30 March 2007

la gop chairman roger villere: assclown

the dead pelican has a statement up (see link) from the louisiana republican party chairman roger villere. now this guy roger villere is the sorriest excuse for (1) a republican and (2) and most importantly: a republican party state chairman.

where is roger the useless idiot at when his own republican legislators are authoring and voting for unrepublican legislation? hmmm? we would like to know. ...where are the "scathing" press releases , epithets and denunciations at when members of his own party wipe their arse's with the state republican party platform? this guy is a buffoon. the only demonstrable (non) talent that we can discern that villere has, is to seize on some obscure sentence in a speech and try to make political hay from it. roger villere is a disgrace to the republican party and its ideals and anyone who listens to him or takes him seriously is just as foolish.