31 March 2010

HB 1107 authorizes landowners to 'swap land' with the red river, atchafalaya and bayou boeuf levee district

there's been lots of fear mongering lately over the red river levees and as a result curiosity into the red river, atchafalaya, and bayou bouef levee district's activities has increased.

while everyone's attention has been focused on the condition of the levees, state representative robert johnson has been working HB 1107 a bill that allows a land swap between the rrabb and landowners.

in the first swap rrabb is exchanging a tract of land containing 9.99 acres and another tract containing 4.7 acres for 2.4 acres belonging to landowner brent scallan. so the state is swapping 14.69 acres for 2.4 acres? what kinda deal is that?

according to rep. johnson's testimony before the house transportation committee, its not actually a land swap but an easement. it has something to do with a boat ramp, part of which was built on mr. scallan's private property and he is "subject to some liability in that regard." hmmmm

rep. herbert dixon in the form of an amendment to the bill, is handling the the next swap. in it, the rrabb is exchanging 240 acres with the adjacent landowner donald bishop for 231.63 acres. well, thats a little better we guess.

HB 1107 from legis.state.la.us

la transportation, highways & and public works committee 03/30/2010 reported with amendments (15-0).