05 March 2007

rep billy montgomery rethinking stelly

fake republican watch
the clowns over at ktbs-tv channel 3 did a story (see link) about how former democrat, now republican, louisiana state representative billy montgomery prefiled a bill -- and this is why we call them clowns because they didnt bother to tell exactly what bill number they were reporting about. ktbs as you can see even interviewed representative montgomery and we wonder if it was too much to ask for the reporter to have simply said "hey representative mongtomery whats that bill number we are talking about?" then posted it so the rest of us would know. like we are supposed to just take ktbs word for it?

when the so called media doesnt bother to give the most important parts of a story, something that should be so obvious to be the integral part of a story -- that tells us that the so called media are serving as nothing more than the press and public relations whores for the candidates or for whoever they are reporting on...that, or else they are so incompetent that they shouldnt be in the "news" business to begin with.

more than likely what happened is that ol coach - thats what they call him because apparently he was a coach somewhere, phoned up the news director over at ktbs and told him that he needed some good press for some bill he had filed. so ktbs sends over their worst reporter knowing that the reporter because of incompetence, laziness or whatever, would just report whatever representative montgomery told them to report.

so anyway, you know us not to be outdone, we mosied on over to legis.state.la.us to take a look at the bills representative montgomery filed and thankfully he's only filed, so far, four bills.

HB36 || HB37 || HB38 || HB56
the only one of the four bills that we could find that requires a constitutional amendment is hb38. lo and behold when one actually reads the bill you will find out that what representative montgomery wants to do is:
"REPEAL the state sales and use tax exemption provided for in the constitution for food for home consumption and consumer purchases of natural gas, electricity, water, and prescription drugs."
how unrepublican of him. this isnt what we want. we dont want any tax exemptions repealed...WTF?!?.

and as far as the income tax bit, well representative montgomery's bill says:
"Section 4.(A) Income Tax. Equal and uniform taxes may be levied on net incomes, and these taxes may be graduated according to the amount of net income."
we dont want a graduated income tax. thats communism 101. this guy billy montgomery is no more of a republican than fidel castro and he needs to have his ass turned out of the state legislature. send him home where he can do the least amount of damage.
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