09 October 2007

kalb 'indefinetly delays' apd taser police brutality story!

justice for the alexandria 1

wst... has learned that kalb-tv news director michele godard has indefinitly delayed this important story that was scheduled to air tonight during the six pm news.

yesterday, wst... contacted gregory r. aymond, esq., attorney for mr. and mrs. robert (doris) moses for a followup inquiry to the status of this story. wst... was told by mr. aymond that on on thursday 04 october 2007 a reporter from kalb (mike magnoli) spent about an hour at mr. aymond's law office interviewing mr. robert moses, his wife doris and mr. aymond regarding the unseemly events that unfolded on easter sunday 2007 on lisa street in alexandria, louisiana.

mr. aymond told wst... that the story was scheduled to air tonight, and forwarded to us the following email he received from mike magnoli
Dear Greg,

I know YOU know what happened on Thursday-- remember those emergency cell phone calls from my station-- but I just wanted to touch base with you, to give you a synopsis of whats in the works:

I am out of the state- returning to Alexandria on Tuesday morning. I intend to air the interview with Ms. Moses on Tuesday evening! After my story, there will be a piece with police reaction, the mayor's reaction and likely the city council's reaction. Whoa! Yes indeed, your case is THAT big.
Mike Magnoli
after the six pm news aired tonight wst... again contacted mr. aymond to ask why the story didnt air. after mr. aymond reminded wst... that it was kalb who contacted him
last thursday about the story, he said that he had been informed today by kalb, that michele godard said that after the tragic events of last week, she didnt feel the 'timing was right to slam the police.'

mr aymond sent us the demand letter he sent today to the city of alexandria, mr. aymond tells wst... that if no settlement with the city is reached, he will seek relief for his clients in a court of law and not in the media.

demand letter
click here to download two page .pdf demand letter

mr aymond says that his clients would like to see this incident publicized so that it will spark an investigation by the alexandria police department so that this type of outrage wont happen to other citizens.

according to the below witness statement from that day, the police on the scene were partially blocking the street, stopping, frisking and even handcuffing black drivers, while allowing white drivers to pass unmolested.

this intense easter sunday man hunt was to arrest the dangerous criminal mr. robert moses for not paying his fine for fishing without a license. this was after the rapides district attorneys office told the alexandria police department not to mess with him. one hopes that no other serious crimes were going on elsewhere in alexandria whilst this intense manhunt was ongoing in martin park. in a side note according to the louisiana secretary of state's website everett c. hobbs the president of the alexandria city councilman lives only a few doors down on lisa street from mr. and mrs. moses. we wonder how councilman hobbs can possibly know whats going on in all of alexandria when he doesnt seem to know or care whats taking place right under his nose.

click here to download four page .pdf witness statement

one also has to wonder just what kalb news director and unsuccessful blogger, michele godard considers to be real news. we noticed that tonight in both the five and six pm news casts how kalb featured a non-news fluff piece passed off as an interview with apd chief daren coutee about the tragic events of last week, to which chief coutee replied, that "i dont want to make any premature comments about whats going on right now, since we're still not in a phase where we can distinguish anything in particular without going over the facts and making sure we're correct." he really couldnt offer any answers -- however an important news story that involves real people gets effectively killed.

one also has to wonder how many other important news stories are killed by kalb for political reasons when they could possibly upset politicians. one also has to wonder just how many other fluff pieces are produced and held out to be real news but are designed and timed to be nothing more than as the british say to 'sex up' various politicians and advertisers. speaking of advertisers
we noticed via c.b. forgotston's blog see economic development la style that alexandria was bragging how much money they made off of the jena 6 protesters, well perhaps they will make that much or more off of the alexandria 1 march.