23 October 2007

apd taser update

shocking apd video
.mp3 here

the alexandria, louisiana mayor was on ksyl radio this morning and addressed the status of the apd taser investigation. the mayor said:
"there will be information about how we're going to handle that coming out immediately. we have concluded the investigation. if the caller remembers the press conference that i gave, after reviewing everything we've seen since then, i stand behind those statements and it will go through a process unfortunately i cant talk about yet - because its civil service" when asked by a ksyl talking head what those earlier statements were the mayor reiterated his statements from his afore mentioned press conference that "given everything that we had seen and given the initial reports and the investigation we had done i had very serious problems with the way in which the incident occurred and i would stand by that statement. i think i will be a little more explicit..." in the upcoming statement.
wst... spoke telephonically to gregory aymond the apd taser victim ms. doris moses' attorney who informed wst... that no settlement had been reached with the city of alexandria and that it looks like a lawsuit will be filed taking the entire matter to court.

stay tuned....