06 March 2007

club retro ATC raid video

operation retro-fit
video number 1 of the club retro series
updated 4:08 pm cst thursday 08 march 2007
wst... has learned that a lot of things are missing from this ATC video. the missing or redacted 30 minutes at the end was part of an interrogation agents did on lyle and dar doublet. the club's internal surveillance video is being cross referenced to the ATC video and it will take awhile. hopefully the missing/incriminating parts may be found on the the club retro tapes....stay tuned...

updated 7:37 am cst thursday 08 march 2007

click here for video via google video - (recommended larger screen)
video opens with ATC agents walking up to and then entering the club retro. rapides parish sheriff office was already inside the club. the crowd appears to be well behaved and cooperating with police. crowd scenes shows ski-masked and paramilitary style storm/shock troopers or jack booted thugs as we see what modern police forces have become. remember when the police was referred to as "peace officers?" lots of time is devoted to filming the emptying of the clubs cash registers. mysteriously at around time 1:02 the video and sound blacks out despite there being over 30 minutes left. we are still working on acquiring the internal club retro survellience cam video which purportedly shows the raid from the beginning and at various angles.
updated 1:41 pm cst wednesday 07 march 2007 google video is still "processing" the video.

operation retro-fit

stay tuned for complete uncut ATC video of rapides parish sheriff dept club retro raid
length 1h39m27s

we are currently in the process of acquiring and uploading the club retro, rapides parish sheriff's department raid video of 05 february 2006. this is a huge file 450MB+ as soon as we finish uploading it to google video/youtube we will post the embed and link here.
stay tuned....

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