30 October 2007

pro piyusher's squeal like bobby trippe

an interesting blog post (see link) attempts to lump all of us who dare to question the actions of the piyush "bobby" jindal scam as 'sore-loser' blogs. the blogger attempts to take us 'sore-losers' to task for daring to question some of piyush's early appointments and curiously attempts to whitewash it all away. the bloggers tone sounds remarkably like the 'ol boy maxim "to the victor go the spoils."

after all, we are merely "calling-out" piyush and thats what piyush said he was going to do to those who oppose him. quoting from piyush's election night victory speech: "Starting today, every citizen of Louisiana has equal access to state Government. Who you know will no longer be more important than what you know.
But please understand this, I'm not going to take no for an answer on reforming our ethics laws. Real ethics reform is not simply campaign rhetoric. It is the lynchpin for change, for regaining the confidence of the voters, for turning our state around. If and when folks try to stop it, I will call them out. If and when people try to throw in amendments designed to derail ethics reform, I will call them out."

so dont get angry when we simply do what piyush has said that he will do and call him out to point out that there is nothing "fresh" about appointing old dinosaurs who just happen to be major campaign contributors. theres also nothing fresh about appointing rino mike foster retreads either, like we have seen with the appointment of cheney joseph to piyush's transition team. the whole thing reeks of cronyism and cold hard cashism.

next the blogger takes offense with exposure of the piyush 'mandate' hoax. its important to point out this hoax because piyush and supporters will repeat it over and over again a la joseph goebbels. besides it was conservative blogger c.b. forgotston who pointed out the 'mandate' hoax to start with.

finally the blogger pleads "for god's sake at least wait until and if [piyush] bobby jindal makes a mistake before you attack him." does this blogger believe that one should wait until a toddler drinks a bottle of poison before you warn him?