20 March 2007

northside journal: pineville restaurant challenges alcohol ban

rapides sales and use tax department refusal letter sets up possible "legal challenge."

“Yes we did apply, however we were turned down. I have the letter the parish gave me,” the northside journal quotes a restaurant spokesman who added "Our next step will be to forward the rejection letter to my boss out of state. He will decide how far he will take this and what the next step will be."
click the link for the northside journal and find out which pineville, louisiana restaurant has
"...applied to the rapides parish Sales and Use Tax Department for a license to sell liquor at their Pineville location...."
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Congratulations Pineville Officials, Your Plan Is Working

By begging someone to file a lawsuit, Fields and crew are hoping to claim that it isn't their fault if alcohol comes to Pineville. However, the voters of Pineville are not as simple minded as Fields and his cohorts. The voters of Pineville see through these tactics,and realize that Fields has been begging someone to file suit for several weeks now.
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    original title:
    BREAKING NEWS! Pineville Restaurant Challenges Alcohol Ban!
    updated 3:52pm cdt wednesday 21 march 2007