17 March 2010

jacques barack posts jacques roy 2009 campaign contributors

in louisiana (the most corrupt state in the nation) it's not unusual but actually quite typical to see rethuglicans not hesitating to whip out thousand and two thousand dollar checks to give a democrat. even a democrat as liberal and as big a barky fan and boot smoocher as alexandria mayor jacques roy.

doesnt it make sense that authentic republicans would find their own conservative candidate to finance and run instead of supporting the candidate that stands for everything they supposedly hate?

but in louisiana you have to understand -- there are no democrats. there are no republicans. what you have running everything (and we use these terms interchangeably) are crime families and crime gangs.

some crime families call themselves democrats while other crime families call themselves republicans but thats all just a show put on for the benefit and entertainment of the great unwashed masses.

a lot of these crime families have been working together pulling off scams since the plantation days, so they are quite good at what they do.

now the black crime families in alexandria are in ascendancy and they want a bigger slice of the pie, or maybe the entire pie and who can blame them? this is the real cause of all the turbulence in alexandria of late.

one reason so many so called conservative republicans are so happy with the status quo might hinge on mayor roy's sparc wealth transfer scam.

mayor roy's sparc wealth transfer scam is that marvelous contrivance whereby the elite get to steal $96 million dollars (70 million eur) and alexandria's great unwashed masses get to pay for it all (with interest) based on that in perpetuity slave tax they voted on themselves and their prosperity.

in 2007 one of the first things that mayor roy and his administration did was conspire together with the city council (see they can work together sometimes) to place on the ballot a 1% sales and use tax that never expires! hence the term in perpetuity.

the present generation of alexandrians will have been in a box out in the bone yard and forgotten while their grandchildren's grandchildren will still be paying this slave tax never having an opportunity to cast it off all so that the descendants of these same old crime families will have the guaranteed means to continue to rob them blind.

of the alexandrians who bothered to go to the polls that hot july day back in '07 an astounding 78% voted this slave tax on their heads and on their childrens heads. what good can be said for a foolish and wicked people who would do that to their own offspring?

some try to shift the focus away from the true beneficiaries of the sparc wealth transfer scam i.e. the crime gangs and onto the blacks. calling it just another black give-a-way program and even going so far as to imply that mayor roy is a "nigger lover." this is just a stupid trick, designed to cause racial problems and fights -- so dont fall for it.

the evidence -- for example the 30 june 2009 alexandria city council meeting, indicates that the majority of blacks saw through and were not for the sparc scam.

anyway, click here to see the list that jacques barack has compiled. oh and by the way, did t.w. thompson buy his comfy police commissioner job for the amazingly low price of $1,475?