20 November 2005

they are posting on NOLA.COM about 60 minutes broadcast

we missed the 60 minutes episode tonight about how nola is sinking and there should be a gradual pullout of the whole city it caught a lot of buzz today because someone with the governors office asked cbs to put off the broadcast because they thought that it wasnt balanced the state based this on what they saw on the cbs website in other words the teaser anyway we stopped by our old haunt the nola.com sound off forum heres some excerpts:

65867. Just saw 60 Minutes
by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05 20:27 ET
Let me get this straight -

we can rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries, we rebuilt England, France, Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe after WWII but yet there is a question as to whether or not New Orleans should be rebuilt?


Stop sending the yearly welfare checks around the globe and put that money into rebuilding one of the greatest cities this country has ever had!

Damn this place pisses me off sometimes.

This is a no brainer. Oh wait, I'm sorry. We're talking about an American city.
America hasn't been for American's for a long time now.

Long live the f'n illegal immigrant!

65867.1. Out To Sea
by CompTeach, 11/20/05 20:47 ET
Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
I'm interested in watching Sunday night. I wonder if Congress will take
these "findings" and help NOT rebuild New Orleans.

65867.1.1. Don't forget
by Stevieb66, 11/20/05 20:50 ET
Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
that these are Liberal Democrat Profs making these comments.
They think that we are in the way of the enviroment re-claiming
its own. Therfore we are "Bad Human Race, Bad!"

65867.1.2. if it means that
by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05 20:50 ET
Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
they can then spread that money out to the wealthy then you can
bet your bottom dollar they will try to weasel out.

There should be no question but then again we are too busy giving
hundreds of billions of dollars away each year outside of this country
to have the money to be able to rebuild something that sits on our

65867.2. DOOMED
by oldmetry, 11/20/05 21:08 ET
Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
That is exactly how I felt after watching this expose'.So,
I guess that went a long way in depeciating our properties,
as well.
Thanks so much.Now what? Stay tuned until "they" decide
whether New Orleans is worthy?I am totally depressed.
There were absolutely NO positive points about our city.
Why weren't other people who held differing views included?
That's the media for you.Makes me want to go and jump off
the Mississippi River Bridge!!!!!!!!!Wait. Did ya'll feel that? I
think we just lost another acre of coastline........

65867.2.1. Spud is that you?
by Stevieb66, 11/20/05 21:12 ET
Re: Just saw 60 Minutes by enuffizenuff, 11/20/05
Come on!!! We will be back and better than ever. Even if we
have to do it ourselves.

canteen said this:

65864. we're laughin cbs
by Canteen, 11/20/05 20:07 ET
at you and your experts . .

we're never leavin . .

and you're gonna pay for the levees