20 October 2012

lynyrd skynyrd ... the free bird fell to the ground 35 years ago today

it was october in st. louis town when we heard that the free bird had fell to the ground ... and we all said a prayer before we went down, to play ~ cdb "reflections"
Gillsburg, Amite County, Mississippi -- Thursday 20 October 1977

At 1843 CDT a 1948 Convair 240, registered as N55VM to the L&J Company of Addison, Texas, crashed into a swamp located on timber company land in the unincorporated community of Gillsburg in Amite County, Mississippi.

The flight was carrying a crew of two plus twenty-four members of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band; backup vocalists, the bands tour managers, road crew and security manager.

The flight had departed shortly after 1600 EDT from Greenville, South Carolina where Lynyrd Skynyrd performed the previous night at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium.

It was enroute to Ryan Field at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was scheduled to perform at the Louisiana State University Assembly Center on 21 October for what would have been its fifth performance on its 1977 - 1978 "Tour of the Survivors."

The crash is believed caused by a faulty magneto in the Convair's starboard engine:

The National Transportation Safety Board determined the likely cause of the crash of N55VM was, "fuel exhaustion and total loss of power on both engines due to crew inattention to the fuel supply."

The Safety Board further found that the fuel exhaustion was caused by deficient flight planning, and an engine malfunction of undetermined nature in the right engine which resulted in higher than normal fuel consumption. ~ source NTSB Identification: DCA78AA001 [link broken as of december 2011 see below screen grab] & Lynyrd Skynyrd's Crash

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NTSB source link as of December 2011

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courtesy google earth image date 08 august 2007

Johnny Mote, 22, a dairy farmer whose property is near the crash site said the crash "sounded like a car skidding in gravel." Mr. Mote was out haying his cattle when he was "flagged down" by three crash survivors, Artmus Pyle, Kenneth Peden, Jr. and Marc Frank.

One of the first responders to arrive at the scene was Jeffrey Wall, 23, a member of the Gillsburg Rural Volunteer Fire Department. He said:

[T]hat when he reached the crash site ... "Some people were crying and some were moaning. Some didn't know what was going on," he also said rescuers had to wade through a waterhole to get to the crash site and that, once there, they had to remove band instruments to free trapped survivors.
Eventually three helicopters from the Coast Guard, Mississippi National Guard and Forrest County General Hospital assisted in the rescue.

At least two bulldozers were needed to construct a path from Mississippi State Highway 568 to site of the crash.

Killed in the crash were Walter McCreary, pilot; William Gray, co-pilot; Ronnie Van Zant, singer/songwriter; Steve Gaines, guitarist/vocalist; Cassie Gaines, backup vocalist, The Honkettes and Dean Kilpatrick, assistant road manager. ~ Read more >>> Lynyrd Skynyrd's Crash

This crash, besides being a source of indescribable loss for all the families left an irreplaceable void in a genre of music much loved worldwide.


"call me the breeze"
united kingdom tour at cardiff wales. date unclear possibly in early november 1975 or '76.

"i aint the one"
herfordshire england
knebworth fair
21 august 1976

"tuesday's gone"
live 1976

"sweet home alabama" / "dont ask me no questions"
dubbed old footage. no date.

"t for texas"
possibly uk tour 1975 or '76

"i'm a country boy"
nuthin fancy 1975

"cry for the bad man"
live winterland arena
san francisco
03 march 1976

"you got that right"
live asbury park
13 july 1977


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for now, you can still listen to full length concerts for free -- after logging in press play now. in some browsers you might have to allow popup windows. you also have the option buy tracks and concerts..

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19 October 2012

hotel bentley act of cash sale 11 october 2012.pdf

click here to download seven page .pdf [193 kb]

18 October 2012

UPDATE: pollock, la. mayor jerome scott fights back from 10% chance of survival!

UPDATED see: miracle

prayers are requested for pollock mayor jerome scott who apparently had some sort of aortic incident last night.

mayor scott had surgery earlier today and is in intensive care. ~ read more.

original post title
report: pollock, la. mayor jerome scott near death

17 october 2012

12 October 2012

video: the only 2012 vice presidential debate

the one and thankfully only vice presidential debate was held last night, thursday, 11 october 2012 in danville, kansas at centre college, between crazy joe biden and scary eddie paul munster-ryan.

after watching this mess the only thing we could think of is how pathetic and shameful it is, that, out of a country with a population of 300 million plus people to draw from, we allow ourselves to be misled over and over again into believing, that, for instance, these two (and their ticket) are the best to lead the federal government there is.


10 October 2012

airplane running lights from behind

last night around 9:00 pm cdt what must have been two huge military planes flew over practically at tree top level.

sitting inside hearing their approach, the first thought that crossed our mind was that it was a commercial flight taking off from aex having an emergency and that the pilot was attempting to loop around and land at esf.

as it grew louder and louder we wondered if it was going to crash in the front yard.

by the time we got outside we could see that it was actually two same model planes. the one on the left is even lower than the right one and is obscured by the tree line.


07 October 2012

steve coco: cenla silk stocking brigade/professional governmental pig troughers pour money into lee rubin campaign to purchase city council at-large seat

see money pours into rubin campaign at cenla news.