14 March 2007

louisiana college 'scholar' refutes jesus tomb theory

via the dead pelican: naturally, we didnt believe all this jesus tomb talk that recently received tremendous media attention. all one had to do was watch how this 'news' played out in the media. first appearing on the drudge report on a saturday headlined above drudge's logo as James Cameron to announce Jesus tomb discovery... , see also here & here for more drudge (archive) examples. then playing all day sunday and the rest of the week in the (zionist) controlled media.

what the media is doing here is the same thing they did in the rick perry hpv mandatory gardisil media hoax and that is to report something that is not true: as true, in hopes that the gullible and lazy public will just take their word for it instead of investigating it more fully. the media is assisting in the great falling away by counting on people to assume because they saw a headline /read/heard a tv or radio broadcast that jesus and family tomb and bones had been discovered that this proves that christianity is false etc.

so anyway, a dr. charles quarles from louisiana college (and we have our doubts about louisiana college since they invited the diabolically evil george h.w. bush to speak at their 100th anniversary [october 2006] ceremony) who according to the 15 march 2007 florida baptist witness "put together his own statistics—excluding Mariamene since he believes the evidence is overwhelmingly against her being Mary Magdalene—and came up with something very different from Feuerverger. Quarles says between 56 and 105 males in Jerusalem during Jesus' time would have had a father named Joseph and close relatives named Mary and Jose. Thus, according to Quarles, it is very unlikely the tomb belongs to Christ—even if one discounts the bodily resurrection."

click link to download 13 page .pdf file