29 March 2007

town talk selective reporting

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okay...so the town talk prints a huge story (see link) about an anonymous comment left in a blog posting...

the caption of the town talk's story reads "Online blog about residence incorrect, says councilwoman." first of all this is a bit misleading because it sounds like someone has set up and devoted a whole blog to this pineville, la., councilwoman residence issue -- thats not the case.

cenlaantics.blogspot.com is the blog; a blog posting is the title and text of a particular post. for instance this anonymous comment was posted to the cenla antics blog posting called: "david vitter endorses giuliani." so a more accurate caption to the town talk's story might be: "anonymous comment about residence in online blog posting incorrect says councilwoman."

we see this same blog misinformation given out on kalb as well. for instance when one of the anchors turns to tom konvicka and says "i understand you have a new weather blog up." mr. konvicka does not have a new weather blog up -- the weather blog is his blog. what mr. konvicka has is a new post or a new entry on his weather blog.

anyway, why did the town talk decide to report on this pineville councilwoman non story while they completely ignore real news? for example we havent seen not one word devoted to this story or this story. the only plausible conclusion that one can come to is that the town talk is trying to discredit and marginalize local blogs.
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