31 March 2007

hb148 more wasteful farrar legislation

the problem with louisiana is that the people in the legislature dont have any sense. well thats not entirely accurate, they have sense they just dont use it for good purposes. they dont use their sense for the well being of the people of the state. they use their sense which in their case is more accurately called "craftiness" to benefit themselves and those in their respective crime gangs.

we know its an election year for representative rick farrar and so it must be a lot of assistant districts attorney in rapides parish with big families and voters that live in his district - dist. 27. even so the districts attorney are the laaaaast people that need a pay raise. in fact they should be investigated not given a raise.

we just saw less than a year ago in the amanda gutweiler hypes case, how the rapides parish district attorney broke all kinds of laws and ethics rules when his office leaked secret grand jury testimony to their witnesses - one being a deputy sheriff so they would know which story to pitch at trial to ensure an easy conviction. we're not making this up - judge donald johnson threw the indictment out and the third circuit court of appeals sided with the judge.

thats another thing - we see over in north carolina in the so called duke rape case how that district attorney is in all kinds of hot water over his actions in that case, yet...over here in the banana republic of louisiana our district attorneys actions didnt raise an eyebrow with those who are charged with overseeing the courts integrity. why do you suppose that is? the district attorneys office wasnt ashamed of their behaviour at all they practically called judge johnson a dumbass for quashing the indictment. and representative farrar thinks this warrants a pay raise? rubbish! what does the rapides parish district attorney do now to deserve the pay that they do receive? you never see the district attorney investigating any white collar crime arising out of rapides parish, louisiana.

this bunch of horseshit isnt just limited to rapides parish either, as we saw a few years ago when the winn parish district attorney managed to get a guy sentenced to prison for seven and half years at hard labor for growing one marijuana plant - in a bucket. it was only about four feet tall so they didnt even know yet if the plant was a male or a female. from what we have been able to gather, male plants are worthless; its the female plants that produce the smokable part.

now even if you are totally opposed to marijuana - and thats fine, think of all the tax money wasted to incarcerate this guy for seven and a half years, when five, ten, fifteen or thirty days tops in the parish jail would have been more than enough punishment.

if representative farrar truly was representing the people and had the peoples best interest at heart he would (1) be leading the charge for the district attorneys office to be investigated for the amanda gutweiler hypes incident and (2) he would introduce a bill making it mandatory for all the city's, parishes, police jurys, water boards, levee boards etc... video tape, archive and stream their meetings from off their websites; (3) he would introduce legislation overturning the state supreme courts disastrous ruling in state of louisiana v leslie otto ordodi. wouldnt that be more beneficial to the people? or does that make too much sense?

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