29 August 2011

1st circuit appeals court smacks down nutty district court judge mike caldwell's tony the grosse tete truck stop tiger ruling

louisiana has so many incompetent and downright crooked judges and attorneys it's pathetic.

this assclown caldwell has been a lawyer since 1974; yet still doesnt know basic law such as you cant take someone's property without at least giving them a hearing.

the sad part is that it's no telling how many others "judge" caldwell has fucked-over in a similar fashion and gotten away with it too -- simply because they didnt have the money to take it to the next level or the media attention to bring his shoddy judicial practices to light.

Ruling in Tiger Truck Stop case tossed


Advocate staff writer

A Baton Rouge appeals court on Monday threw out a judge’s May ruling that barred state officials from issuing any new permits to an Iberville Parish truck stop to keep a 550-pound tiger on display there.

A three-judge panel of the state’s 1st Circuit Court of Appeal sent the matter back to state District Judge Mike Caldwell for another hearing, saying Tiger Truck Stop Inc. in Grosse Tete and its owner, Michael Sandlin, deserve to be heard.

Caldwell’s ruling in May came after the Animal Legal Defense Fund sued the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to have the tiger removed from the Interstate 10 truck stop.

Only attorneys for the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries took part in the first hearing.

Caldwell later denied Sandlin’s and Tiger Truck Stop’s request for a new trial.

The 1st Circuit said Sandlin and the truck stop “were parties needed for just adjudication in this case.’’

The appellate court reversed Caldwell’s denial of the new trial request, vacated his May ruling in favor of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and sent the matter back to him “for further proceedings.’’

Caldwell had agreed with the Animal Legal Defense Fund that a permit can only be issued to an individual, not a corporation, and that the individual must live on the premises.

Tiger Truck Stop is the permit holder, not Sandlin, the judge said.

The last annual permit that the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries issued to Tiger Truck Stop was in December 2010. ~ view original