31 March 2010

rhode island the "new" "new orleans?"

an emailer wonders:

Rhode Island is under water from heavy rains.

In all the pictures I saw of Flooding I didn’t see any troops in there, or any military vehicles.

Is the Federal Government Slow in responding to this disaster too?
before we received this email we hadnt heard much about whats turning out to be rhode island's record flooding.

according to this report its the worst flooding there in century or more.

this report says that rains "isolated communities as it washed out bridges and rippled across thoroughfares from maine to connecticut."

angelo padula jr runs an auto restoration shop in west warwick, rhode island, he said:
"I think we're all done," he said. "If the federal government doesn't give us disaster money, I don't think we can ever come back from this. You're talking millions and millions of dollars in these businesses. Now I know how the people in New Orleans felt."
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HB 1107 authorizes landowners to 'swap land' with the red river, atchafalaya and bayou boeuf levee district

there's been lots of fear mongering lately over the red river levees and as a result curiosity into the red river, atchafalaya, and bayou bouef levee district's activities has increased.

while everyone's attention has been focused on the condition of the levees, state representative robert johnson has been working HB 1107 a bill that allows a land swap between the rrabb and landowners.

in the first swap rrabb is exchanging a tract of land containing 9.99 acres and another tract containing 4.7 acres for 2.4 acres belonging to landowner brent scallan. so the state is swapping 14.69 acres for 2.4 acres? what kinda deal is that?

according to rep. johnson's testimony before the house transportation committee, its not actually a land swap but an easement. it has something to do with a boat ramp, part of which was built on mr. scallan's private property and he is "subject to some liability in that regard." hmmmm

rep. herbert dixon in the form of an amendment to the bill, is handling the the next swap. in it, the rrabb is exchanging 240 acres with the adjacent landowner donald bishop for 231.63 acres. well, thats a little better we guess.

HB 1107 from legis.state.la.us

la transportation, highways & and public works committee 03/30/2010 reported with amendments (15-0).


sha nay-nay got snake bit!

yesterday afternoon around ten minutes till six we had just finished eating supper and was headed outside when we opened the back door and shay nay-nay was sitting on the stoop like she does when she wants in, so we held the door open for her but looking down at her as she passed by we noticed that her head looked kinda funny and she was lumbering towards her pallet -- instead of her usual trot.

so we turned around and followed her in. after she sat down and got to where we could see her, we was like oh lawd!

at first we thought that someone had busted her in the head with a baseball bat or pipe or something -- but that seemed pretty unlikely.

then we got to looking at that dark spot on her snout and thought maybe someone had shot her with a .22. but upon closer examination we noticed that her "wound" wasnt bleeding nor was there broken teeth or tissue nor could we see anything like an exit wound.

then it dawned on us that it must be a snake bite. we've had dogs on and off all our life and never had one to get bitten by a snake.

so, by this time it was about ten minutes after six, so we phoned up her vet, got the answering service and he called back right away.

the vet said that dogs "very rarely ever die from a snake bite," (how comforting) and if we wanted to bring her in it would cost $75.00 for an emergency after hours visit (the amount goes up as the night wears on becoming $90.00 after 9 pm) plus maybe up to a couple hundred dollars for all the shots, etc as well as their keeping her overnight.

the vet said that if we wanted to treat her ourselves, that if we had some benadryl we could give her that. luckily we had some. we cut open a caplet and mixed it in with a little water drew it up in a syringe (without the needle) and squirted it into the opposite side of her mouth from where the bite is.

UPDATE: when we took her to the vet a few days later the vet told us that we due to her weight and size we could have given her 3 benadryls. she weighed 68 pounds [31 kg].

she was able to take that and swallow it all down. we repeated that after several hours. thankfully, all the drooling stopped right after we took the first set of photos.

that seemed to help and after awhile the swelling seemed to be going down some. by 11:30 pm she was able to drink a good bit of water from her inside bowl then we let her outside where she urinated and came right back in the house. where she promptly went to sleep.

by 7:30 am she was ready to go outside so we let her out and she promptly left to make her usual rounds.

at 8:30 am she was back and ate what looks like a usual amount of her food.

she seems to be pretty much back to normal -- character wise, except of coz for the big block head.

we're scheduled to take her in a day or two to the vet to get her heartworm pills and toenails trimmed; hopefully he will advise us if we did anything right or wrong..

sha nay-nay 8:30 am cdt wednesday 31 march 2010
sha nay-nay from summer of 2009
note: the snake that bit her is most likely the extremely dangerous and poisonous cottonmouth water moccasin and not a non-poisonous beneficial snake like a king snake. king snakes should never be killed but left alone as they prey on the poisonous snakes.

UPDATE: 11 october 2010 this has turned out to be a popular post. apparently, lots of dogs are being snake bit. its scary yeah, but we're glad that she healed up ok and if your dog was bitten we hope it does too.

note: this video appears cut off on the side so you might want to view it from its youtube watch page.
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    29 March 2010

    commie chris roy jr wants banksters to spy on maw maw

    this clown's idea of creating a better louisiana is to make maw maw scared to go to the bank!

    HB 607 at legis.state.la.us



    god save us! the loony looziana legislature is in session

    it's that time of year again when that outrageous collection of freaks, perverts, criminals and so-forth and so-on, gather together in baton rouge to do the bidding of their real owners -- the lobbyists, special interests and corporations and to consolidate even more power to their masters to control the people with, stealing even more of their "freedom" through the power of the state by creating out of thin air unwanted and unneeded "crimes" and "rules" and "regulations" and to top it all off by stealing the people's labor in the form of money for taxes and "fees" in order to give it to their criminal friends.
    flashback to 24 june 2009 the louisiana legislature state house of representatives, had themselves a little rap concert performance, courtesy of hurricane chris....it went something like this...

    video watch page

    link to audio page

    c.b. forgotston on moon griffon radio program this morning on what to expect from the usual suspects this session.


    28 March 2010

    'poor'albuquerque levees could be decertified

    via: what really happened

    mike rivero adds:
    No money to fix the Levees, but billions to Israel to build homes for Israelis in the occupied territories.

    Repeat after me:

    America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third!

    America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third!

    America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third!
    and to help make his point includes this video:



    27 March 2010

    red river today at alexandria - pineville la

    going north. alexandria bank in foreground in 1 and 2..


    26 March 2010

    shrub shakes hands with a haitian and then wipes his hand on bubba clinton's shirt

    via: david icke




    24 March 2010

    louisiana nursing home admissions to require state permission from 05 april 2010

    according to the 22 march 2010 department of health and hospitals memorandum obtained by wst...

    the memorandum states that effective 05 april 2010, "the new nursing facility pre-admission process will be implemented. no one will be able to enter a medicaid certified nursing facility in louisiana without being approved prior to admission, regardless of payment source."

    the memorandum then goes on to give a url to the office of aging and adult services: www.oaas.dhh.louisiana.gov where more information along with a power point presentation may be found.

    click here to download one page .pdf [136 kb]



    19 March 2010

    state rep chris hazel dont do media or respond to constituents

    this morning frequent ksyl talk back live caller "becky" phoned in to "challenge all our (local) legislators to come on the air and tell us what kind of bills they're proposing and supporting. i hear some of the most baloney kinds of things going on and i want to know in a time of crisis like this and it is a time of crisis, what are they proposing?"

    perhaps some of the "baloney" kinds of bills ms. becky is referring to are ones like state rep. rickey hardy's HB 103 a state law banning "baggy pants."

    or his HB 43 which expands "drug free zones" from 1,000 - 2,000 feet. c.b. forgotston says:

    Why not increase the area to, say, 25 miles. That way, the use and sale of illegal drugs would prohibited almost everywhere in the state. Oops! It already is.
    or his HB 470 which is a constitutional amendment barring anyone over 70 years of age from qualifying for elective office. a better constitutional amendment would be one barring all black people from lafayette named rickey hardy from holding any elective office or office of public trust. now thats an amendment we could all get behind!

    maybe becky has heard of state senator robert adley's SB 128 which will prohibit the sale of "energy drinks" to consumers under the age of sixteen.

    or maybe rep. "bodi" white's HB 91 which creates the crime of the unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of prohibited plants including:
    Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort).
    Canavalia rosea (Bay bean).
    Leonotis leonurus (Lion's tail).
    Leonotis nepetifolia (Lion's ear).
    Leonurus sibiricus (Honeyweed).
    Nelumbo nucifera (Sacred Lotus).
    Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lotus, Egyptian Lotus).
    Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior).
    Scutellaria nana (Dwarf skullcap).
    Turnera diffusa (Damiana).
    Zornia latifolia
    once again we have a rethuglican shaking his fist in the face of god to proclaim that whole third day of creation thing of his ... was pretty much a great big fuck up. we on the other hand believe that god in his own time and way will show that bodi white and others like him are the fuck up.

    anyone who thinks that this collection of freaks, perverts and criminals we have in the legislative as well as executive branches of government has the intellect, integrity or wherewithal to provide the leadership to get louisiana out of this mess it finds itself in, is in for a big disappointment.

    link to audio page

    replying to becky's original challenge for local legislators to come on and explain themselves dave graichen says that chris hazel "will not even return our phone calls" and becky responds that "we cant get through to chris hazel, we've never gotten an answer."


    18 March 2010

    daniel boone was a man ... fess parker dies aged 85


    via drudge retort

    fess parker was a few weeks shy of 76 years old when he sat down for this interview
    Fess Parker, best known for playing Daniel Boone in a 1960s television series, died Thursday at his home near Santa Barbara, California, his publicist said. He was 85.

    A native of Texas, Parker served in the U.S. Navy during World War II before graduating from the University of Texas-Austin in 1950.

    He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s to pursue acting.

    Walt Disney cast Parker in the lead role of "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier," co-starring Buddy Ebsen.

    He followed that with several more Disney films, including "Davy Crockett and the River Boat Pirates," "The Great Locomotive Chase" and "Old Yeller."

    His TV career took off in 1964 with the title role in NBC's "Daniel Boone," which aired for for six seasons. ~ read more
    fess parker memorial at find-a-grave



    larry sinclair to be on jeff rense radio program tonight


    audio of rense - sinclair interview

    larry sinclair is the florida man (formerly minnesota) who alleges several november 1999 drug and sexual encounters with then illinois state senator barack obama.

    the jeff rense radio program starts at 9:00 pm cdt and for now mr. sinclair is scheduled to appear in the third hour (11:00 - midnight cdt). see world time server to calculate the time in your location.

    to listen free click here.

    see also
    larry sinclair for congress 2010
    and also
    the larry sinclair label
    in the footer of this post


    red river banksters seize bill lewis lure facility on coliseum boulevard

    cenla news has posted that red river bank has seized the bill lewis lure facility.

    bill lewis lures are the creators and manufacturers of the rat--l-trap line of fishing lures >>> read more



    17 March 2010

    jacques barack posts jacques roy 2009 campaign contributors

    in louisiana (the most corrupt state in the nation) it's not unusual but actually quite typical to see rethuglicans not hesitating to whip out thousand and two thousand dollar checks to give a democrat. even a democrat as liberal and as big a barky fan and boot smoocher as alexandria mayor jacques roy.

    doesnt it make sense that authentic republicans would find their own conservative candidate to finance and run instead of supporting the candidate that stands for everything they supposedly hate?

    but in louisiana you have to understand -- there are no democrats. there are no republicans. what you have running everything (and we use these terms interchangeably) are crime families and crime gangs.

    some crime families call themselves democrats while other crime families call themselves republicans but thats all just a show put on for the benefit and entertainment of the great unwashed masses.

    a lot of these crime families have been working together pulling off scams since the plantation days, so they are quite good at what they do.

    now the black crime families in alexandria are in ascendancy and they want a bigger slice of the pie, or maybe the entire pie and who can blame them? this is the real cause of all the turbulence in alexandria of late.

    one reason so many so called conservative republicans are so happy with the status quo might hinge on mayor roy's sparc wealth transfer scam.

    mayor roy's sparc wealth transfer scam is that marvelous contrivance whereby the elite get to steal $96 million dollars (70 million eur) and alexandria's great unwashed masses get to pay for it all (with interest) based on that in perpetuity slave tax they voted on themselves and their prosperity.

    in 2007 one of the first things that mayor roy and his administration did was conspire together with the city council (see they can work together sometimes) to place on the ballot a 1% sales and use tax that never expires! hence the term in perpetuity.

    the present generation of alexandrians will have been in a box out in the bone yard and forgotten while their grandchildren's grandchildren will still be paying this slave tax never having an opportunity to cast it off all so that the descendants of these same old crime families will have the guaranteed means to continue to rob them blind.

    of the alexandrians who bothered to go to the polls that hot july day back in '07 an astounding 78% voted this slave tax on their heads and on their childrens heads. what good can be said for a foolish and wicked people who would do that to their own offspring?

    some try to shift the focus away from the true beneficiaries of the sparc wealth transfer scam i.e. the crime gangs and onto the blacks. calling it just another black give-a-way program and even going so far as to imply that mayor roy is a "nigger lover." this is just a stupid trick, designed to cause racial problems and fights -- so dont fall for it.

    the evidence -- for example the 30 june 2009 alexandria city council meeting, indicates that the majority of blacks saw through and were not for the sparc scam.

    anyway, click here to see the list that jacques barack has compiled. oh and by the way, did t.w. thompson buy his comfy police commissioner job for the amazingly low price of $1,475?


    16 March 2010

    limit fluoride to prevent lead poisioning researchers say

    they put this in our water

    wst... note: in the 2008 regular louisiana legislative session, corrupt, lake charles democratic state senator willie landry mount, authored and submitted her SB 312 a mandatory water fluoridation scheme for louisiana.

    SB 312 was shepherded through the state house by monroe rino kay "bucket of bolts" katz.

    the bill was signed into law that year as ACT 761 by that rino fraud piyush "bobby" jindal.
    Limit Fluoride to Prevent Lead Poisoning, researchers say

    New York – March 16 – Fluoride chemicals added to public water supplies, boosts lead absorption in lab animals’ bones, teeth and blood, report Sawan, et al. (Toxicology 2/2010). Earlier studies already show children’s blood-lead-levels are higher in fluoridated communities, reports Sawan’s research team.

    “…exposure to increased amounts of lead and fluoride occurs at about the same age (1-3 years)… Therefore, this is a critical time when systemic exposure to fluoride should be minimized since fluoride may increase lead accumulation,” the researchers caution.

    Low-level lead exposure is associated with lower IQ, ADHD and many health and behavior ailments.

    Fluosilicic acid (fluoride), added to water supplies ostensibly to reduce tooth decay, often contains lead (NSF International).

    Sawan’s team put fluosilicic acid, with and without lead, into lab animals’ drinking water. They found more lead in tooth enamel, surface bone, whole bone, and tooth dentine in rats co-exposed to fluoride and lead.

    Possibly anticipating criticism that rats were fed higher fluoride-concentrated water than people drink, the authors write, “this concentration was chosen because it produces plasma fluoride levels that are comparable with those commonly found in humans…”

    Increased prevalence and severity of fluoride-discolored teeth (fluorosis) proves US children are already fluoride-overexposed "which may cause their blood-lead levels to increase and produce more lead toxicity,” they write.

    “These findings suggest that a biological effect, not recognized so far, may underlie the epidemiological association between increased blood-lead levels in children and water fluoridation,” concludes Sawan’s research team.

    “[O]ur findings may have serious implications for populations exposed to increased amounts of both lead and fluoride, particularly young children,” the research team writes.

    Attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) says, “People need to lobby and petition their legislators to stop fluoridation in their towns, cities and states. Legislators are ignoring the science proving fluoridation is endangering our health, our water supplies and wasting tax dollars while denying freedom of choice.” (see: http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/sitemap.html )

    Masters and Coplan’s landmark studies show higher blood-lead-levels in children living in silico-fluoridated communities (Neurotoxicology 2000, 2007). Macek’s research shows children’s higher blood-lead-levels are associated with water fluoridation when lead is already in the environment (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2006).

    Some fluoridation chemicals originate in China, Mexico and Japan, reports the CDC. ABC-TV Boston reported that a Massachusetts city was forced to discontinue fluoridation because Chinese fluoridation chemicals were clogging up the water system with an unidentifiable contaminant.

    CBS-TV Atlanta reports: “Fluoride, Friend or Foe.”

    Contact: Paul Beeber, J.D. nyscof@aol.com

    SOURCE: New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc (NYSCOF)

    PO Box 263
    Old Bethpage, NY 11804

    Follow NYSCOF on Twitter or Facebook

    Fluoride Action Network

    News Releases
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    Public Hearing to hear testimony relative to the increased cost to obtain a Louisiana driver's license



    thefts from graves at forest lawn cemetery in kingsville

    we have family buried at forest lawn behind and to the side of the last supper memorial right close to frank joseph "nunu" and his brother sonny giordano.

    seems like "nunu" was shot and killed by the alexandria police department while attempting to rob the rapides bank branch on bolton avenue. supposedly, as the story goes, when sonny found out about it, he pulled up a tree in his yard and swore vengeance against the officers involved, so they had to leave town in a hurry.

    when sonny died back in the late '90's the town talk ran the headline "one man crime wave dies."

    anyway, back in the '80's our grandpa used to complain a lot about how the flowers he was placing on his mother and sons graves were being stolen.

    we used to wonder if grandpa wasnt getting senile because we couldnt imagine anyone stealing flowers much less stealing flowers from off a headstone. but looks like he was right and apparently these freaks have moved up from stealing just flowers to lots of other things.



    15 March 2010

    louisiana alligators are awake

    this afternoon we noticed our friend "mister bonestripper" trolling around probably looking for an easy meal. we attempted to get a photograph but he was unusually shy ducking under the water each time we got within range.

    so below is a photo of him from a couple of years ago from when the backwater was up:


    "buddy" tudor dies

    apparently, right now there is a harvest going on.

    check out that crazy obituary here or .pdf [34 kb]. why is mr. tudor's family trying to hard to convince us that he was such a fantastic person?

    the likely truth is that mr. tudor was the scion of, then patriarch to, one of the old time cenla crime families who made enormous profits off of the misery of others. oh and fat government contracts. is that what former governor edwin edwards was alluding to when he referred to central louisiana as "tudorville?" article link or .pdf [16 kb]

    mr. tudor was also a supporter of piyush "bobby" jindal so how great of a person could he possibly have been?


    13 March 2010

    utah blog takes credit for bringing down another rethuglican perv

    via rense.com


    Hours After Our Story Berating the Horrid Actions of Utah Pedophile and Republican House Leader Broke, Kevin Garn has resigned.

    No thanks to the Deseret News, who had this story back in 2001 and refused to publish it (sound familiar?).

    No thanks to the Utah politicians that gave Garn a hearty round of applause AND a standing ovation when he admitted being naked in a hot-tub with an equally naked 15 year old girl. read more


    brace godfrey dies

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: Christopher J. Rogers

    Rogers Multimedia Works, LLC

    Date: March 13, 2010

    100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge mourns death of Founding President

    (Baton Rouge, LA) 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge, Ltd. mourns the death of its founding president Brace B. Godfrey, Jr. Family members said he died of a massive heart attack this morning. Godfrey was 58 years old.

    “Brace’s untimely death is shocking and has thrown the “The100” and the community into a tailspin,” said current chapter president Dr. Adell Brown, Jr.

    Brown noted that Godfrey was active on the local and the national levels with 100 Black Men, having served as a member of the executive committee of 100 Black Men of America.

    As chair of the National African-American History Challenge Contest, Brace was just beginning to work with the youth leaders of the 116 chapters around the country to coordinate this event in June.

    In February 1993, Godfrey called together a group of professional African American men in Baton Rouge and presented to them the concept of organizing a Baton Rouge chapter of 100 Black Men of America.

    That group voted to seek affiliation and on May 5, 1993, 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Baton Rouge, Ltd. was accepted by the 100 Black Men of America as its 34th chapter in the United States.

    Brace B. Godfrey, Jr. served as founding president and immediately became a member of the national board of directors. “Brace’s death leaves a void in the community, the Baton Rouge chapter of the “100” and 100 Black Men of America” said Rev. Larry Smith, a founding member and former president who succeeded Godfrey.

    As founding president, Godfrey’s contributions to the “100” and the community have been well documented. He was the guiding force behind many neighborhood clean-up projects initiated by “the 100”, including the “takedown” of abandoned housing in North Baton Rouge.

    It was Godfrey that developed the “Not from this House” program that addressed gun violence in the city and urged the chapter to undertake this initiative.

    Godfrey was instrumental in the decision to apply to the State of Louisiana for the charter to operate Capitol High Academies and served on the board of the Capitol High Academies. He dedicated his life to serving the youth of this city and the nation.

    The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Baton Rouge, Ltd. (“The 100”) is a local organization that was formally chartered June 14, 1993, as the 34th chapter of the 100 Black Men of America.

    Brace B. Godfrey, Jr. served as founding president and a member of the national board of directors. “The 100” is a non-profit organization through which African-American males step forward and assume roles of community leadership, responsibility and guidance.

    The mission is to give substance to a shared vision which fosters and develops model programs that build our community by mentoring our youth.

    For more information go to: www.100blackmenbr.org.

    Photo by: 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge

    ----ORIGINAL POST----

    via: referral logs

    this is sad news. we noticed that we had been receiving "brace godfrey dies" googlers all day, so we knew something was up. nevertheless, it's always disappointing and a bit shocking when these types of referrals turn out to be true, like they usually do.

    brace godfrey
    photo by brian baiamonte

    salvation stories
    Brace Godfrey, founding president of 100 Black Men, dies at 58
    Advocate staff report
    Published: Mar 13, 2010 - UPDATED: 4 p.m.

    Baton Rouge lawyer, developer and founding president of 100 Black Men Brace Godfrey died this morning, family members said.

    Godfrey was 58.

    Godfrey died of a massive heart attack, his wife Cynthia Godfrey said.

    More to come as it is available.
    UPDATE: 8:26 am cdt 17 march 2010 brace godfrey obituary click here to download two page .pdf [16 kb]

    UPDATE 8:53 pm cst Brace Godfrey Jr., BR lawyer, activist dies at 58


    12 March 2010

    charlie daniels "long haired country boy" & "uneasy rider"



    11 March 2010

    barky bang-bang

    via drudge


    UPDATED alexandria la mayor jacques roy mysteriously cancels radio appearance

    UPDATED 7:31 pm cst thursday 11 march 2010

    lamar white, jr., assistant to city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy, responded to our 6:07 pm wednesday update (below) with the following "tweet:"

    that tweet in a nutshell is the roy regime. they are ruled by their emotions like an animal or a child. they are all about "getting back at" or "getting even" with someone they have perceived to have slighted them, (whether it was for cause or not) rather than doing an honest, respectable or even competent job for the citizens of alexandria.

    wouldnt it have been more professional if mr. white would have responded to our email with something like:
    in the future, please do not contact me with these types of inquiries.

    instead, please contact ken juneau at (318) 715-0802.


    when are alexandrians going to demand a city government that they can be proud of?


    link to audio page

    bob madison on the ksyl talk back live preshow, announced that mayor roy canceled his scheduled friday 12 march 2010 appearance.

    wst... has emailed mayoral assistant lamar white, jr. for a comment. if we hear back we will post it here.
    UPDATE: 6:07 pm cst well we never heard back from the mayoral assistant. this is more evidence of the roy regime's arrogance and contempt towards regular folks attempting to ask it reasonable questions.


    10 March 2010

    devil at work in the vatican?

    no...not the devil...just a lot of arse bandits and kiddy diddler's...


    09 March 2010

    third circuit holds that recall petition on forest hill mayor marcia young is invalid



    03 March 2010

    state supremes reverse third circuit in touchet v broussard convicted felon to run for public office case

    FRANCIS TOUCHET, JR. v. ERNAL J. BROUSSARD (Parish of Vermilion)Touchet v Broussard 10C0380


    The Louisiana Constitution disqualifies from candidacy for public office those persons who have been convicted within this state of a felony, or convicted under the laws of the United States of a felony which would also constitute a felony under Louisiana law, unless that person has been pardoned by the governor or by the official having the authority to pardon in the place where the person was convicted and sentenced. La. Const. art. 1 , § 10(B)(1).

    Absent a pardon, 15 years must elapse before a felon can seek public office. In this case, Broussard pled guilty to aiding and abetting an illegal gambling business in violation of 18 U.S.C.§§ 1955 (a) and 2. The Bill of Information, Plea Agreement, and Stipulated Factual Basis all confirm that this crime constituted a felony under La. R.S. 14:90.

    The fact La. R.S. 14:90 does not specifically address aiders and abetters is immaterial, as all persons who aid and abet in the commission of a crime are considered principals under Louisiana law. La. R.S. 14:24.

    Further, the possibility Broussard obtained an automatic first offender pardon by virtue of La. Const. art. IV , § 5 does not allow him to run for office prior to the expiration of 15 years from the completion of his sentence, as La. Const. art. I, § 10(B)(1) specifically requires that the pardon be granted by the governor or the official having the authority to grant the pardon, such as the President.

    An automatic first offender pardon is different than a full gubernatorial or presidential pardon in that it does not restore the status of innocence and does not preclude consideration of a first felony conviction in prohibiting a person from running for public office until the expiration of fifteen years from the completion of his sentence.

    For the reasons stated herein, the judgment of the court of appeal is reversed and the judgment of the trial court declaring that Ernal Broussard is disqualified as a candidate for the office of councilman of District B, City of Abbeville is reinstated.



    02 March 2010

    jacques barack diggin up the dirt

    wow. you gotta admire whoever is behind this blog. no, we have no clue. we've never contacted or been contacted by whomever it is -- we dont know and we dont want to know -- so dont ask.


    And what's this all about? We thought the Roy administration had nothing to do with the levee certification. My, my, how long with (sic) the TT ignore this and all we did was google?

    ORDINANCE NO. 269-2007...read more
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    H. R. 3961 all louisiana treasonous traitorous congressional rats vote to extend the usa patriot act

    click here to download one page .pdf [156 kb]

    source govtrack see also house roll call vote #67

    24 february 2010: passed in the senate by voice vote. a record of each senator's position was not kept.
    irregular times excerpt:

    An extension of the Patriot Act with no reforms of its abusive powers of unreasonable search and seizure against American citizens has passed the House of Representatives.

    The vote was 315 in favor of extending the Patriot Act without reform, 97 against, and 20 not voting.

    Search for information about the roll call of this vote online tonight, and you’ll just find this nameless tally of numbers. You won’t find the names. Why?

    The reason is that the House Democratic leadership voted on the renewal of the Patriot Act in such a way as to hide the vote from the American people.

    Go to the web site of the Clerk of the House, and you’ll see no vote from today about the Patriot Act at all.

    What you will see is Roll Call 67, “On Motion to Concur in Senate Amendments” for H.R. 3961, the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act.

    That’s the vote on whether to extend the Patriot Act without any reforms of its abusive spying programs.

    It doesn’t look like it, of course, but the Patriot Act extension is what’s referred to by “Senate Amendments”.

    The Senate Democrats sneaked the Patriot Act extension into a Medicare reform bill, and then voted by voice vote to approve the amendment so that no politician would have to have their name attached to this shameless abandonment of liberty.

    The House Democrats benefited from the maneuver as well, being able to vote on unnamed amendments related to Medicare reform, rather than having it on the record for everyone to see that they voted to renew the worst abuses of the Patriot Act without any effort to protect Americans from their spying powers at all. ~ read more
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