31 October 2007

dog smells fishy

.mp3 here

duane "dog" chapman:

"i dont care if she's a mexican, a whore, whatever. it's not cause she's black its because we use the word nigger sometimes here. i'am not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything i've worked for, for thirty years, cause some fucking nigger heard us say nigger and turned us in to the enquire magazine. our career is over. i'am not taking that chance at all. never in life. never...it's not that they're black, it's none of that, its that we use the word nigger -- we dont mean you fucking scum nigger without a soul, we dont mean that shit but america would think we mean that..."

hmmm and then after dog said all that it winds up getting turned over to "the enquire magazine."

"enquire magazine" story at link

transcript here

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senator hagel's private letter to bush about iran

click here to download two page .pdf

the washington note excerpt:
I have just secured a private letter -- not yet publicly released -- from Senator Chuck Hagel to President Bush and copied to Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, and Stephen Hadley. I should add that I did not receive this letter from Senator Hagel but from other sources.

The letter urges the President to pursue "direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks with the Government of Iran."


This letter is a call for serious, level-headed rationality from one of the Senate's most stalwart "classic conservatives."

I have since learned that the letter somehow made its way to US Central Command Commander William Fallon, perhaps through Defense Secretary Gates or other avenues, and Fallon allegedly communicated with the Senator that serious articulations of American interests and consideration of the options Hagel recommends are much needed in this current political and policy environment.
click link to read more at the washington note.


law of the sea treaty

lately we've been receiving out of the blue, unsolicited emails from something called the "competitive enterprise institute," about the law of the sea treaty or LOST. we dont really know that much about LOST, although we're not entirely unfamiliar with it since steve clemons, who seems to be for it, has been posting about it a lot lately.

according to this page from the competitive enterprise institute website:

About the Law of the Sea Treaty
The United Nations has gone through some tough times recently, from allegations that peacekeeping operations are chock full of waste and abuse to news headlines about U.N. mismanagement of the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program. Its image battered, the U.N. is now turning to the United States Senate to deliver some good news (to it, at least) by ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty (which goes by the wonderful acronym LOST). LOST operates under the assumption that any minerals in the ocean floor constitute the "common heritage" of all mankind -- and therefore cannot be the property of any one individual, company, or nation.

This treaty is an affront to American national sovereignty. It would give the United Nations authority over much of the world's oceans, including the power to regulate and tax deep-sea mining, and redistribute the proceeds to Third World governments. Moreover, its "hortatory language" provisions are a loaded weapon that activist trial lawyers could easily wield to force the U.S. to adopt laws that the American people's elected representatives otherwise would not.
in the cei's most recent email they inform us:
Senate Foreign Relations Committee sends Law of the Sea Treaty to the Senate floor
This morning, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17-4 to send the Law of the Sea Treaty to the Senate floor for ratification. The result was expected — though still disappointing — so now the real fight begins. The vote count was as follows:

Yes votes
Joseph Biden (D-Del.)
Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.)
John Kerry (D-Mass.)
Russell Feingold (D-Wisc.)
Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)
Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)
Barack Obama (D-Ill.)
Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)
Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.)
Robert Casey (D-Pa.)
Jim Webb (D-Va.)
Richard Lugar (R-Ind.)
Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.)
Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)
John Sununu (R-N.H.)
George Voinovich (R-OH)
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

No votes
Norm Coleman (R-Minn.)
Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.)
David Vitter (R-La.)
Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)

CEI Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell said:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote in favor of ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty is disappointing, but grassroots opposition is still building against the treaty. The strong statements against LOST in recent days by Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee are an indication that their campaigns have already felt this movement against the treaty. The opposition of the Senate’s Republican leadership is another good indication. If Majority Leader Harry Reid brings LOST to the floor for a vote, it is going to be a real fight.
although the competitive enterprise institute's myron ebell rudely doesnt mention him, 2008 republican presidential candidate ron paul, is also opposed to the law of the sea treaty, writing back in 2004 against it rep. paul called it "dangerous and foolish."

click the link to read more about the law of the sea treaty from the cei website.


gov-elect piyush scam appoints another LRA bungler to transition team

more piyush payback

despite promising a 'fresh start' the piyush "bobby" jindal scam continues to appoint to his transition team, louisiana recovery authority bunglers, dinosaurs from past administrations and major campaign contributors.

theres no way that a fresh start may be had when piyush continues to use the same old good 'ol boys and insiders who's control has supposedly ruined this state. however, as far as the louisiana recovery authority goes their rank incompetence cannot be denied which makes appointees from this bureaucracy even more perplexing.

lots of people tried to warn you that piyush was a liar and a con-artist, his congressional voting record proves that. our conscience is clear -- is yours?

advocate excerpt:
Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal on Tuesday tapped another member of Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s Louisiana Recovery Authority to serve on his transition team.

Lake Charles lumber company owner Dennis Stine will lead the search for Jindal’s commissioner of administration and the revenue secretary.

Stine was Gov. Buddy Roemer’s commissioner of administration. He serves on the LRA’s board of directors.
Stine is the second LRA board member to be named to the Jindal transition team. LRA board member Sean Reilly is helping Jindal put together an ethics reform package for a special legislative session.
we searched "stine" in the piyush scam's campaign contributors and not all of the "stines" listed below are affiliated with dennis stine in the advocate article.

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    more debunking the piyush 'mandate' hoax

    cenlamar offers (see link) a well researched and well written piece captioned 'the truth about voter turnout' regarding the so called piyush "bobby" jindal 'mandate.'


    30 October 2007

    media general might want to unload kalb

    speaking of kalb -- its parent company, media general said yesterday that it is considering selling five television stations.

    the fort wayne journal gazette reported that:

    "Earlier this month, the company announced its third-quarter earnings had plunged 88 percent as advertising revenue slumped from results boosted by political ad sales a year ago. The publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Tampa Tribune and Winston-Salem Journal said profit for the quarter ended Sept. 30 fell to $2.5 million, or 11 cents per share, from $20.6 million, or 87 cents per share, a year ago.Media General said revenue fell 5 percent to $230.3 million from $241 million last year.Its broadcast unit's third-quarter profit fell 26 percent to $16.2 million, primarily because of lower political ad spending in this off-election year."
    The five stations and Designated Market Areas (DMAs) are:
    WCWJ (CW), Jacksonville, Fla., 49
    WTVQ (ABC), Lexington, Ky., 64
    WMBB (ABC), Panama City, Fla., 154
    KALB/NALB (NBC/CBS), Alexandria, La., 180
    WNEG, Toccoa, Ga., which is an independent satellite station for WSPA in Spartanburg, S.C.


    kalb's farrah reyna missing in action

    UPDATE: farrah reyna left kalb-tv 5

    farrah reyna kalb 6pm & 10pm anchor
    for about three weeks now, kalb weekday anchor dale hoffman has been announcing that "farrah has the evening off." what gives?
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    pro piyusher's squeal like bobby trippe

    an interesting blog post (see link) attempts to lump all of us who dare to question the actions of the piyush "bobby" jindal scam as 'sore-loser' blogs. the blogger attempts to take us 'sore-losers' to task for daring to question some of piyush's early appointments and curiously attempts to whitewash it all away. the bloggers tone sounds remarkably like the 'ol boy maxim "to the victor go the spoils."

    after all, we are merely "calling-out" piyush and thats what piyush said he was going to do to those who oppose him. quoting from piyush's election night victory speech: "Starting today, every citizen of Louisiana has equal access to state Government. Who you know will no longer be more important than what you know.
    But please understand this, I'm not going to take no for an answer on reforming our ethics laws. Real ethics reform is not simply campaign rhetoric. It is the lynchpin for change, for regaining the confidence of the voters, for turning our state around. If and when folks try to stop it, I will call them out. If and when people try to throw in amendments designed to derail ethics reform, I will call them out."

    so dont get angry when we simply do what piyush has said that he will do and call him out to point out that there is nothing "fresh" about appointing old dinosaurs who just happen to be major campaign contributors. theres also nothing fresh about appointing rino mike foster retreads either, like we have seen with the appointment of cheney joseph to piyush's transition team. the whole thing reeks of cronyism and cold hard cashism.

    next the blogger takes offense with exposure of the piyush 'mandate' hoax. its important to point out this hoax because piyush and supporters will repeat it over and over again a la joseph goebbels. besides it was conservative blogger c.b. forgotston who pointed out the 'mandate' hoax to start with.

    finally the blogger pleads "for god's sake at least wait until and if [piyush] bobby jindal makes a mistake before you attack him." does this blogger believe that one should wait until a toddler drinks a bottle of poison before you warn him?


    alexandria police department taser update

    shocking apd video

    wst... has learned that the city of alexandria, louisiana has settled with ms. moses for the liability the city incurred as a result of the outrageous actions by apd sgt. kenneth rachal on easter sunday, 08 april 2007.

    thanks to sgt. rachal and apd, city of alexandria taxpayers are out tens of thousands of dollars.


    29 October 2007

    a little piyush payback

    a couple of days ago we posted about the piyush scam's appointment of virginia shehee and sean reilly to his 'advisory council' on ethics reform.

    today in between times when suddenlink internet service was actually working, we took a trip over to the dysfunctional and ambiguous heh heh heh ethics website to see if ms. shehee and/or mr. reilly were piyush "bobby" jindal campaign contributors.

    not surprisingly it turns out that ms. shehee is a major contributor. looks like her daughter margaret kicked in a few bucks too.
    right on time the shehee family business, kilpatrick life insurance, co. gives piyush lots and lots of cash as well.

    we couldnt find sean reilly's name on the list this doesnt mean that its not there somewhere, just that we didnt find it today but his dad kevin p. reilly his name is on there:
    jennifer eplett reilly according to the below piece from the new york times is the wife of sean reilly.

    new york times link

    so looks like if you want a job in the piyush "bobby" jindal administration be prepared to (in case you havent already) fork over lots and lots of dollars.

    we wonder what this list here and here of rats from around central louisiana are gonna get out it?
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    purple circle and colomb scammer yvonne dorsey smacked in new ad


    know nothing political hack royal alexander weighs in on nola da case

    royal alexander tells kalb's michele godard about the length of something

    republican darling, accused sexual predator, mark foley page scandal player, suspected extortionist emailer and extremely inexperienced attorney royal alexander seizes an opportunity to jump on the impeach eddie jordan bandwagon. in a statement released on 27 october and receiving extensive and extended big play on the right wing biased the dead pelican website mr. alexander says
    “I am absolutely supportive of Senator Scalise and Representative Henry’s efforts. For too long Eddie Jordan has been allowing dangerous and violent criminals to walk the streets of New Orleans. Now he has crippled the DA’s office with his outlandish discrimination lawsuit, ending in a $3.7 million settlement that could bankrupt an entire public office.”
    however, an investigation by central la politics blog, a blog produced by a longtime licensed attorney, finds that mr. alexander wasnt even licensed to practice law until 09 april 1998. furthermore, a search of lawyer legal databases which central la politics is privy to, reveals that mr. alexander has handled only one case in the courts of appeal "in which he had only a supporting role'" and that mr. alexander has "absolutely no criminal experience."

    mr. alexander appears to be just another political hack who will shamelessly seize upon any opportunity upon which he very likely knows nothing about in an attempt to make political hay.

    28 October 2007

    town talk editorial goofs still pushing the piyush 'mandate' scam

    in a town talk editorial this morning (see link) they state that [piyush "bobby"] "Jindal's election comes with a mandate for change..."

    this is a bald faced lie. c.b. forgotston shows in a post here that:

    16.5% of the population of LA voted to make Bobby Jindal our next governor.The media and pundits refer to Jindal’s win as a “mandate.” It was not a “mandate” if one believes in democracy as a form of government.
    memo to gannett: stop insulting our intelligence
    the gannett owned town talk needs to stop being contemptuous of and quit lying to, its readers. or at the very least, print lies that are more believable and harder to dispute.
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    tropical depression sixteen

    tropical depression sixteen r.s.s. feed



    12:40 pm cdt sunday 28 october 2007: ...NOEL BECOMES 14TH NAMED STORM OF THE ATLANTIC SEASON...


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    27 October 2007

    gov-elect piyush scam already stabbing his snake-charmed supporters in the back

    according to the times-picayune (see link) 'ol piyush the deceiver has made (so far) two appontments to his so called 'advisory council' on ethics reform.

    the piyush scam trotted out two dinosaurs virginia shehee and sean reilly. the times-picayune painted these two as 'former legislators' however, the t-p conveniently left out the part about ms. shehee being the president/ceo of kilpatrick life insurance company. an insurance executive and ethics go together like oil and water.

    the t-p does point out that sean reilly is a democrat who serves on the board of the louisiana recovery authority. why someone would want one of these lra bunglers to advise about ethics is another mystery, especially when you remember that back on 01 may 2007 the piyush scam was concerned enough about the lra and the road home program which is an lra 'recovery program' to send a letter to governor blanco about a projected deficit of some $4.4 billion dollars.

    oh, maybe this has something to do with it:

    Reilly is president and chief operating officer of the outdoor division of Lamar Advertising, the Baton Rouge billboard giant that is the only Louisiana company on the NASDAQ 100. He is the second person with strong ties to the company to receive a high appointment in the Jindal team, following transition chairman Timmy Teepell, whose father, Tommy Teepell, is Lamar's chief marketing officer.
    meanwhile, the shreveport times printed a feel good propaganda piece written by the piyush "bobby" jindal scam captioned "improved image, competence, responsive government fall under 'fresh start' call."

    the piyush scam just like all republican and democratic con-artists says one thing and does quite the opposite.

    "pinestraw" isnt tricked though as you can see by this comment left on the shreveport times.

    piyush is nothing more than old wine in a new bottle and we suspect that more and more websites and blogs like this one will be springing up to remind everyone of this fact.


    nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings upset her internet tax maneuver came to light

    louisiana's senior senator and george dubya bush and republican dildo, katrina mary landrieu snellings, is upset over the below 'ad' put out by the national senatorial republican committee. katrina mary, disingenuous as usual, insists it distorts her voting record.

    advocate excerpt:

    WASHINGTON — A Web ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee is frustrating U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, who said the piece distorts her record on the vehicle the GOP is using to attack her: the Internet.
    The GOP is using the ad to bash Landrieu for failing to support a permanent ban on Internet taxes. The ad has been effective because it has Landrieu’s campaign staff scrambling to cover the Internet tracks where the GOP ad has played.
    “People who are legitimate supporters of us are calling up and saying ‘What are you doing?’ ” Landrieu spokesman Adam Sharp said. “It’s just picked up by on the Web site and forwarded.”
    click link to read more

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    26 October 2007

    mcnair capture pushes dashcam vid back to no. 4 on google video


    as of 25 october 2007, the video has been viewed 109,075 times with 1,153 downloads.


    new pineville public records request lawsuit filed

    kenneth johnson versus city of pineville et al
    docket no. 229 618 div "f"

    see link to download four page .pdf

    background information in the related posts


    25 October 2007

    new jindal watch website & blog launches

    best of luck to this blog

    "Bobby" Jindal has done it. The liberal media are gushing, thrilled that Louisiana has elected its first non-white governor since reconstruction. No one seems to be able to see past the hoopla to the fact that Louisiana has once more gone hook, line and sinker for a slick packaged, smooth talking "reformer".

    Following in the footsteps of the great "reformers" Huey P Long and Edwin W Edwards may not be an easy walk for Jindal. First of all, he has to convince the State Legislature to go along with all his multi-point plans. Will he be another Buddy Roemer, who when the legislature rejected his advances took all his marbles and went home and pouted for the rest of his term? Or will he truly take charge, as his predecessors Long and Edwards did, and mold the state in his own image?

    In any event, he has a long row to hoe.
    And we will be watching.


    richard lee mcnair captured!

    richard lee mcnair arrested at
    campbellton, new brunswick, canada. see link for more

    richard lee mcnair escaped from the federal penitentiary at pollock, louisiana on wednesday 05 april 2006. he was at-large for 568 days or one year six months and twenty days.

    famous police stop of richard lee mcnair by ball, louisiana police officer carl bordelon.
    more news links courtesy google news alert:
    Murderer, serial escaper, captured in New Brunswick
    Canada.com - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
    Richard Lee McNair, 48, has been on the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted List ever since he "mailed" himself out of a Louisiana penitentiary more than a year ago ...
    One Of America's Most Wanted Captured In Canada
    CityNews - Toronto,Canada
    The saga of Richard Lee McNair is one of both terror and chutzpah. He was convicted of killing a man in North Dakota during a robbery in November 1987. ...
    US Fugitive, Seen in Alberta, Captured in Eastern Canada
    770chqr.com - Calgary,Canada
    New Brunswick RCMP today arrested Richard Lee McNair. McNair mailed himself out of a US prision in Louisiana last year. The case has been featured on the ...
    US Fugitive Richard Lee McNair captured in New Brunswick
    By Jeremy Barker
    By Mary Vallis, National Post RCMP officers in New Brunswick have apprehended a murderer and serial prison escapee who is one of the most wanted men in the United States. Richard Lee McNair, 48, has been on the US Marshals 15 Most ...
    richard lee mcnair captured!
    By we saw that...(we saw that...)
    richard lee mcnair escaped from the federal penitentiary at pollock, louisiana on wednesday 05 april 2006. he was at-large for 568 days or one year six months and twenty days. famous police stop of richard lee mcnair by ball, ...


    another indian casino slot machine scam exposed

    heres a new case from new mexico that is similar to a case here in louisiana in which the grand casino coushatta used a slot machine malfunction excuse to scam sister nira ledoux and gale thomas out of their slot machine winnings.

    in the ledoux and thomas case "The trial court awarded Sister Nira Ledoux $65,581.00 and awarded Gale Thomas $32,790.50." the coushatta tribe of louisiana appealed but the third circuit upheld the trial courts judgment. the louisiana state supreme court denied the indians writ.


    24 October 2007

    condi-sleeeza the 'war criminal'

    as our zionist occupation government continues to spread another round of lies to ratchet up public opinion for another illegal and immoral war for the zionist regime, this time against iran whats little reported in the media is that russian president vladimir putin recently called for the united states to set a date for withdrawal from iraq.

    president putin said on a live tv and radio broadcast to the russian people that "the American battle in Iraq was "useless" and "totally counterproductive" because it was against the Iraqi people."

    earlier in october 2007 president putin standing in tehran, iran warned america about attacking iran:
    Putin came to Tehran for a summit of the five nations bordering the Caspian, but his visit was aimed more at strengthening efforts to blunt U.S. economic and military ties in the area. Yet he also refused to set a date for completing Iran's first nuclear reactor, trying to avoid an outright show of support for Iran's defiance over its nuclear program.

    Putin strongly warned outside powers against use of force in the region, a clear reference to the United States, which many in Iran fear will attack over the West's suspicions that the Iranians are secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons.
    "We are saying that no (Caspian) nations should offer their territory to outside powers for aggression or any military action against any of the Caspian states," Putin said.
    Putin has warned against such attacks previously, but reiterating them in Tehran gave them greater resonance — particularly at a summit for a region where Moscow deeply resents U.S. and European attempts at greater influence.

    The Russian leader also used the occasion to make a nod to Iran's national pride — describing it as a "world power" and referring to the might of the ancient Persian empire.
    just this past august china threatened to trigger a u.s. dollar crash. china can do it too because they hold around $900 billion in u.s. treasury bonds and other dollar assets. as of today, 23 october 2007, the treasury department says that the total public debt outstanding is $ 9,057,981,725,122.80.

    is george bush, dick cheney, condi-sleeeza rice and the rest of our government insane or are they working a plan to destroy america?

    state ethics board: myron lawson; bridgett brown charged

    bridgett brown charge link
    myron lawson ethics board charges link

    central la politics blog is reporting (see link) that at the 11 october 2007 meeting of the state heh heh heh ethics board it "voted to place formal charges against Mr. Lawson and Ms. Brown."


    alexandria city council still persecuting chuck johnson

    charles "chuck" johnson, esq.
    alexandria, louisiana city attorney

    alexandria, louisiana city council from left to right: myron lawson, harry silver, charles frederick smith, everett hobbs, president, louis marshall, charles "chuck"fowler and roosevelt johnson

    **updated** city council video here beginning at time 54m04s.

    dont you wish we lived in biblical times when the earth would just open up and swallow a bunch of trouble makers?

    central la politics has more on the latest alexandria city council/ bridgett brown five controversy:


    23 October 2007

    zoo boo 2007

    we were able to snag the below alexandria zoo promo video from channel 4.

    click here for directions to the alexandria zoo via google maps.

    alexandria zoo website.


    apd taser update

    shocking apd video
    .mp3 here

    the alexandria, louisiana mayor was on ksyl radio this morning and addressed the status of the apd taser investigation. the mayor said:
    "there will be information about how we're going to handle that coming out immediately. we have concluded the investigation. if the caller remembers the press conference that i gave, after reviewing everything we've seen since then, i stand behind those statements and it will go through a process unfortunately i cant talk about yet - because its civil service" when asked by a ksyl talking head what those earlier statements were the mayor reiterated his statements from his afore mentioned press conference that "given everything that we had seen and given the initial reports and the investigation we had done i had very serious problems with the way in which the incident occurred and i would stand by that statement. i think i will be a little more explicit..." in the upcoming statement.
    wst... spoke telephonically to gregory aymond the apd taser victim ms. doris moses' attorney who informed wst... that no settlement had been reached with the city of alexandria and that it looks like a lawsuit will be filed taking the entire matter to court.

    stay tuned....


    'baggy pants' nazi's strike in port allen, louisiana

    more evidence that louisiana has the lousiest politicians in the land.

    morning advocate excerpt:

    Advocate Westside bureau
    Published: Oct 23, 2007 - Page: 4B

    PORT ALLEN — The City Council joined the growing list of governmental bodies adopting laws to control saggy trousers.

    The council unanimously adopted an ordinance Monday that requires pants to be secured at the waist so they do not fall below the hips, expose underwear or create indecent exposure.

    Council member Ray Helen Lawrence said she was voting for the motion “only because of the calls I have received,” and because many of her constituents said they associate the wearing of sagging trousers with crime.

    The new law does not criminalize the wearing of such attire.

    Rather it provides civil penalties for violators — a fine of $25 to $250 for a first offense, and $250 to $500 for repeat offenses.
    During the public hearing that preceded the vote, two women spoke against adopting the new law.

    “I can’t believe you’re trying to restrict a particular type of clothing,” said Donnie Owens, who added that she believes the law would improperly violate freedom of expression.

    Stephanie DeLaney said light-heartedly that she feared she might violate the law because she sometimes wears baggy pants and has lost weight.

    “I’d hate for someone to call the cops on me for that,” she observed.

    Council member High Riviere said that underwear “is called underwear for a reason,” and said he didn’t want to view other people’s undergarments.


    22 October 2007

    michael rivero's what really happened.com links to wst...

    wow, how exciting. what really happened is one blog/website that we always check out for the latest unusual and underreported news..

    by the way the wing-nut national review linked to us saturday night and tried to paint us as some kind of liberal blog. its a shame that when a blogger points out the activities of republican (and democratic) treasonous rats like piyush "bobby" jindal, rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery, charles boustany, charlie melancon, david vitter and katrina mary landrieu snellings and gets called "liberal."

    if the national review was really conservatives and republicans like they claim to be, they would be exposing these rats themselves instead of knocking those of us who do!


    21 October 2007

    officer injured in 'harmless' taser demonstration

    via janes.com


    A roll-out of Taser for non-firearms-trained Met officers has been postponed after the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) vetoed the plan.

    A police officer in the US who volunteered to be the subject of a Taser demonstration has suffered possibly lasting damage, including spine fractures after receiving a five-second discharge, according to a respected medical journal.

    The 38-year-old victim was rushed by ambulance to hospital where a scan showed he suffered compression fractures in his spine caused by muscle spasms triggered by being Tasered in a training class.

    Nine weeks after his injury he has continued to report significant pain.

    The officer's doctor, James Winslow, MD, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina said: 'In this case, the pain continued for a long time, leading the patient to reduce his work hours significantly.'

    The case has now entered medical literature after being written up in the eminent American College of Emergency Physicians journal which released the details.

    Supt Charlie Hill, staff officer to the ACPO police use of firearms working group, said the case underlined the need to move with caution until more can be discovered about the potential side effects of using Tasers.


    remember emily elizabeth haddock

    cross posted from politically correct apostate blog

    emily elizabeth haddock
    By Curt Maynard

    On September 21, 2007, a 12-year old white girl named Emily Haddock was home sick from school. Four black males broke into her home and shot her in the head numerous times. Her body was found later that same day by her grandfather. Initially the police described the murder scene as “brutal,” but didn’t elaborate. Almost immediately a shroud enveloped the case and any further details have been carefully suppressed.

    The four black males charged are Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, Michael Graham Currie, 18, Van Roger Smith Jr., 16, and Ryan Jermar White, 18. Despite the fact that all of them are adults, including 16-year old Smith, given the crime, and two have extensive criminal records the media, and local police insist on referring to them all as “teens,” in an effort to mitigate what they’ve done .

    Like the hideous race murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom last January, which has been effectively suppressed by the mainstream media, this crime too has been carefully ignored. Crimes like these are known as “hush crimes,” because they receive absolutely no mainstream national news coverage, these innocent victims are murdered first by the perpetrators and then their memories murdered again, sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. If they receive any news coverage at all, it’s local, just as is the case with the Emily Haddock murder.

    What happened in Jena Louisiana with the Jena 6 is politically correct, because it involves alleged “black victims” and white perpetrators. In the case of the Jena 6, despite the fact that six blacks were the actual perpetrators, they did after all assault and seriously injure a lone white boy, they are amazingly transformed into the identified victims by the Zionist media, and the actual victim, Justin Barker, is all but forgotten, another sacrifice on the alter of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity.

    Being that the alleged persecution of six “good black boys” is politically correct, it receives 24/7 media coverage on all the networks, it also receives front page coverage in all the major newspapers and news magazines. They [the Jena 6] fulfill all the necessary multicultural requirements of an acceptable victim, they’re black and male, and Justin Barker isn’t. Had the races of the victim and perpetrators been reversed, you can safely bet everything you own that the news coverage would have been unending and if any group of whites sought to do what the American black community did in respect to gathering around these six criminals, the media would have blasted them as racists, bigots, Nazis, trailer trash and every other politically correct epithet set aside for white men.

    I sent Jessie Jackson an email two weeks ago telling him exactly what I thought about him, the Jena six and several of the more recent hush crimes involving black perpetrators and white victims, including the horrendous murders of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Chris Newsom, Emily Elizabeth Haddock and a five-year old white child named Emily Rimel, who was raped and beheaded by a black male named Lindsey Bruce. His reply was short, sweet, and highly insulting, to me personally as well as to the victims of the above crimes, their families and their memories. Jesse Jackson said “While it is sad for anyone to lose their life so early, other things in life are just as sad … or even sadder…..”

    What exactly did Jackson mean by that, what “other things” was he referring to? How is it that these other things are “sadder” than having your boyfriend anally raped in front of you before he’s shot and set on fire as was the case with Channon Christian BEFORE she herself was subjected to hours of gang-rape, sodomy, torture and finally murder at the hands of four black males and a black female?

    Exactly what is “sadder,” that having your five year old daughter taken from you and knowing that her last moments of life were spent being raped by an adult black male prior to being beheaded by the same animal? What in God’s name is “even sadder,” than having your 12-year old daughter raped and murdered by four black adults that the media insists on referring to as “teens?”
    Yes, that’s right, I said it, Emily Elizabeth Haddock was the victim of rape prior to her murder. Perhaps you’re asking how I know this since the local media and police have said nothing in respect to a rape. I’ll tell you.

    First off, over time I’ve learned to deduce what the media isn’t saying by what it does say. Initial reports were that the murder scene was “brutal,” but then further details ceased immediately. Cops see people, even children, shot on a daily basis, this doesn’t qualify as something “brutal,” in the average police officer’s lexicon. Secondly, the autopsy report findings still haven’t been released to the public, despite the fact that the local media has quoted certain findings from them and that the murder happened nearly a month ago. Many people attempted to get the Moore County Medical Examiners office to release the report and were initially lied to and told that since Emily Haddock was a minor, the report couldn’t be released. I knew this was a lie, so I personally contacted the Moore County Medical Examiners Office via an email to Patricia Barnes, the departmental manager. She responded by saying:

    “The autopsy report on Emily Haddock is not complete. It cannot be released until it is finalized. Please submit a formal request for a copy of the completed report to me via e-mail, fax, US mail or on our website www.ocme.unc.edu so that we have your name and address on file.”

    That was more than a week ago, and I still haven’t heard anything from their office and believe it or not, I don’t expect to either. I filled out the required information in order to obtain the autopsy report and haven’t heard back from them, despite having told them straight out in the email I sent Mrs. Barnes that I intended to write an article stating that I firmly believed Emily Haddock had been raped prior to being murdered and would post that article unless they, the Medical Examiners office released evidence proving she wasn’t. I won’t allow this crime to disappear down the memory hole, no way! If the reader is interested, you can fill out an autopsy request form here, or email Mrs. Barnes yourself at pbarnes@ocme.unc.edu Hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did.

    In conclusion, what we have here is obviously another example of a black on white murder that is being suppressed by the mainstream media. The reader needs to dig deep and ask themselves one simple question, and be honest with yourself, why? Why is the national media not picking up this story? Silence is NOT helpful, silence is what has brought us to the point we're at today.

    Wake up America, you’re being taken for a ride.