30 November 2005

halo bush

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we just saw this as you can tell on drudge and had to blog it. this is another great photo of the type we've read some people say is subliminally suggestive to the viewer that president bush has a halo. lol. another example we can think of this type of propaganda is time magazines cover. sometimes the m in time is situated over the subjects head as to appear as devil horns. anyway there are lots of examples like this one of president bush being photographed in this halo effect and within other religious imagery.



woodworth louisiana speed trap capital of the free world

**updated** thursday 18 january 2007
speedtrap.org links to this post see: News stories and Editorials about Speed Traps Listed by State or Province where applicable

kudos to rev scott a. callaghan for taking the time to write the local paper about this blight on central louisiana and louisiana as a whole. many years ago we received a speeding ticket from woodworth. friends and we were leaving the indian creek recreation area which unfortunately to access you must pass through woodworth. the woodworth fuzz busted us coming down a hill doing 27 mph in a 25. back then they took your license for safe keeping. we remember it wound up costing around $70 to get back.

Thanks a lot!

During October, I was in Alexandria volunteering with a internationally-acclaimed relief organization. I have fond memories of your city, its cafes, restaurants, hotels, and especially the people, who taught me what "Southern hospitality" means. I worked 16-hour days at the shelter hosted in the Rapides Parish Coliseum. Each day I worked side by side with officers from the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Department. They were friendly, professional, competent and courteous.

One evening the shelter manager asked me to provide transportation for other volunteers who were staying at the staff shelter in Woodworth. It was the first time I had been to Woodworth so I got lost several times. I turned the organization's well-marked van around and started back toward Woodworth. It was dusk and to avoid getting lost yet again I was paying close attention to the street signs and landmarks. A Woodworth police officer pulled me over and informed me I was slightly exceeding the speed limit and issued me a fine for $100. I tried to explain I was a volunteer, lost and distracted as I scanned the sides of the road for directions to the camp. My explanations fell on deaf ears.

Later that evening I discovered three other Red Cross volunteers had also been ticketed in Woodworth. A Rapides Parish Sheriff's Department officer overheard us commiserating and expressed his embarrassment and regret. He implied that Woodworth was an infamous speed trap and had a reputation for preying upon motorists as a form of revenue collection. Knowing my stint as a volunteer would end the next morning, he suggested I leave the speeding ticket with him and he would attempt to have the sheriff quash it. In the usual friendly and accommodating tone I had come to expect from the officers of the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Department, he told me his department would call me if they could not quash the ticket. I never received a call and assumed the matter was settled.

Recently I received notification that the Woodworth police had issued a warrant for my arrest. The letter informed me I could be arrested at my place of residence or employment by any peace officer of the state of Louisiana. Replete with two spelling errors, the letter suggested I could "avoid this embarrassment" by paying the fine which had now grown to $225. As I mulled over the letter, I concluded that it is not me that should be embarrassed. It is the Woodworth Police Department.

Regardless of the organization with which we volunteered, tens of thousand of warm-hearted Americans flocked to Louisiana to help Louisianans after Katrina. Many of us -- myself included -- gave up our annual vacation time and spent hundreds of our own dollars to offer a lending hand. We poured countless thousands of dollars into the local economies of towns where we served, and we felt good about our contribution to the rebuilding effort. I came back to my home in Indiana awash in the many heart felt "thank yous" I received from evacuees.

Now this, a warrant for my arrest! I have no intentions of paying the fine and will donate the money to the American Red Cross instead. Given there is a warrant for my arrest in the state of Louisiana, I will never be able to visit your great state again. This saddens me to no end. Thanks to the Woodworth Police Department my memories of my trip to Louisiana are now soiled. Thanks a lot.

The Rev. Scott A. Callaghan
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Originally published November 30, 2005
today wednesday 07 december 2005 the town talk printed another letter about "heartless" woodworth, louisiana:

Katrina victim ticketed

We evacuated to Alexandria the day before Hurricane Katrina. We were lucky and had good friends to give us a place to weather the storm. Instead of being able to call it a mini-vacation and head back home a couple of days later, we lost our home, its contents and our jobs.

Around Oct. 1, my wife had her first opportunity to work a day in Lafayette. We headed out to Lafayette at 5 a.m. Our friends told us it would be shorter to go to Woodworth and over to I-49, which we did. Not being familiar with the road, we drove slowly and watched for the signs. It was very dark. I watched for cars pulling out of a convenience store and continued along the road. I did not see a speed limit sign so I felt the speed limit was probably about 45 mph like similar roads in Louisiana. It seemed also to be a safe speed under the conditions. After another quarter mile, an officer spun around in the road and pulled me over.

He proceeded to tell me that I was going close to twice the posted speed. I explained I was trying to obey the speed and in fact I worked for the Orleans Parish Sheriff Office and always tried to obey the law. I also explained that I was driving my wife two hours to work, her only day of work in over a month. I asked him to please understand our situation and that I was trying to obey the law. He proceeded to tell me that "he" was not the one going twice the speed limit. At this point, my wife was crying and I wanted to go calm her. I took my license and the ticket and told the officer that he was heartless. As I was leaving, I noticed a 45 mph speed limit sign about 50 feet from my car.

My wife called our friend and asked him if there was anything he could do and he agreed to try. He called the mayor of Woodworth and explained our situation and that it was going to take all the money ($190) she would make for the month to pay the ticket. The mayor told him to get me to call him. When I got back from taking my wife to Lafayette to work, I called the mayor. Instead of really listening to my story, all I heard was (several times!) that he was helping people, too, and he had people staying with him. He told me that since I said his officer was heartless he could not help me. Obviously, he had reached the total number of people he could help and was not in the mood to help anyone else.

After I have had time to reflect on this, and after reading the letter written by the Red Cross volunteer, the Rev. Scott Callaghan, I have made some conclusions. First, I was correct when I said the officer was heartless. I am certain the mayor is heartless, and now I have to assume since the people elected him and keep voting him back in office, that they must also be heartless. It is pretty obvious to me now why a town like Alexandria flourishes and a town like Woodworth just stands still. I only hope I can repay them all -- Alexandria and our friends for their kindness and Woodworth for their heartless deeds.
Daryl Nichols, New Orleans

Originally published December 7, 2005
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    indian creek reservoir, woodworth, louisiana from google earth
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    silly cigarette tax was blanco coffin nail

    this morning moon griffon had pollster bernie pinsonet on his program. mr pinsonet shared some polling data his firm has recently taken. we had hoped to have a few sound clips of the interview but the live stream we usually listen to was having technical problems in that the stream was working intermittently. so if we tried to record there would be long silent places. anyway this is what we managed to write about:

    pinsonet: "silly cigarette tax" started blanco's downfall. pollster bernie pinsonet said that gov blancos failed cigarette tax proposal alienated a lot of white voters. since katrina gov blanco's job performance rating has been in a "free fall" according to pinsonets data gov blanco has a 71% negative rating. 27% positive; thats among white voters.

    29 November 2005

    Firefox 1.5 released

    so hurry up and download your copy now!
    realtime Firefox downloads



    82nd airborne whiner?

    so yesterday morning we were listening online to the moon griffon show and playing with our new toy the power mp3 recorder. no not playing evaluating thats it. anyway some guy called in claiming to be a member of the 82nd airborne detailed to new orleans. first of all we doubt the caller is really a member of the 82nd airborne. and secondly this is mostly a test to see if we can do this right. so if you want to listen to the call click here its a 39 second clip thankfully moon cut to a commercial. if anyone from the 82nd airborne happens by please give this jackass a blanket party .



    throw the bums out campaign has started in pa

    we came across this news item this morning and its really good news. a sign hopefully. we know that there are many of us working for change here in louisiana too. you know i put tom delays mug shot up because he has been in the news so much lately, one thing that occurs to me is when did the law allow the well known to pose in their mug shots? arent you supposed to be holding a small chalkboard with the date and your prisoner number? like this one X
    anyway we are really anxious to see how coming elections will play out - are we serious or not in throwing the bums out.
    heres a nice quote by chad rogers of the dead pelican he says it so eloquently: Things can change, but it won’t come with the current attitude of Louisiana’s people. I’m tired of blaming our elected officials; they are simply a mirror image of us. They are a reflection of our states values, hopes, and dreams. They’re us; we’re them. Louisiana is the way it is because we want it that way. When we don’t want it anymore, it will stop.

    Chad E. Rogers

    Scripps Howard News Service
    Throw-the-bums-out campaigns are getting a boost from the Internet. Take a look at Pennsylvania, where voters are irate at the Keystone State's politicians for devising a clever scheme to get around a constitutional prohibition against raising their own pay. Incumbents pushed through a law giving themselves immediate salary increases of more than $11,000 by padding their expense accounts.

    Lawmakers felt voter wrath over their backdoor pay raise would subside before next year's legislative elections. But they didn't count on grassroots campaigns launched overnight on the Internet, where groups like PaCleansweep.com and RocktheCapital.org are happily stoking voter outrage about lawmaker perks, fat pensions and leased cars with Web sites featuring the sounds of squealing pigs.

    In this month's balloting, the anti-incumbent groundswell scored a victory by ousting a state Supreme Court judge - the first time in 36 years state voters rejected a judge. More incumbents are lined up for defeat next November.

    24 November 2005

    hacker @ the pensacola news journal forum

    we were posting on the town talks thread on the pensacola news journal forum (the town talk and the pnj are owned by the same company- gannett) until one morning we woke up to check some threads that were of interest to us and found that "soulless angels" had paid a visit. iam glad to see that the news journal has restored the forum. i hope they readd the forum for the alexandria daily town talk.
    visit the new pensacola news journal forum here X

    we believe the bottom reads "knowledge is my throne determination my scepter your ignorance is my kingdom assured" - hey whatever this guys on give us two ok

    23 November 2005

    pc virus: WORM_SOBER.AG marches on...

    amount of emails containing this virus through 4:00 pm central standard time 23 november 2005.heres some examples of what to look out for and NOT OPEN.

    this virus is really doing some damage. heres an updated list of all that we've received since yesterday. these all are in one account a hotmail account so far we havent received any in gmail.

    more info: on WORM_SOBER.AG, you can visit trend micro at:

    mike foster stepped in it

    yesterday on the moon griffon show former governor foster called in to give his side of the levee dispute. cb forgotston explains it better than we heres a quote from mr forgotston's blog: "Louisiana Weekly correspondent and talk show host, Christopher Tidmore was co-hosting with Moon when Foster unexpectedly called in. Wrong place, wrong time for Foster.

    Tidmore nails Foster like I have never seen any politician in LA nailed by anyone in the media. This is one for the LA Political Hall of Shame.

    Kudos to Tidmore!

    we have to say that it was an amazing segment and it got us to thinking - we wondered if there is a way to record streaming audio? well luckily we are very google proficient and within seconds we found a company called cooolsoft they have a small program called "power mp3 recorder" so we downloaded the small (1.31mb) trial version and was on our way. we had a question and posted it on cooolsoft's forum and it was answered quickly! anyway to get back to former governor foster and the levee dispute- this reporter named christopher tidwell really did a great job questioning the governor and the segments ending with moon griffon saying he was glad the governor called that "somebody must feel guilty about whats going on" was great.
    Foster Caught In Three Lies About New Orleans Levee District, Say Wilson and Bruno
    Governor Claims He “Had No Recollection”
    Now Thinks Levee Board Bidding Was Corrupt
    Foster Admits That He Did Nothing.
    (Provided by
    C.B. Forgotston)


    the written transcript of the interview X

    to listen to the mp3 audio go here X

    and for that great mp3 recorder software by cooolsoft we mentioned go here: http://www.cooolsoft.com/

    22 November 2005

    senator go ballistic

    ceremony of louisiana purchase

    poor senator marionneaux lost his cool today in the la state senate. while its true that talk radio has been continually shining a light on their shenanigins most of the funniest moments have came from watching the senate and committees live online. we noted how you withheld the live feed that day when the senate committee was discussing senate bill 6 a bill by senator jones that some talk radio hosts called "the voter fraud act" now come on that wasnt moon griffon or c b forgotston or chad at the dead pelican that did that now was it? no it was you all.



    A tense, bitter debate over the proposed sales tax holiday erupted on the senate floor Tuesday, the last day of Louisiana's special session of the legislature.

    One Senator Shepherd expressed concern over the bill, saying that it had been altered "behind closed doors," and therefore should be returned to committee, and discussed in a more "open forum."

    His colleague, Senator Rob Marionneaux, then took the floor. He agreed that the bill was somewhat of a disappointment, but he felt that sending it back to committee would be a mistake.

    Sen. Clo Fontenot arose to challenge Sen Marionneaux, pointing out that the session had two more hours remaining. Fontenot maintained that more time should be spent on the bill. Fontenot pointed out that the "talk radio shows" and "special interests" had already given them a hard time about the bill. He said that talk radio in particular had been making fun of the senate.

    With these statements,
    Marionneaux went ballistic. Nearly shouting, Marionneaux lashed out at talk radio.

    "If we don't pass this bill today, then the talk radio hosts will have a field day tomorrow!" erupted Marionneaux.

    "I don't listen to that garbage!" he shouted.

    "Too bad their constituents do listen," laughed a source in the Louisiana talk radio world.

    Filed by Chad E. Rogers
    November 22, 2005

    Updated! WORM_SOBER.AG new email virus

    new email virus spreading fast! so far this morning ive received all these virus emails this is the most that i have received of one virus outbreak in years please be wary of suspicious attachment laden emails. the virus alert is below click on picture for larger view

    21 November 2005

    new email virus WORM_SOBER.AG

    Dear Trend Micro customer,
    As of November 21, 2005 2:20 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT -8:00), TrendLabs has declared a Medium Risk Virus Alert to control the spread of WORM_SOBER.AG. TrendLabs has received several infection reports indicating that this malware is spreading in the USA, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand.

    This memory-resident worm propagates by attaching a copy of itself to an email message, which it sends to target recipients using its own Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) engine. Since it's email propagation does not require any user intervention, the user is often unaware that this worm is sending out email messages.

    The email it sends out has the following details:

    From: {Email address generated by this worm}

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    . hi,_ive_a_new_mail_address
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    . Paris_Hilton_&_Nicole_Richie
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    Message body: (any of the following)
    hey its me, my old address dont work at time. i dont know why?!
    in the last days ive got some mails. i' think thaz your mails but im not sure!
    plz read and check ...


    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    SMTP_Error []
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    TMCM Outbreak Prevention Policy (Beta) - 187 (Released)
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    20 November 2005

    they are posting on NOLA.COM about 60 minutes broadcast

    we missed the 60 minutes episode tonight about how nola is sinking and there should be a gradual pullout of the whole city it caught a lot of buzz today because someone with the governors office asked cbs to put off the broadcast because they thought that it wasnt balanced the state based this on what they saw on the cbs website in other words the teaser anyway we stopped by our old haunt the nola.com sound off forum heres some excerpts:

    65867. Just saw 60 Minutes
    by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05 20:27 ET
    Let me get this straight -

    we can rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries, we rebuilt England, France, Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe after WWII but yet there is a question as to whether or not New Orleans should be rebuilt?


    Stop sending the yearly welfare checks around the globe and put that money into rebuilding one of the greatest cities this country has ever had!

    Damn this place pisses me off sometimes.

    This is a no brainer. Oh wait, I'm sorry. We're talking about an American city.
    America hasn't been for American's for a long time now.

    Long live the f'n illegal immigrant!

    65867.1. Out To Sea
    by CompTeach, 11/20/05 20:47 ET
    Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
    I'm interested in watching Sunday night. I wonder if Congress will take
    these "findings" and help NOT rebuild New Orleans.

    65867.1.1. Don't forget
    by Stevieb66, 11/20/05 20:50 ET
    Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
    that these are Liberal Democrat Profs making these comments.
    They think that we are in the way of the enviroment re-claiming
    its own. Therfore we are "Bad Human Race, Bad!"

    65867.1.2. if it means that
    by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05 20:50 ET
    Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
    they can then spread that money out to the wealthy then you can
    bet your bottom dollar they will try to weasel out.

    There should be no question but then again we are too busy giving
    hundreds of billions of dollars away each year outside of this country
    to have the money to be able to rebuild something that sits on our

    65867.2. DOOMED
    by oldmetry, 11/20/05 21:08 ET
    Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
    That is exactly how I felt after watching this expose'.So,
    I guess that went a long way in depeciating our properties,
    as well.
    Thanks so much.Now what? Stay tuned until "they" decide
    whether New Orleans is worthy?I am totally depressed.
    There were absolutely NO positive points about our city.
    Why weren't other people who held differing views included?
    That's the media for you.Makes me want to go and jump off
    the Mississippi River Bridge!!!!!!!!!Wait. Did ya'll feel that? I
    think we just lost another acre of coastline........

    65867.2.1. Spud is that you?
    by Stevieb66, 11/20/05 21:12 ET
    Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
    Come on!!! We will be back and better than ever. Even if we
    have to do it ourselves.

    canteen said this:

    65864. we're laughin cbs
    by Canteen, 11/20/05 20:07 ET
    at you and your experts . .

    we're never leavin . .

    and you're gonna pay for the levees

    419 scam spam going round...

    we received this in the ol inbox from our new pal mohammed...we removed the email addresses to protect the naive. here is what the secret service says about "advance fee" fraud.

    Dear Friend, Good day
    email addres; moha_ab234@[removed].com

    I got your contact through my private search, I therefore decided to contact
    you .I am the second son of General Sanni Abacha, the late Military Head of
    State of Nigeria.

    When my father was alive I used to move funds, in cash, running into
    millions of United States dollars to Brazil, Lebanon and other parts of the
    world, for safe keeping on behalf of my father.

    However, on the eve of my father's death in June 8, 1998, he gave me the sum
    cash to move to Lebanon as usual, but immediately my father died I had to
    move the fund to HOLLAND through a diplomatic courier service to a Zenith
    Security Company in HOLLAND.

    The funds have been in the security company in HOLLAND since July 1998.
    However, because of the many restrictions placed on my family by the present
    Nigerian Government, I simply cannot travel to HOLLAND to secure the funds
    from the security company in HOLLAND.

    What I now need from you are as follows:-

    1.You should travel to HOLLAND to secure the funds in cash on my behalf and
    deposit it in your bank account in your Country.

    2.You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum involved for your assistance.

    3.As soon as you confirm to me by my above e-mail address your readiness to
    travel to

    HOLLAND, I will send a copy of my Power of Attorney to the security company
    in HOLLAND
    authorizing them to release the funds to you.Also the deposit slip/change of
    ownership on your name.

    4.As soon as you have the fund in your custody, I will give you details of
    where and which sector you will invest my share of the funds into, on my

    5.Please note that this project is 100% risk free, but you must have to keep
    it uttermost secret and confidential because of my personal security.

    Please contact me immediately through my email
    addresses:ahmedaba234@[removed].fr above mail, expect your prompt reply.

    Best Regards.

    motley crue sets "home sweet home" to katrina/nola imagery

    we like to listen online to tulsa's rock station: kmod.com we noticed that they are streaming this video from their website check it out...
    press "Home Sweet Home" Video

    **updated** 9:45 pm cdt tuesday 18 july 2006
    we've noticed that the video hosted on kmod.com hasnt been working for ages. we have emailed kmod's webmaster several times to let them know but they havent bothered to reply to our emails nor has the video been fixed either. so, we decided to check on youtube for this vid and found one there the embed is below but if you cant see the embed the youtube url is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=mtUU5HghqZw



    19 November 2005

    Louisiana Downs Begins Shortened Racing Season

    just came across this thought we would share.

    An early Thanksgiving at Fair Grounds meet at Louisiana Downs


    In a departure from a long-standing tradition—necessitated by Hurricane Katrina’s destructive swath through the Gulf Coast region—Fair Grounds opened it’s 2005-’06 meeting on Saturday about 350 miles across the state from its New Orleans home and about a week early.

    While the meet usually begins each year on Thanksgiving day and with a stakes named for the holiday, the meet kicked off with the $50,000 Gentilly Handicap for two-year-old state-breds at Louisiana Downs in Bossier City—but not without most horsemen counting their blessings for the 37-day meet, which is the shortest in the track’s modern history.

    The stakes schedule for the meet, which runs through January 22, is about half the number in previous years—missing most notably the Louisiana Derby (G2), an important prep on the road to the Triple Crown—but purses are expected to average approximately $315,000 per day, the largest ever for a meet in Louisiana.

    "When the meet started today, it was like the Breeders’ Cup or the Kentucky Derby (G1)," said longtime Fair Grounds trainer Gerald Romero. "We were worried that there wouldn’t be a Fair Grounds meet. It’s very exciting for us, and the horsemen are very grateful to Churchill Downs and Harrah’s Louisiana Downs for working together to make this happen."

    "It’s a great thing; we are very thankful," trainer Pat Mouton said of opening day. "Without this meet, we’d be scattered all over the country." Trainer Wes Hawley echoed those sentiments.

    "This is the best thing the horsemen could have hoped for," he said.

    Jerry Lee’s Desert Wheat zipped from off the pace to win by four lengths as the 3-to-5 favorite in the one-mile Gentilly, carded as the ninth race on the ten-race card. The victory was his second in seven career starts. Trained by Tony Richey and ridden by E. J. Perrodin, the son of Wheaton out of the Royal Academy mare Absoluta (Ire) covered the mile in 1:38.22 over firm turf. Willtosucceed outfinished Waystogeaux by a head for second in the ten-horse field.

    Desert Wheat, who was bred by Harry Rosenblum, won his first race in his third start, scoring by a neck in a maiden special weight race at Retama Park on August 11. He entered Saturday’s race off a third-place finish in the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Stakes on October 28 at Keeneland Race Course.

    "That’s the first [stakes race] for Fair Grounds at Louisiana Downs," said Lee. "He’s a real nice two-year-old. We’re going to let the horse tell us where we’re going."

    Because admission is not charged at the track, there were no attendance figures. On-track, fans wagered $241,518 on the ten-race card. Total handle was $2,595,695, Daily Racing Form reports. Last year’s opening day in New Orleans saw 7,465 wager $473,725. All source handle was $2,906,168.

    About midday on Saturday, Sean Alfortish, president of the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, noted the importance of the 134th Fair Grounds meet.

    "This marks the beginning of resiliency of horse racing in Louisiana," he said. "It’s going to set a mark for the future. This is a classic case of horse racing overcoming adversity as it has in the past, such as economic depression, recession, stock market crashes.

    "In Louisiana, horse racing again takes center stage as the number one sport in the state," he said.—Myra Lewyn



    18 November 2005

    nola.com sound off forum

    this is a pretty good blog to go on and debate it has a pretty good core group of regulars that are around all the time... and who knows how many lurkers
    heres an example of some posts on there

    65718. nola's empty pate
    by carolinafats, 11/17/05 18:29 ET
    speaking of super domes, how is hizzoner of the empty pate (not plate, pate, but plate is apropos) doing these days?

    still aint got them school buses rollin?
    65718.1. Shoot! Forming...
    by CiiiTiiSon, 11/17/05 18:44 ET
    Re: nola's empty pate by carolinafats, 11/17/05
    ...Committees and study groups is hard work-- and of Tectonic(plate) proportions, too.
    65718.2. FEMA is going to put up some festive curtains,
    by cranemom, 11/17/05 18:53 ET
    Re: nola's empty pate by carolinafats, 11/17/05
    strap a port-o-lit to the back door and use the buses for evacuees to stay in.

    Will make it easy to evacuate the next time, just drive outa there.
    5718.2.1. Somebody...
    by CiiiTiiSon, 11/17/05 18:58 ET
    Re: nola's empty pate by carolinafats, 11/17/05
    ...Said they could either roe or wade outta Dodge.
    65718.2.1.1. Was that a real statement or has that been an
    by cranemom, 11/17/05 19:01 ET
    Re: nola's empty pate by carolinafats, 11/17/05
    ongoing joke? I just can't believe any one would say such a thing.


    17 November 2005

    Oak Alley In Trouble

    oak alley after katrina
    click here for Hi-Res pre-Katrina picture's of Oak Alley from the morning of 20 august 2005
    we received this email from Oak Alley tonight:


    Oak Alley Plantation's
    Hurricane Katrina Economic Disaster Fund

    Oak Alley needs your help and financial assistance. While we were very fortunate the plantation did not suffer extreme physical damage from Hurricane Katrina, we find ourselves trapped in the economic disaster facing the tourism industry that is unfolding throughout the Gulf Coast region.

    To that end, we are launching our first-ever major fundraising campaign.

    Oak Alley is suffering a catastrophic loss of revenue. Katrina has devastated the tourism industry in and around New Orleans. Because Oak Alley is primarily supported by its admissions revenue, we urgently need help to survive. Prior to Katrina we averaged 736 visitors per day. Post Katrina, during the months of September and October, we averaged only 27 visitors per day.

    Although we have reduced our staff from 75 employees to 21 and our operating expenses to a bare minimum, our projected worst case scenario anticipates an average shortfall of $65,000 per month for up to 18 months, while we wait for tourism to rebound. Until then, we will require in excess of one million dollars of financial assistance to keep Oak Alley open and running.

    The threat of decreased revenue during this extended period of economic crisis places this National Historic Landmark, one of our nation's international icons for the antebellum south, in a serious financial crisis.

    Your help can support the strength of our outstanding core staff, the integrity of our rigorous maintenance program and the preservation of this national treasure that has come to mean so much to so many people. In return, we pledge to maintain the high standards of stewardship our visitors have witnessed over many years. Your support will enable us to keep our doors open and rise against the economic devastation that has affected Oak Alley.

    We thank you in advance, from the bottom of our hearts, for considering a donation to the Oak Alley Foundation by becoming a member of our Friends of Oak Alley.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Oak Alley Plantation
    3645 Highway 18
    Vacherie, LA 70090
    1-800-44 ALLEY
    (225) 265-2151
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Please forward this on to anyone you know who may be interested in donating to Oak Alley.


    La State Senators Betrayal Noted

    Below is a copy of a stinging editorial by Neil S. Kavanagh, to be published in Tuesday's North Side Journal.
    remember these names: Senators Jay Dardenne, Sherri Cheek, Art Lentini and Gerald Theunissen

    Louisiana Betrayal
    Neil S. Kavanagh

    I wish I could ask this question of every Louisiana citizen who works, pays taxes, and expects decent government. “How does it feel to be an indentured servant of the state?”

    Because that’s what you are.

    The Louisiana State Senate just voted to allow for a “plan for registration, early voting, absentee voting by mail, and election day voting,” anytime the state is under an “gubernatorial declared disaster or emergency.”

    With this vote, the Senate has opened the door for massive election fraud in this state. The key is the phrase “absentee voting by mail.” This allows anyone, to send in a ballot, and vote an election without any verification of their identity.

    Before the passage of this bill, voters could register by mail, but would have to appear in person to vote. They had to sign the register, and had to show identification. Now, none of that is necessary. A potential voter can register from by mail from anywhere and vote the same way. They never have to appear in person...ever.

    This vote has a chilling effect on every citizen of the state. For every vote to change the status quo and reform Louisiana state government, the powers in Baton Rouge and New Orleans can now enter a canceling vote. The concept of fair voting in Louisiana is gone, wiped out with the vote of 24 senators.

    This bill allows those who have abused the citizens of this state for their own personal gain, to continue that abuse. It practically insures that the corruption which infects Louisiana will continue unabated. It renders your vote worthless.

    The betrayal comes from those who voted for this sham.

    We expected this type of underhanded behavior from some of these senators, like Diana Bajoie and Ann Duplessis who stand to lose most of their base because they have taken up residence our of state. We expected this from Senator Charles Jones who has more ethics violations than any other current member of the Louisiana Senate. We did not expect this type of betrayal from Senators Jay Dardenne, Sherri Cheek, Art Lentini and Gerald Theunissen.

    These senators have taken the support and faith of their constituents, and betrayed them. They have smiled and reassured the voters that they would stand for honest state government, and then sold their vote for the promise of future political favors from a corrupt New Orleans contingent.

    There were voices from around the state which held out hope that somehow the hurricanes would afford Louisiana another chance at legitimacy. Maybe, just maybe, our kids might come back home. Businesses would return. Taxes would become more reasonable, state government would become more responsible.

    That hope is now gone, erased by four men who betrayed an entire state.



    part2 life in new orleans these days...

    heres another excerpt about nola from our friend

    from an email on 12 november:

    It's a funny thing, I was supposed to stay at the Sheraton on Canal but
    when I got there there were pieces of heavy equipment in front and it didn't
    look safe to go underneath so I called from my cell phone to see if there
    was another way in. The receptionist told me to wait, in the meantime a
    police officer went past and said that the sheraton was closed. I told him I
    had a reservation and in typical NO style he told me I might be waiting a
    long time. :-) ... so when the receptionist came back on line I asked her if
    it was closed, she said no, I asked how to get in and she said she couldn't
    get through to that Sheraton. she wasn't even there, she didn't know the
    hotel was closed and she was a Sheraton employee. She was in another state,
    in a central call center. unreal. I went [someplace else], where I've
    stayed b4, and even though they are officially closed they rented me 2

    they know me there, maybe that's why, I don't know. there were FEMA and
    small business admin people staying there also. and I think some contractors
    and a lot of suits were staying there, they looked like FBI but I'm sure
    they weren't.

    some of my friends in slidell had no damage but they are leaving nola
    permanently anyway.

    it's such a strange situation.
    When I was still there I watched the mayor on tv, he had town hall meetings.
    some of the stuff was pretty scary. local contractors being evicted from
    hotels to allow immigrant contractors in. pretty scary stuff. also I saw the
    big mess hall (a tent set up for lunch and dinner) that the contractors are
    eating at. it's really a weird situation. it reminded me of slave days,
    rightly or wrongly so, when people brought in cheap labor. it just doesn't
    seem right. some contractors and service workers are sleeping in makeshift
    tents en masse under overpasses.

    I see blanco on tv all the time asking for federal aid but I think she may
    have lost her credibility and that's why not much is getting done the way it
    needs to be done.

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    life in new orleans these days....

    a friend of ours just returned to her home at new orleans for the first time (friday 11/4 till friday 11/11) since katrina. her firm has an office in los angeles and she has had to move there to work full time. we thought you might be interested in a first hand account of life in the city...

    sunday 06 november:
    the quarter is like a ghost town. today, there was nothing open for breakfast, except the royal sonesta and breakfast was $16.95. most places are closed for lunch, even during the week. some have limited menus. ralph and kackoos has almost full menu, napolean house has 4 sandwiches and 1 salad on the menu.

    friday 11th november after returning home to california:
    Hi. I just got in, the flights were horrible. anyway, every place I ate at and visited the people thanked me and gushed all over me and told me to have all my friends and family come back to nola. they really need the business. it was a hard time fighting back my tears all the time. going into new orleans from louis armstrong we took a little diversion, my driver showed me the walmart that was looted, that was all over tv every day. it was devastating to see miles and miles of beautiful homes totally destroyed. it was like a horror movie. there was absolutely not one person anywhere, just the occasional humvee filled with soldiers rolling by.

    there's no power in many areas. the streetcars are not running. most of the people I laughed with and joked with are gone to Texas, Kansas, New Jersey. many say they will not return. if you love new orleans, and I think you do, tell everyone you know to go there for the holidays. most businesses are hanging on by a thread and need the tourist money.

    [was going to stay till friday 11/18] i just couldn't stay. it was too heartbreaking, but I will go back for the holidays and each time I go back I will stay a little longer. looking at the absolute destruction broke my heart. it is as if a part of me was taken away by the flood...

    I couldn't believe the devastation. I was prepared for it. I knew what to expect but I felt like I was punched in the stomach. It was as if the heart and the soul of the city was gone. I felt like I was just a shell, with no insides when I was there. I can't explain it.

    I was not the only one crying there. so many people felt the same way. We were like lost children looking for our childhood homes that we knew we would never be able to find. We were all lost, looking for something, not sure what it was that we lost.

    Even the Mississippi has changed. It seemed calmer, as if its heart had been taken away, as if it were possible to drown a river. It just seemed like a river of heartbreak and tears. I walked along it every night. There was not one barge, not one ship, not one tug. It was as if all life had just disappeared.

    I couldn't sleep at night. Whenever I tried to fall asleep I could feel the panic and dread of the people who drowned as the water came up a foot a minute when the levees broke. I thanked G-d that I had made it out alive, and that my family ended up alive and safe. I felt guilty at the same time, that I had survived, that I was still alive. But I know there was nothing I could have done if I had stayed, nothing except to die with them.

    It was so strange, the things that made me cry. I couldn't get a streetcar to get to Temple Saturday and then I realized there were no streetcars, not one, anywhere. And I realized I had never seen new orleans without street cars, ever in my life before.

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    moon griffon

    moon griffon is reporting this morning that the "voter fraud act" hb 59 and sb 6 have been killed

    listen to moon griffon online from 9 am till 11 am central time.

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