17 May 2012

big dust up at the england economic & industrial development district: sued for unlawful termination of access

from what we can gather from her petition, in 2007 tasha swanson the owner of sst1 llc landed a sub-contract with sundowner alexandria, llc., to clean airplanes out at england airpark.

over the years her business has grown and she has been awarded more sub-contracts to clean airplanes such as with the united states marshals service, ice, csi aviation services and ryan international airlines.

as a result of the success of her company, in early april 2012 she sent an employee over to the england economic & industrial development districts' office "in order to meet with david h. broussard, jr., the airpark development manager to inquire about leasing space for it's equipment to perform the sub-contract but instead met with the defendant's executive director, jon w. grafton."

somehow or anther on that same day ms. swanson's employee received a telephone conference call from jon w. grafton, scott gammel and david h. broussard, jr., "who jointly advised that 'since we have an fbo who can provide these services we will not lease you property and at this time you need to cease and desist any cleaning as sst1'"

so ms. swanson filed for and after having had to put up a $10,000.00 cash bond was granted a temporary restraining order.

ms. swanson's cause is set for hearing before ninth judicial district court judge george c. metoyer, jr., at 9:30 am on 21 may 2012.

the filing attorney is alexandria, la., attorney kelvin g. sanders, esq. and the attorney for the england economic & development district is albin a. provosty, esq., of alexandria's provosty law firm.

click here to download fifteen page .pdf [335 kb]