14 October 2007

town talk sells out its readers endorses the piyush "bobby"jindal scam for governor

the people who run the town talk are a pack of liars who take their orders from the likes of donna shalala, monsanto and other global corporate and banking interests.

it what amounts to about the goofiest editorial we've ever read (well excluding editorials from the ouachita citizens' nutty nutter, lying editor sam hanna) the town talk relies on the old glittering generalities propaganda technique to stir emotions in favor of the piyush scam yet they fail to give even one example of anything piyush has ever done to warrant anyone supporting him.

one example of something that the piyush scam has done that you will never see reported in the gannett garbage can known as the town talk is the real id act of 2005. the piyush "bobby" jindal scam supported and voted for it. they will never tell you about what the real id act means and how it will affect all americans when it comes into force on 11 may 2008. this is journalistic fraud on the part of the town talk and gannett.

its further fraud and treason on the part of the town talk and gannett to support someone like piyush who with his cohorts is systematically working to dismantle the constitution and the bill of rights.

read this essay by stephen yates about the real id act and if you still support not only piyush "bobby" jindal, but rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, charlie melancon, charles boustany, jim mccrery , diaper david vitter and republican dildo katrina mary landrieu snellings, who all voted for it, then you are a nothing but a useful idiot and you will soon get just what you deserve.

you will never seen anyting in the town talk or the other gannett garbage cans about monsanto and its adventures in genetic crop engineering either. probably because monsanto has has their man, arthur h. harper, on gannetts board of directors.

why listen to gannett anyway -- their stock is tanking.

anyone that supports piyush "bobby" jindal, whether its a newspaper editor, a talk radio host, or your priest, preacher, rabbi, sister, brother, mother, father, old maid aunt or a blogger is a liar and a fraud.