17 November 2009

14 november 2009 election returns enable colfax to become newest louisiana speed trap

awhile back an emailer pointed out to us that you cant operate a speed trap unless you can control the police force. then kalb reported saturday night that citizens of the grant parish, louisiana town of colfax voted to quit electing their own police chief in favor of the position becoming an appointive one by the mayor and town council.

who in their right mind would vote to give up the right to elect their own police chief? what kind of leaders would think such a proposition was a good idea to put before the people?

now there is not even a semblance of separation of powers or balance of powers between those reserved to the people and those held by the town government. do you think that the mayor and town council are going to allow the police chief to investigate them for anything? its more likely that the mayor and town council will be having the police investigate you if you should get uppity enough to speak out against them.


look how few people voted in a town of over 1,900.
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