16 October 2007

christopher tidmore smeared by rival campaign

before he announced his decision to run for louisiana house district 82, which we hope he wins, christopher tidmore was one of our favorite journalists and talk radio hosts/pundits in the state. earlier today mr. tidmore emailed wst... to alert us to dirty campaign tactics that have entered the district 82 race. it seems that dirty political campaigning isnt limited to just rapides parish...


Mr. Tidmore had this to say late Monday evening, "That the morally bankrupt political machine would be so classless as to launch these scurrilous attacks shows their desperation. That the supporters of Mr. Henry would decide on the weekend that my engagement announcement was printed in the Times Picayune to launch such charges shows their disregard for the truth."

The daily newspaper announced on Sunday, October 14, 2007, the formal engagement of Christopher Tidmore to Miss Sarah "Sally" Johns of Old Jefferson. They are to be married at Sacred Heart Chapel in early December.

On Saturday morning, the Tidmore sign on the corner of Clearview and Airline was untouched, but immediately following a group of Henry Campaign sign wavers appearing in front, the sign was defaced with bumper stickers. Other signs in Metairie were similarly defaced soon after.

Tidmore added, "Vandalism of signs occurs in every campaign, but these aren’t some kids up to no good. This has been a coordinated effort by sad, stupid and cruel individuals to defame my relationship with Sally. It’s a pathetic shame that Mr. Henry’s supporters have decided to engage in the politics of personal destruction. He should be embarrassed by this, but I’ll be surprised if he is."

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