15 March 2007

club retro - operation retro-fit police raid videos

operation retro-fit
originally posted 15 march 2007 23:48
[club retro police raid video no.2]

on 05 february 2006 a "military attack maneuver" codenamed operation retro-fit, was executed on club retro l.l.c. by ski masked and paramilitary black-ops styled agents under the command of major michael d. slocum of the rapides parish, louisiana, sheriff office.

a few days later on 08 february 2006 the rapides parish sheriff office learned that club retro had a sophisticated video surveillance system of its own...

according to paragraph 51 from page 23 of a federal complaint rpso then served a search warrant:
"for any electronically or digitally stored images intending to prove the ownership, transportation, sale or profits from illegal controlled substances or drug activities, etc., which, of course, did not exist. Fortunately, however, the video equipment that memorialized the actions of the various persons from the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office on February 5, 2006, had been taken to a safe place where it was safe from getting “lost”.
operation retro-fit has resulted in at least two federal civil rights lawsuits filed in the western district [judge dee drell of gold weems infamy] of louisiana against the rapides parish sheriff's office.

all local alexandria, louisiana area main stream media, including the gannett owned alexandria daily town talk; media general owned kalb-tv-nbc; pollack-belz owned klax-tv-abc and the martin family connected [source: whois database] northside journal have a blackout on this story.

in february 2006 most if not all of these local MSM outlets played up or as the british say, they "sexed up" for public consumption, operation retro-fit to benefit the rapides parish sheriff office -- now they refuse to follow-up; investigate and report on any of the allegations spelled out in the complaints. WHY?

this page contains ongoing links and embeds to the club retro - operation retro-fit, video cd's.


length 2h46m5s
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note: this video opens approximately :39 minutes before operation retro-fit commences
embed added at 12:27pm cdt tuesday 20 march 2007
stay tuned more to follow...

this is a short clip taken from the club retro internal video camera number 4. this is a portion of the clubs video that the sheriff department found out about a few days after the raid then came back with a search warrant in order to seize it and keep it from public view. the clubs owners had already moved all the video to a safe place.


length 1m23s
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this is a clip taken on 05 february 2006 from camera 4 of the club retro's internal surveillance cams when ski masked and paramilitary agents of the rapides parish sheriff department raided the club retro. this raid has resulted in at least two federal civil rights lawsuits filed against the rapides parish sheriff department. all local alexandria, louisiana media including the alexandria daily town talk, kalb-tv and klax-tv, have media blacked out and refuse to report the true club retro story.
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