12 March 2007

senator vitter endorses rudy giuliani

we've been trying to warn you about this useful idiot david vitter. senator vitter's endorsement of rudy giuliani should come as no surprise to anyone who knows what senator vitter is really about and what he really stands for.

david vitter like his pal piyush "bobby" jindal is a rhodes scholar communist. cecil rhodes the founder of the subversive rhodes scholarships was an adept of eugenics. eugenics is the practice of killing off all of what they consider humanities useless weeds or useless eaters. one way they achieve this is through abortion. rudy giuliani is a big supporter of abortion and is even documented as saying that he believes that the government should fund abortions.

senator vitter is also very much involved in gaining control of louisiana's charity health care system for we can only assume nefarious purposes. when you understand what these people are all about and what their real plans are then its no wonder when they promote and support each other.

what they want it rudy giuliani in the white house, vitter in the senate and their other communist agent piyush "bobby" jindal in the governor's mansion this year to be a potential 2008 vice presidential candidate.

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