09 August 2011

meat loaf: "paradise by the dashboard light" & "two out of three aint bad"

in light of our previous post a little meat loaf might be nice.


meat loaf
"paradise by the dashboard light"
bat out of hell - 21 october 1977
i couldnt take it any longer, lord i was crazed and when the feeling came upon me like a tidal wave, starting swearing to my god and on my mothers grave that i would love you till the end of time. i swore. i would love you till the end of time ... so now i'm praying for the end of time ...
(we dont have a clue what the few seconds of ayatollah khomeini at the start and the footage of the jim jones peoples temple compound at the end is about.)
"two out of three aint bad"
bat out of hell
well there's only one girl that i will ever love and that was so many years ago ....