13 March 2007

local republican spam blog falls lockstep behind doofus david vitter giuliani endorsement

added 4:11 pm cdt tuesday 13 march 2007

yup thats right we are talking about you...doofus.

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cenla antics blog was set up (covertly at first) by local republicans to get out their propaganda and to anonymously, relentlessly and mercilessly bash into compliance any and everyone who opposed their view. although on the positive side everything they have tried to do has exploded in their faces as evidenced in the recent alexandria, louisiana mayoral election where the democratic candidate won with over 76% of the vote. LOL.

one of the local republican's biggest mistakes is that the person who runs the cenla antics blog and who is a big dog in the local republican party is from new orleans. this isnt to knock new orleans but the truth is that people from central and north louisiana dont even like new orleans. to the bible thumpers (mostly hypocrites and quacks themselves) new orleans is viewed as the sinful sodom and gomorrah by the sea. (gulf of mexico actually).

anyway, yesterday, louisiana's own 'nobody senator' endorsed big time new york city pervert, 911 scammer and 2008 presidential candidate rudolph giuliani for president.

rudy giuliani is the anti everything that your typical louisianaian stands for. so this morning cenla antics couldnt wait to post a thread about doofus david vitter's endorsement and attempt to spin it in a favorable light. however, dont be a sucker - the purpose of this thread is to trick you into thinking that vitter's endorsement is more popular and accepted by the populace than what is really the truth.
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