31 March 2007

kalb mysteriously quiet on latest mayor-city council-cleco lawsuit controversy

originally posted 17 march 2007 12:32 pm

updated 4:23 pm cdt sunday 01 april 2007
edited 1:01 pm cdt sunday 01 april 2007

no thanks to kalb :-P we have the 13 march 2007 city council meeting with remarks by mr. tony clayton and ms. bridgett brown.

tony clayton remarks
length 5m12s click here for video direct link


bridgett brown addresses the city council
length 11m41s click herefor video direct link
famous town talk has jungle fever speech

larry english, esq. attorney for ms. bridgett brown addresses the alexandria city council 28 march 2007
Length 5m17s click here for video direct link
added 6:56 am cdt monday 02 april 2007 now we're not lawyers we just watch a lot of law and order and in that middle video, the bridgett brown video, city attorney charles johnson plainly asks the city council for permission to file a "motion to determine counsel." the city council president everett hobbs just laughed at mr. johnson....then perhaps the most strangest and most telling event happened in this whole episode -- councilman lawson chimed in that he was under the impression that ms. brown was "still on the case they (mayor & city attorney, etc.) under the impression shes not, i think if we move forward we're not gonna solve it here i say that we move the meeting and thats my position." what exactly does this mean "move the meeting?" move the meeting to where? out of the public eye?

and "not gonna solve it here" thats disturbing because thats exactly where it should be solved - in public; in a public meeting. so then the city attorney reiterates his request to file his motion and the city council hem-haws around for a little while and councilman lawson is again adamant in his position to adjourn the meeting. now like we wrote earlier we arent lawyers but it would seem to the casual observer that if mr. johnson would have been given permission to file his motion that would have given the city the advantage because it would have put the ball in ms. browns court to show that she was right and the city wrong. now ms. brown has filed papers that would seem to give her an advantage and make the city have to prove its position is correct.

even though most if not all of the city councilmen might be friends with ms. brown and all that - their first duty is to the city. so how can the citizens of alexandria expect their city to be properly ran when their own city council doesnt act in the citys best interest?

Alexandria removes Brown from Cleco case
town talk snip
Bridgett Brown told the Alexandria City Council on Tuesday that she is still its attorney in the ongoing Cleco Corp. case, despite receiving a letter almost two weeks ago stating she was off the case.

Brown's and others' statements Tuesday were the first confirmation that Brown had been relieved of duty by the city attorney for Mayor Jacques Roy.
last month kalb couldnt wait to post footage of the 27 february 2007 alexandria, louisiana city council meeting. permalink here.

this month (13 march 2007) another controversy erupted when a friend of ms. brown, tony clayton, addressed the council and said that the mayor didnt have any authority to remove ms. brown from the cleco case. then ms. brown personally addressed the city council and said practically the same thing. kalb hasnt posted any of this video or even mentioned it on their website. what gives?

more later....
city council meeting transcript

we are working on the transcript and hope to have it completed sometime tonight or tomorrow - in the meantime check cable channel 4 as they are replaying the meeting from time to time.






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    hb148 more wasteful farrar legislation

    the problem with louisiana is that the people in the legislature dont have any sense. well thats not entirely accurate, they have sense they just dont use it for good purposes. they dont use their sense for the well being of the people of the state. they use their sense which in their case is more accurately called "craftiness" to benefit themselves and those in their respective crime gangs.

    we know its an election year for representative rick farrar and so it must be a lot of assistant districts attorney in rapides parish with big families and voters that live in his district - dist. 27. even so the districts attorney are the laaaaast people that need a pay raise. in fact they should be investigated not given a raise.

    we just saw less than a year ago in the amanda gutweiler hypes case, how the rapides parish district attorney broke all kinds of laws and ethics rules when his office leaked secret grand jury testimony to their witnesses - one being a deputy sheriff so they would know which story to pitch at trial to ensure an easy conviction. we're not making this up - judge donald johnson threw the indictment out and the third circuit court of appeals sided with the judge.

    thats another thing - we see over in north carolina in the so called duke rape case how that district attorney is in all kinds of hot water over his actions in that case, yet...over here in the banana republic of louisiana our district attorneys actions didnt raise an eyebrow with those who are charged with overseeing the courts integrity. why do you suppose that is? the district attorneys office wasnt ashamed of their behaviour at all they practically called judge johnson a dumbass for quashing the indictment. and representative farrar thinks this warrants a pay raise? rubbish! what does the rapides parish district attorney do now to deserve the pay that they do receive? you never see the district attorney investigating any white collar crime arising out of rapides parish, louisiana.

    this bunch of horseshit isnt just limited to rapides parish either, as we saw a few years ago when the winn parish district attorney managed to get a guy sentenced to prison for seven and half years at hard labor for growing one marijuana plant - in a bucket. it was only about four feet tall so they didnt even know yet if the plant was a male or a female. from what we have been able to gather, male plants are worthless; its the female plants that produce the smokable part.

    now even if you are totally opposed to marijuana - and thats fine, think of all the tax money wasted to incarcerate this guy for seven and a half years, when five, ten, fifteen or thirty days tops in the parish jail would have been more than enough punishment.

    if representative farrar truly was representing the people and had the peoples best interest at heart he would (1) be leading the charge for the district attorneys office to be investigated for the amanda gutweiler hypes incident and (2) he would introduce a bill making it mandatory for all the city's, parishes, police jurys, water boards, levee boards etc... video tape, archive and stream their meetings from off their websites; (3) he would introduce legislation overturning the state supreme courts disastrous ruling in state of louisiana v leslie otto ordodi. wouldnt that be more beneficial to the people? or does that make too much sense?

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    so where's the video?

    back on 22 march 2007 we posted about how in a city council community development committee meeting, an alexandria, louisiana reverend (leroy johnson) had given the city council president (everett hobbs) a good dressing down. the point of the post was to draw attention to the city council meetings that are televised on suddenlink cable channel four and to maybe give someone out there the idea to record and post these clips to youtube or google video. hey since its spring we thought we would plant a seed.

    within oh about an hour of our posting we received an email from the news director over at kalb-tv offering to acquire that video for us. after a flurry of emails between us it was understood that kalb would acquire the reverend leroy johnson clip as well as the bridgett brown clip starting with comments made by mr. freddie banks and mr. tony clayton and then picking up again with ms. brown's comments and continuing through to the adjournment of the city council meeting. the idea was that we would upload the video to google video ourselves with credit to kalb etc.

    here it is nine days later and still no video and no word as to when, if ever, we will ever acquire it. we have noticed that kalb hasnt posted it online themselves either.

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    the piyush rats nest


  • local rats get some piyush payback
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  • ----ORIGINAL POST----
    heres another list of rats from around alexandria and central louisiana. these rats are all working together to abolish america's freedoms and the constitution and bill of rights as shown by their support of and for the rhodes scholar communist and treasonous traitor to this same constitution and bill of rights piyush "bobby" jindal to be louisiana's next governor.

    if you love america and our constitution and bill of rights you should consider this the next time you do business with one of these rats.

    Host Committee

    Dr. & Mrs. Dale Allen
    Dr. Keith Ashby & Dr. Agnes Solon-Ashby
    Mr. & Mrs. Stacey Auzenne
    Mr. & Mrs. Elton Beebe*
    Mr. & Mrs. Dale Behan
    Dr. & Mrs. Robin R. Bennett
    Dr. & Mrs. Rayland K. Beurlot
    Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Bossier, Sr.*
    Mr. & Mrs. Toby Brazzel
    Mr. Donald R. Brown
    Mr. R. O’Neal Chadwick, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Blake Chatelain*
    Mr. & Mrs. Tim Collins
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Crowell, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunningham
    Dr. & Mrs. Vasudeva V. Dhulipala
    Dr. & Mrs. Michael Dole
    Dr. & Mrs. M. Lawrence Drerup
    Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Dubroc
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Duncan
    Mr. Jimmy Faircloth, Jr. & Dr. Kelly Faircloth*
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Gamburg*
    Dr. & Mrs. James L. Gates
    Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Guillory
    Dr. & Mrs. Wilton A. Guillory, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Harris
    Dr. & Mrs. Harry R. Hawthorne
    Mr. & Mrs. Blaine C. Hebert
    Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Hixson*
    Mrs. Joy Nalty Hodges
    Dr. & Mrs. Arun K. Karsan
    Mr. & Mrs. Azar Kayal*
    Mr. & Mrs. Randall B. Keiser
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kinberger
    Mr. & Mrs. Lansing Kolb*
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kyle
    Dr. Robert L. Levy & Dr. Jo Lea Levy*
    Mr. Glyn Vercher &
    Mrs. Kimmie B. Leyser-Vercher
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Maddox IV
    Mr. Sam Mahfouz
    Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Mansour, Jr.
    Mrs. Mary Jo Mansour*
    Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Martin
    Mr. & Mrs. Finley Matthews
    Dr. & Mrs. Eden D. Moran
    Dr. & Mrs. Arsham Naalbandian
    Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Norem, II
    Mr. Charles Northern
    Mrs. Teresa Northern
    Mr. Reldon Owens
    Mrs. June Peach
    Dr. & Mrs. A. Craig Pearce
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pearce
    Mr. & Mrs. W. Brent Pearson
    Dr. & Mrs. Sudha Pillarisetti
    Mr. & Mrs. David Pope*
    Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Price*
    Mr. & Mrs. David Pugh
    Dr. & Mrs. James G. Ralston*
    Dr. & Mrs. Navtej S. Rangi
    Ms. Barbara Rayford
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Rayford
    Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Rich
    Mr. Kenneth Robison*
    Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Rundell
    Mr. & Mrs. H. Brenner Sadler
    Dr. Carl Schofield & Dr. Wendy Schofield
    Mr. & Mrs. Randall Seeser
    Dr. Dinesh Shaw
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shelton*
    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Simpson
    Mr. Steven Snow
    State Farm of Central LA
    Dr. & Mrs. Terry Texada
    Mr. Don Thompson
    Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Tudor, Jr.*
    Mr. Chris Tyler
    Mrs. Sonia M. Vaughn
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vilar
    Mr. & Mrs. Foster Walker III
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Warwick
    Dr. & Mrs. Renick Webb*
    Mr. Robert D. Webb, Sr.
    Dr. & Mrs. Jim Welch
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wells
    Mr. Charles Weems*
    Dr. & Mrs. Howard G. Wold
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wolf
    Dr. & Mrs. Romel C. Wrenn

    * Bobby’s Club Members
    Cordially invite you to a reception with

    Bobby Jindal

    Tuesday, April 3, 2007

    6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

    Alexandria Golf & Country Club
    Highway 165 South

    Business Attire

    Host: $1,000 / Ticket: $500 per couple
    Please make checks payable to:
    Friends of Bobby Jindal
    P.O. Box 82860
    Baton Rouge, LA 70884

    Bobby’s Campaign Sponsorship Levels:
    • Bobby’s Club: Individuals who make the maximum contribution of $5,000 to Friends of Bobby Jindal.
    • Committee for Louisiana’s Future: Individuals who commit to give and/or raise $25,000 for Friends of Bobby Jindal. (Maximum contribution per individual or legal entity is $5,000).
    • Governor’s Council: Made up of key friends and supporters who commit to give and/or raise $50,000 for Friends of Bobby Jindal. (Maximum contribution per individual or legal entity is $5,000).
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    uh oh storms coming

    central louisiana needs rain bad to wash off all this toxic pollen, however, this is the same storm that clobbered dallas and other parts of texas yesterday. yikes!

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    30 March 2007

    google goes back to pre-katrina nola maps

    the washington post via digg.com
    Google's popular map portal has replaced post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery with pictures taken before the storm, leaving locals feeling like they're in a time loop and even fueling suspicions of a conspiracy.

    click picture to enlarge
    heres a screen grab from google earth we took just now. to be honest we cant tell for certain if this is before or after katrina.

    in this article's digg comment thread
    emka says:
    This is one of the reasons why you should use NASA World Wind - you can choose between pre and post-Katrina photos:.Check this add-on: www.worldwindcentral.com/wiki/Add-on:2005
    It has better resolution than those images from Google (BTW it's aerial imagery, not satellite), better calibration and more areas. There are also post-Rita and Ophelia images.
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    la gop chairman roger villere: assclown

    the dead pelican has a statement up (see link) from the louisiana republican party chairman roger villere. now this guy roger villere is the sorriest excuse for (1) a republican and (2) and most importantly: a republican party state chairman.

    where is roger the useless idiot at when his own republican legislators are authoring and voting for unrepublican legislation? hmmm? we would like to know. ...where are the "scathing" press releases , epithets and denunciations at when members of his own party wipe their arse's with the state republican party platform? this guy is a buffoon. the only demonstrable (non) talent that we can discern that villere has, is to seize on some obscure sentence in a speech and try to make political hay from it. roger villere is a disgrace to the republican party and its ideals and anyone who listens to him or takes him seriously is just as foolish.


    29 March 2007

    video: breaux on 2007 gubernatorial run

    via cenla media blog
    video blog permalink

    length 12:00 minutes

    senator breaux lays out his case for being a citizen of louisiana. if it turns out that he is a citizen of louisiana then the question should be: why the hell havent you voted in the past five or so years?


    email to alexandria la city councilman louis marshall

    From: wesawthat@gmail.com
    To: louwin-at-bellsouth.net
    Subject: your resolution about citizen access to city business
    Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:25:10 -0600
    Organization: www.wesawthat.blogspot.com

    dear councilman marshall,

    thank you for your 13 march 2007 resolution regarding citizen access to city business.

    with this in mind, it would be most helpful if the city posted to its website the schedule of the suddenlink cable channel 4 rebroadcasts of the city council committee and the city council meetings.

    it would also be most helpful if the city would archive and stream from its website these same meetings.

    thanks again for your resolution and we hope that you will seriously consider amending, if needs be, your resolution to direct the city to make available those broadcasts online as it will be most beneficial to the public to watch those videos, at will, over the internet and have to rely less on the local media for reports etc.



    cc: wesawthat.blogspot.com

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    last american female ww1 veteran passes

    via find a grave

    Charlotte Louise Berry Winters
    aged 109

    click the link to pay your respect; leave a virtual flower and note at
    charlotte louise berry winters memorial at find a grave


    town talk selective reporting

    blog comment permalink

    okay...so the town talk prints a huge story (see link) about an anonymous comment left in a blog posting...

    the caption of the town talk's story reads "Online blog about residence incorrect, says councilwoman." first of all this is a bit misleading because it sounds like someone has set up and devoted a whole blog to this pineville, la., councilwoman residence issue -- thats not the case.

    cenlaantics.blogspot.com is the blog; a blog posting is the title and text of a particular post. for instance this anonymous comment was posted to the cenla antics blog posting called: "david vitter endorses giuliani." so a more accurate caption to the town talk's story might be: "anonymous comment about residence in online blog posting incorrect says councilwoman."

    we see this same blog misinformation given out on kalb as well. for instance when one of the anchors turns to tom konvicka and says "i understand you have a new weather blog up." mr. konvicka does not have a new weather blog up -- the weather blog is his blog. what mr. konvicka has is a new post or a new entry on his weather blog.

    anyway, why did the town talk decide to report on this pineville councilwoman non story while they completely ignore real news? for example we havent seen not one word devoted to this story or this story. the only plausible conclusion that one can come to is that the town talk is trying to discredit and marginalize local blogs.
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    28 March 2007

    does the town talk have jungle fever?

    **updated** according to ms. donna jones with the city of alexandria - telephone: 318.449.5090 - the city council committee and city council meetings are rebroadcast daily at 10:00am and 6:00 pm on suddenlink cable channel 4.

    if you live in the alexandria, louisiana area and subscribe to suddenlink cable tv you just have to watch (channel 4) the 28 march 2007 alexandria city council meeting. there has to be someone out there that can record and post these clips to youtube or google video.

    more later.....we hope.


    walter boasso video blogged!

    video blog permalink

    length 5m39s

    louisiana state senator walter boasso is running for louisiana governor. today he met with kalb-tv's news director michele godard to give an interview for kalb's video blog.
    more later...
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    cenla blogs page 2

    note: we've noticed that blogs come and go, so some of these blogs could be deleted or no longer posting.

    last updated 8:07 pm cdt monday 07 july 2008

    this is page two of cenla blogs the first cenla blogs page became too long.
    started on 06 july 2008 observations from around alexandria, la. and central louisiana. alexcenla says that his blog is a work in progress so check it regularly.
    anyone interested in winn parish, louisiana, is welcome to post comments on this blog.
    written by someone who calls herself "jess" and lists her occupation as "full time princess" it seems like it could be a fun blog to follow...so...click on over and check it out. leave a comment and give her some encouragement.
    heres a new blog we recently stumbled across. it seems to complement a publication called "the light." according to the first post from 24 august 2007, the blog as well as the newspaper is produced by a lady named sherri l. jackson of alexandria, la.
    cenla current promises to be "the digital crossroads for central louisiana"
    it features news stories and forums for readers to browse and comment on.
    they also offer free @cenlacurrent.com email addresses

    laughter and the lighter side of life in...well...cenlaugh!
    written by an as yet (although we have a strong suspicion who) unnamed central louisiana news media personality who styles herself as "blogger" it could turn out to be one of cenla's hottest new blogs. so click on over and check it out.
    started by "spanky" of cenla antics fame. this blog promises a "moderated discussion of information and events that affect our lives in central louisiana...partisan bickering and personal attack will not be seen here."
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    jim brown proposes moving date of la presidential primary

    how we get on all these email mailing lists we dont have a clue. we're not complaining though and we have always liked jim brown. did you know that his daughter is the nbc news anchor campbell brown?

    New Orleans, LA. March 23, 2007… The New 99.5 FM’s Jim Brown* says Louisiana could be a major player in presidential primary politics and save over a million dollars by taking one simple step- moving the presidential primary currently scheduled for February 9, 2008, to this fall.

    On his 99.5 FM radio show this morning, Brown proposed that a non-binding presidential primary be held in Louisiana on November 17th, the day of the gubernatorial run-off election.

    The legislature, meeting in a few weeks, could authorize a presidential “beauty contest” where each party’s voters could choose their favorite candidate two months before the Iowa Caucuses on January 14, 2008.

    The move would cost the state nothing. In fact, it would save the state at least $1 million.

    Brown says “any serious presidential contender would have little choice but to spend time in Louisiana, run a media campaign and build momentum for the early spring round of elections. It would be the nation’s first indication of what voters are thinking, what issues are important, and which candidates are the emerging favorites.”

    To prevent legal challenges by national parties, the election would have to be non-binding. But even though the results would be non-binding, Louisiana would jump from irrelevancy to leader of the pack. Plus, Brown says, “it would be fun to see the slugfest up close and first-hand.”

    Louisiana Secretary of State, Jay Dardenne, who appeared on Brown’s show this morning, says the idea is worth serious consideration…“you have come up with a very intriguing idea and it is not something we have considered before.”

    *Jim Brown is the former Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana. His show is heard every weekday from 8am-11am on 99.5 FM, a full service news/talk radio station in New Orleans. The radio station’s website provides complete audio of all local shows every day at www.995fm.com

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    new cenla blog: cenla media

    mmmkay. we dont know what to make of this new blog. written by an as yet (although we have a strong suspicion who) unnamed central louisiana news media personality who styles herself as "blogger" it could turn out to be one of cenla's hottest new blogs. so click on over and check it out. dont be too mean though, we dont want to scare them off....

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    27 March 2007

    cnn reporter - 'no evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon'

    very hard to find - cnn reported no evidence plane hit pentagon on 9/11 - aired only once!

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    que'in on the red numbers

    in this video report (see link) posted to kalb.com and filed by newcomer joel massey we learn that the recent que'in on the red event "was a big success"...huh? according to the report only 12,000 people attended this two day event and thats 12,000 people out of (according to the below report from harvard university) a metropolitian area that contains (in 2000) 126,337 people. another thing is that the ticket sales for, again a 2 day event, was only $35,000 [26,227 eur].

    in what must have been a backhand swipe at ron roberts: "community services director lisa harris attributed the success in part to the wide variety of musical artists."

    over on the town talk they repeat the 12,000 number and quote mayor roy as saying "this year’s que’in on the red was a massive success, this exceeded our expectations,” roy added. “it was the biggest festival alexandria has had in recent history.” thats funny because worldstadiums.com says that the rapides parish coliseum's capacity is 6,512 people, so the que'in on the red festival an outdoor event, attracted the equivalent of two coliseum's full of people over a two day period and knowing the city they counted as attendees the vendors, police and support personnel etc. so who knows what the true numbers really are.

    now contrast those numbers with the city of alexandria's recent decision to fork over $15,000; GAEDA $15,000 and the england authority $10,000 ($40,000 ttl) to dana pitcher for a boxing event thats only going to last a few hours. something just doesnt add up. the money is funny.

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    S.Amdt. 643 to H.R. 1591

    heres the united states senate vote on the amendment (s.amdt. 643) to strike language from h.r.1591 that according to senator thad cochran (idiot) mississippi, would "tie the hands of the commander in chief by imposing an arbitrary timetable for the withdrawl of u.s. forces from iraq..." this amendment failed. we are glad to see that our senator katrina mary landrieu for once removed her bush knee pads and voted right. our other senator the doofus david vitter is still slobbin that bush knob.

    the amendment - click to enlarge

  • search this blog * david vitter
  • search this blog * katrina mary landrieu
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    ellington & tucker foti breaux letter

    today, state senator noble ellington (d) and state representative jim tucker (r) wrote a letter (see link) to the louisiana attorney general charles foti to "urge you [foti] not to accept the request to render an opinion on this issue." now this is how nutty louisiana politicians are -- about the third paragraph down they write "The issue at hand [...] is a question of fact, not a question of law. As such, this question should be reserved for the courts to determine." sheesh. by the way just in case you're wondering...we arent voting for either piyush "bobby" jindal or senator john breaux in the so called "jungle primary" we are voting strictly for an independant third party candidate. although if it does come down to breaux v jindal in the runoff, then we will vote for senator breaux.

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    new cenla blog: cenlastir

    started by "spanky" of cenla antics fame. this blog promises a "moderated discussion of information and events that affect our lives in central louisiana...partisan bickering and personal attack will not be seen here."

    click picture to enlarge
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    26 March 2007

    wesawthat...in japanese?

    we just received a visitor from japan. they used google's translator: translate.google.com to read one of our post's in japanese. we dont see anything but a lot of ??? though.

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