31 July 2009

the newspaper.com: recent u.s. supreme court ruling spells trouble for redlight scameras

the newspaper.com has an article about the recent united states supreme court decision in melendez-diaz v. massachusetts. the the case turns on the constitutional right to confront your accuser in court.

Red light camera and speed camera manufacturers fear that last month's US Supreme Court ruling in the case Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts could create legal turmoil for the industry.

The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running issued a statement yesterday warning that the ruling has armed motorists with a greater ability to challenge the basis of automated traffic citations.

Speed cameras, for example, depend heavily on legal faith in a certificate that claims to confirm the total reliability of a machine's speed reading. In the Melendez-Diaz case, the high court ruled that merely producing such a certificate in court is insufficient.

Defendants have the right to cross-examine any individual who claims to have certified evidence.

US Supreme Court Upsets Speed Camera Industry
in the 2009 regular louisiana legislative session, house bill no. 480, a bill by rep. cedric richmond and rep.jeff arnold to prohibit local governments from using mounted traffic cameras to issue traffic violations in louisiana, was heard by the house transportation committee.

valiant lafayetter joel henderson testified to the committee and raised these same issues with them that the supreme court would agreed with him on just thirty-eight days later.

despite this, and common sense, nine australian redflex puppets on the committee voted to kill HB 480. this is the kind of criminals that we have running louisiana. they are not in the legislature to serve the people constitutionally -- they are there to serve special interests and lobbyists and government. we see this over and over...kinda like what we saw with the supreme court:
justice scalia wrote the opinion and he was joined by justice stevens, justice souter, justice thomas and justice ginsburg. additionally, justice thomas wrote a concurring opinion.
look how precariously our rights are teeter-tottering at the edge - a divided court in what should have been a no-brainer unanimous decision -- justice kennedy [ronnie raygun] wrote a very long 34 page dissent joined by chief justice roberts [jorge dubya boosh] (he's so pathetic that he cant remember the presidential oath of office - also found in the constitution, but he can remember to rule that you have no right to confront your accuser), justice breyer [william jefferson blythe clinton] and justice alito [jorge dubya boosh] in which they said that:
laboratory analysts who conduct routine scientific tests are not the kind of conventional witnesses to whom the confrontation clause refers. the judgment of the appeals court of massachusetts should be affirmed.
click here to download sixty-one page .pdf [334 kb]
melendez-diaz v. massachusetts
decided 25 june 2009
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kalb: is bill nichols alexandria's bernie madoff?

wst... asks is bill nichols a jew?

it's an interesting comparison; we dont know if mr. nichols spins the dreidel or not. mostly all we know of him is from the local press reports.

dont let the name nichols fool you -- alex jones wife, kelly rebecca "violet" nichols jones is a jewess.


sts - 127 space shuttle endeavour touchdown

space shuttle endeavour landed at the kennedy space center, florida at 9:48 am cdt.


30 July 2009

bill nichols / southern funding back in the news

UPDATE 2: gannett / the town talk: "owner of southern funding mortgage in alexandria faces fraud charges."

UPDATE: u.s. attorney donald w. washington: "very serious charges...bank fraud statute carries a maximum penalty of a million dollar fine and up to thirty years in prison." ~ link

gannett / the town talk is reporting that bill nichols appeared in federal court today to begin answering charges of bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud against sabine state bank.

the town talk says that mr. nichols will remain in federal custody until at least 04 august 2009 when he is scheduled to be arraigned as well as have a detention hearing by the federal court at shreveport, la. ~ source

29 July 2009

stormy daniels pinched

probably like everyone else, we first learned of stormy daniels arrest this morning via the dead pelican.

the information that chad linked to was too heavily redacted including for instance ms. daniels real name, which is stephanie gregory clifford to be of any use to us.

the next thing we did was log onto the smoking gun to see if they had anything yet -- which they didnt.

so we emailed our friend there william bastone if the smoking gun would get a better quality mug shot and police report.

which tsg posted a few minutes ago -- you can read it there at stormy relationship.

after reading the report, ms. daniels husband, michael anthony mosny seems like a real jerk.
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UPDATE: 28 august 2009: charges dropped -- source xbiznewswire.com


todays 2nd top search term

click picture to enlarge the president's ip address redacted
heres barky googling around trying to find out about, presumably alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy run.

run for what is the question. lol

we'll help the prez out though (coz we're nice like that) -- according to the louisiana sec'y of state the current term of office for mayor, city of alexandria expires on 06 december 2010.


search term of the day

click picture to enlarge - ip address redacted a company from mesa, arizona wonders: "why are people in the state of louisiana so stupid?"


anti redflex scamera activism takes the wrong tact

we've been seeing that the msm has been reporting more and more about the rising frustration americans are showing towards the redlight scameras.

unfortunately, all the news accounts that we've read, so far, are about citizens attacking redflex personnel and/or property and thats just wrong.

yes the people who work for redflex (as well as all the other scamera "vendors") suck and should be encouraged instead to find honest, respectable work that they can be proud of.

odds are that you're just gonna get caught and have to pay for the damages -- plus the scamera companies have plenty of replacement parts and can always get more. so, in most cases, you're only going to slow them down for a few days, if that.

the citizenry might be more productive in their endeavors to end the redflex (and other) scam[s], if they would instead focus all their energy towards the political-governmental criminals who dont mind lining their pockets while looting -- if not the letter -- then certainly the spirit of both the federal and louisiana constitutions.

criminals who are seeking to subvert the constitution and to diminish our bill of rights have no right to hold any office in the land.

how long do you think that the scameras would last in louisiana if ... for instance, joey durel, tony tramel, la gop fraudster and alien agent, charlie buckels; the rest of the lafayette consolidated government council and the pet shop bois crime gang were afraid that everytime they stick their head out the door they're gonna get a jackhandle up side it? or how about if everytime they appear in public the crowds jeer them and spit on them?

the question that louisianans as well as the rest of americans are faced with now: is the constitution, particularly the federal constitution and bill of rights worth defending? or, are we better off as slaves?

governments at all levels no longer fear the people. in fact they are bound and determined to use the power and authority of their offices to bring the people to heel. they are systematically working a plan together to steal from and to loot the citizenry blind.

so until the people decide they've had enough and demand constitution obeying, liberty and freedom loving and god-fearing leaders, we are only going to see louisiana continue to degrade.

but all this spitting and nastiness as well as violence, bloodshed and potential loss of life is unnecessary if only those louisianaians and americans, so called, would heed second chronicles seven verse fourteen, the ancient of days has promised that he would remove these criminals for us!

28 July 2009

"we like the cars the cars that go boom"

a political advisor -- brian welsh, who is currently working with stormy daniels for senate campaign, car was "firebombed" on the mean streets of new orleans.

purported surveillance cam footage added to youtube by user thebtwelsh captioned "my car blows up real good."
backup copy here.

backup copy here

last updated 6:02 pm cdt tuesday 28 july 2009


27 July 2009

senator david vitter to hold a health care reform forum at pineville, la.

a health care reform forum presented by senator david vitter
saturday, 08 august 2009 at guinn auditorium,
1140 college drive, louisiana college
from 10:30 - 11:30 am.
you're invited to attend a health care reform forum to discuss efforts to make health care for louisiana families more affordable. topics include: fighting a government takeover of health care, pushing for reimportation of safe, cheaper prescription drugs from canada; and expanding options for affordable coverage for small business employees.
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    updated 7:58 pm monday 27 july 2009

    26 July 2009

    new zealand's biggest earthquake in 80 years moves it a foot closer to oz

    click picture to enlarge
    The earthquake occurred at 9:22 pm, [+1200 UTC] Wednesday, 15 July 2009 and the epicentre was located in Dusky Sound at the south-west corner of the South Island. Its magnitude of 7.8 makes its size comparable with the Buller (or Murchison) earthquake of 1929 and the damaging Hawke's Bay earthquake of 1931. It is also the largest earthquake of 2009 anywhere in the world (so far).

    The deformation caused by the Dusky Sound earthquake resulted in the movement of the south-west of the South Island [ a foot] towards the west-south-west (in a direction somewhat to the south of Australia).

    Large earthquake occurrence in New Zealand has shown clustering in time (mid-1800s and late 1920s to early 1940s). Therefore, in general, the probability of an event is higher after a large earthquake than before. ~ read more


    25 July 2009

    mystery substance sends louisiana cops to the hospital

    when we first saw this story we were wondering if zog was experimenting with how to spread panic while controlling the outbreak of an nbc attack and using louisiana cops for the guinea pigs.

    the story didnt make sense. who would "commingle" a "pesticide" together with fruit and cocaine and think that they wouldnt get in trouble for it, from someone?

    local cops should be skeptical of anything that the feds are attempting to rope them into.

    a couple of years ago msnbc ran a few times a documentary type story (which we havent been able to locate on their website) of how a lot of cops out west were mysteriously coming down with cancer.

    the link they all shared: they were all involved in taking down meth labs.

    click here to download five page .pdf [133 kb]

    here is an msm news item about it that we could locate. but notice how the sick cops are being steered towards scientology.

    the breitbart commenter markmarchiafava, however, put it all in its proper context:
    while the truck may have contained several kilos, what actually caused their sickness was something totally different: a copy of the bill of rights. ~ mystery substance sickens la. cops; 18 quarantined


    24 July 2009

    FLASHBACK judicial inc does jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth

    we thought we would rerun this tidbit from last year, in light of mr. faircloth's 22 july 2009 announcement that he was running for the louisiana supreme court fourth district associate justice seat: :

    originally posted 25 may 2008

    click pictures to enlarge
    central louisiana's own jimmy r. faircloth, jr., executive counsel to louisiana governor and john mcmadman mccain's prospective republican vice presidential candidate piyush "mr. ethics bobby" jindal receives a major feature on one of the worlds most prominent anti-zionist websites.

    below is a few screen grabs click here or the link to see the whole thing.

    mainnet an israeli hoax


    nick mikulas departs kalb

    heres a wst... youtube playlist of departing kalb meteorologist nick mikulas



    23 July 2009

    christopher tidmore: anh cao has an opponent: juan lafonta

    good! cao is a flake and a rino we hope that someone rides him out of his seat on a rail.

    christopher tidmore just announced on his radio show that state rep. juan lafonta will challenge la-02 freshman congressman anh cao. according to tidmore, lafonta is real popular in the white, elite demcratic homosexual community, which is very wealthy and influential in the second district. also endearing lafonta to the homosexuals is that he has written the states hate crimes law.

    others tidmore mentioned as running are state senator cheryl gray evans and gun-grabber state rep. cedric richmond.

    certainly lafonta and richmond would make piss-poor congressmen. we dont follow the senate that much so we dont know anything about senator gray-evans but odds are that she sucks too.

    maybe some more will throw their hat in the ring, cos anh cao is garbage and needs to go.

    link to audio page

    slide timer over to 2 :35


    jonesville bull-rider corbin carpenter sets the tone for the 2009 national high school finals rodeo opening

    photo: lindsay grover-pierce

    2009 national high school finals rodeo
    news --- photos -- video -- blog

    corbin carpenter is the jonesville, louisiana teen who's neck was broken in two places due to an errant bull-stomp, last july in the 2008 national high school finals rodeo.

    In watching what transpired Sunday evening, I, for one, will find it hard to say any difficult situation is impossible from here on out. After watching a young man who was supposed to be paralyzed from the chest down get on a horse and ride around the rodeo grounds at McGee Park less than a year later, it just goes to show that just about anything is possible...

    Carpenter's appearance set the tone for a great first night at the 2009 NHSFR. Shortly after, the pageantry that is a staple of rodeo began, with rousing renditions of "Advance Australia Fair," "O Canada" and "The Star-Spangled Banner." Each state was then introduced with their flags flown by their respective queen contestants... ~ read more
    corbin's mother, teresa freeman carpenter has written a book: "spurs, chaps and faith the corbin carpenter story," as a testimony to how corbin is using his experience with god's healing power to help change the world.

    it's available from amazon.com and probably everywhere else books are sold.
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    will judge harry randow lock-up the alexandria, la city council?

    normally in louisiana a political subdivision is exempt from complying with any judgment rendered against it.

    the ongoing case of richard j. heath v. city of alexandria, louisiana could be unique in that it involves louisiana public records law, political subdivisions and judgments against them and the political subdivision judgment exemption law.

    looks like we are going to find out if the complete judgment that the third circuit court of appeal rendered against the city of alexandria, la. of which $2,500.00 of it, the city is so far refusing to pay: will stick.

    the third circuit court of appeal wrote that an alexandrian named richard heath, properly filed a public records request to the city of alexandria, la. on 25 january 2008 and that the city did not provide him with the public records he sought; until well after 14 march 2008 -- 45+ days beyond the five day rule provided for in the public records law.

    supposedly, the louisiana public records law are "enshrined" in the constitution, as is, the political subdivision judgment exemption law. because public records law judgments apply only to political subdivisions and we guess, that since the legislature provided for the awarding of judgments therein, then, the theory goes, in a public records law judgment the political subdivision judgment exemption law does not apply and the judgment is enforceable like any other judgment; including seizing a political subdivisions property and assets to satisfy it.

    this would seem to make sense because why would the third circuit order an award that they must have known beforehand is -- due to constitutional and statutory limitations, unenforceable and likely to be scoffed at? additionally, they noted how la. r.s. 44:35(e)(1) provides for a civil penalty award of up to a $100.00 per day that the city was violating public records law.

    judge randow wouldnt order a civil penalty and in their reversal to which the third circuit found three assignments of error on judge randow's part, they wouldnt either -- seeing how courteous the city of alexandria was in their treatment of mr. heath, wrote judge john d. saunders for the three judge's who decided the appeal which included judges michael g. sullivan and elizabeth a. pickett. which makes us wonder just how they define courteous, when, after all -- alexandria was suing mr. heath and as the third circuit pointed out was unlawfully denying him public records, including never complying with one portion of public records law.

    mr. heath wanted public records which showed how the city attorney was authorized to file a lawsuit against him. the city attorney's balking, for all we know, was the result of his being caught without the legal documentation and was a ploy to buy him time to manufacture them.

    if mr. heath had went the discovery route, like the city attorney wanted, this would have given the city time to get their documents and stories straight and no one would have ever been the wiser.

    this theory may or may not be true but considering that this is louisiana, it was certainly worth the trial court and the appeals court time pondering it. both courts should have vigorously enforced the public records law and awarded mr. heath the maximum civil penalty -- not, as in the case of the third circuit, pay compliments to the city for treating mr. heath so well. that was lame.

    oh yeah,
    alexandria never did provide mr. heath with a "a final written determination as to whether he had the right of access to the records," they were lawfully required to provide him with either.

    soft on political and governmental corruption judges -- like these four, essentially do the political subdivisions bidding by selectively ignoring and half-assed enforcing public records law.

    attorneys are less likely to take on a public records law case -- especially for someone who cant afford to outright hire an attorney to see the case through the end, when they know the deck is already stacked against them.

    so now the city of alexandria, is on record saying that they will not comply with the judgment;

    mr. heath has filed a motion that the city council be found in constructive contempt of court [la code of civil procedure 224 a (2)]; requiring all seven of them to appear and show cause why they should not be jailed until the judgment is paid.

    we hope that judge randow grants mr. heath's motion. we think that the judge should go even further and lock-up the entire city hall until it can be investigated and the citizens of alexandria can finally find out what -- in their name is going on there. this is a perfect opportunity to identify and destroy the organized crime gangs that control alexandria.

    unfortunately, judge randow's prior rulings in this suit as well as some others, suggests that he is a corruption cover-up artist and not really a judge looking for truth or justice.

    click here to view four page scrib doc:
    richard j. heath motion for contempt of court

    there is an interesting caveat at article 224 (8) the aforementioned part of the code civil de l'etat de la lousianne that deals with a constructive contempt of court. it reads:
    comment by a newspaper or other medium for the dissemination of news upon a case or proceeding, then pending and undecided, which constitutes a clear, present, and imminent danger of obstructing or interfering with the orderly administration of justice, by either influencing the court to reach a particular decision, or embarrassing it in the discharge of its judicial duties;
    we could see how this could possibly be a useful rule up to the parties first court appearance or ruling in some cases, here, (assuming the theory of public records law superiority holds out) however, it would seem to be especially unconstitutionally vague and/or a prior restraint on free speech. particularly since it involves a political subdivision, elected officials, governmental bureaucratic intrigue all within the citizens right and request to know the innermost workings of same.

    follow the link to learn more about richard j. heath v city of alexandria, louisiana.


    22 July 2009

    percentage of people in louisiana too stupid to vote: rising

    click picture to enlargelouisiana secretary of state - official election results for election date 20 october 2007
    nola.com louisiana politics 22 july 2009

    they're breeding

    16 July 2009

    red cross to hold a neighborhood disaster preparedness informational session at new orleans

    click picture to enlarge
    heres a press release from gill benedek that we received over night:
    on monday 20 july 2009 from 6 - 7:30 pm at the red cross southeast louisiana chapter, 2640 canal street, new orleans, the american red cross in partnership with the neighborhood partnership network is hosting a disaster preparedness session in conjunction with uno - chart rebuilding information station.

    neighborhood groups and homeowners will be exposed to a variety of topics including family communication planning and mitigation renovations, all in an effort to make you "red cross ready" during hurricane season.

    if you plan to attend, please rsvp to jacqueline chadwick: jchadwick AT arcno.org - telephone 504.620.3110


    15 July 2009

    sts - 127 space shuttle endeavour finally launches

    endeavour launched around 5:03 pm central daylight time
    the "debris" can be seen at around 2:21 into the above video and also the whole thing in the launch replays video --
    linked below:
    launch replays vid

    the "debris" can be seen at around time 21:30 from the external tank camera
    nasa tv broadcasts various camera angles of the launch
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    jewess explains "the 'anti-semite' trick"

    the former israeli minister of education and culture, shulamit aloni, explains to her fellow tribesman, amy goodman, on her "democracy now" program, how jews always use the anti-semite trick against americans to quell dissent against jews and israel.

    "the organization is strong and has a lot of money -- the ties between israel and the american jewish establishment are very strong ... they have power of money and media and other things and their attitude is 'israel my country right or wrong.'"
    while in europe, minister aloni reveals, jews bring out the holohoax to halt criticism of israel and the jews.

    ms. aloni was most recently noted for speaking out in defense of former president jimmy carter's use of the word "apartheid" in the title of a book he wrote about palestine and israel.

    ms. aloni wrote: "the us jewish establishment's onslaught on former president jimmy carter is based on him daring to tell the truth which is known to all: through its army, the government of israel practises a brutal form of apartheid in the territory it occupies."
    learn more about zionism:
    eric hufschmid
    jews united against zionism
    neturei karta international: orthodox jews united against zionism
    learn about the ashkenazi / khazar "jewish" imposters
    jesus christ
    revelation chapter two verse nine
    revelation chapter three verse nine
    the thirteenth tribe
    by arthur koestler
    facts are facts: the truth about khazars
    by ex-zionist benjamin h. freedman née freidman
    benjamin h. freedman
    u.s. presidents - jewish pawns
    1974 speech
    and also:
    zionists stole the true name of the jewish people
    rabbi chaim lefkowitz
    and also
    jack bernstein
    my farewell to israel the thorn in the mideast


    louisiana democratic party sued a couple of times

    its no secret that, like the louisiana republican party -- the louisiana democratic party is ran by the same style of incompetents, freaks, perverts and criminals.

    according to this associated press article, a former democratic party staffer "kimberly hulbert of st. tammany parish," has filed a second lawsuit "accusing its former executive director, britton loftin, of repeatedly fondling her and making sexually suggestive remarks. loftin, who resigned in june, was hulbert's supervisor at the time."

    in her first lawsuit, that the ap says that she filed earlier this month, ms. hulbert alleges that the party beat her out of some wages.

    that suit also says that "hulbert left her job in april because of sexual harassment and unpaid wages." ~ source


    14 July 2009

    the time the main stream media got caught whoring out to politicians

    rich dupree and the press


    12 July 2009

    sts - 127 space shuttle endeavour launch a go scrubbed

    UPDATE 3 wednesday 15 july 2009 endeavour finally launches
    UPDATE 2 monday 13 july 2009: endeavour launch scrubbed again due to poor weather. the preferred launch time is now wednesday, 15 july 2009 at 5:03 pm cdt.

    : inclement weather and lightning strikes within twenty miles of the kennedy space center, have resulted in the sts - 127 launch being delayed until 5:51 pm cdt monday 13 july 2009 ~ nasa: sts - 127 launch blog

    click picture to enlarge
    Image above: Rollback of the rotating service structure (at left) reveals space shuttle Endeavour atop the mobile launcher platform. Photo Credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett
    Mission: STS-127
    Orbiter: Endeavour
    Primary Payload: Kibo Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility, Kibo Japanese Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section
    Launch Date: July 12
    Launch Time: 6:13 p.m. CDT
    Launch Pad: 39A
    Landing Date: July 28
    Mission Duration: 16 days
    Inclination/Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
    sts - 127 launch blog
    nasa tv


    11 July 2009

    injured jonesville la bull rider corbin carpenter returns to 2009 national high school finals rodeo

    corbin carpenter, the bull riding teen from jonesville, louisiana; who's neck was broken by a bull stomp at the 2008 national high school finals rodeo in farmington, new mexico, makes good on a promise he made last year to return and thank the good people of farmington and his fellow cowboys from around the country, mexico, canada and beyond for all their help and support in his ongoing recovery.

    the national high school finals rodeo opens on 19 july 2009 at mcgee park. carpenter is scheduled to make an appearance on the arena floor during that night's opening ceremonies. ~ farmington daily-news: injured bull rider to return for 2009 rodeo.
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    09 July 2009

    the obama crop circle

    a giant portrait of us president barack obama is seen in an aerial view in the countryside of mena' di castagnaro, near verona in northern italy. the portrait, completed by the writing 'the hope is in the land', covers some 27,000 square meters (6.67 acre).

    bonus: barky and sarky check out dat azz