24 October 2007

condi-sleeeza the 'war criminal'

as our zionist occupation government continues to spread another round of lies to ratchet up public opinion for another illegal and immoral war for the zionist regime, this time against iran whats little reported in the media is that russian president vladimir putin recently called for the united states to set a date for withdrawal from iraq.

president putin said on a live tv and radio broadcast to the russian people that "the American battle in Iraq was "useless" and "totally counterproductive" because it was against the Iraqi people."

earlier in october 2007 president putin standing in tehran, iran warned america about attacking iran:
Putin came to Tehran for a summit of the five nations bordering the Caspian, but his visit was aimed more at strengthening efforts to blunt U.S. economic and military ties in the area. Yet he also refused to set a date for completing Iran's first nuclear reactor, trying to avoid an outright show of support for Iran's defiance over its nuclear program.

Putin strongly warned outside powers against use of force in the region, a clear reference to the United States, which many in Iran fear will attack over the West's suspicions that the Iranians are secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons.
"We are saying that no (Caspian) nations should offer their territory to outside powers for aggression or any military action against any of the Caspian states," Putin said.
Putin has warned against such attacks previously, but reiterating them in Tehran gave them greater resonance — particularly at a summit for a region where Moscow deeply resents U.S. and European attempts at greater influence.

The Russian leader also used the occasion to make a nod to Iran's national pride — describing it as a "world power" and referring to the might of the ancient Persian empire.
just this past august china threatened to trigger a u.s. dollar crash. china can do it too because they hold around $900 billion in u.s. treasury bonds and other dollar assets. as of today, 23 october 2007, the treasury department says that the total public debt outstanding is $ 9,057,981,725,122.80.

is george bush, dick cheney, condi-sleeeza rice and the rest of our government insane or are they working a plan to destroy america?