05 August 2013

audio interview: canadian crime reporter byron christopher releases book about pollock, grant parish, la., federal penitentiary escapee richard lee mcnair

on 19 june 2013 canadian crime reporter, byron christopher, electronically released the inaugural version of his much anticipated true crime story into the fantastic escape and incredible eighteen months on the lam by federal inmate richard lee mcnair. 

wst... caught up with mr. christopher the night of friday, 02 august 2013 and in this nearly 39 minute interview, mr. christopher from his home in edmonton, alberta, canada, discusses his book, mcnair, and several central louisianians he met in person and interviewed, including ball, la., policeman, carl bordelon.


click here to go to the audio download page at the internet archive


"the man who mailed himself out of jail the incredible story of escape artist richard lee mcnair," is available on amazon.com and amazon.ca:

click here to go to amazon.com.


click here to go to amazon.ca the canadian version.

you may also view comments and reviews or leave your own comment or review of the book from either site.

mr. christopher also welcomes media and general inquiries by email: byronchristopher@yahoo.ca as well as to his mobile fone at area code 780+716-4693.

you're also invited to visit www.byronchristopher.org mr. christopher's official website.

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