner clyde holloway on ksyl talk back live

link to audio page

louisiana public service dist #4 commissioner clyde holloway will hold a public meeting starting at 6:00 pm on tuesday 02 march 2010 at buckeye high school to discuss high speed internet access for rural areas.

this morning he was on ksyl talk back live program to talk about the issues he expects to cover at the meeting.

commissioner holloway also talks about the recent cleco rate increase but believes that with the rodemacher 3 power plant coming online that customers will see a rate decrease in a few months.

he says that he talked to cleco this past friday and "they're promising [the psc] that they hope to be cheaper than entergy -- the lowest in the state -- in the next few months as far as electric bills."

according to holloway cleco customers are also going to receive a refund next month.