31 December 2008

news from the smoking gun

Dear Friends:

Up until the last 12 hours, 2008 was shaping up as a mediocre year for celebrity mug shots. And then ex-NBA superstar Charles Barkley got arrested on a drunk driving charge. The arrest report contains some incredible quotes from the former NBA star, who spoke with Arizona cops about, um, oral favors. As Sir Charles would say, that's terrible:


And actor Matt Dillon got popped for driving 106 mph on a Vermont interstate:


As if being linked to the Rod Blagojevich case wasn't enough of a headache, President-elect Barack Obama's name may soon pop up at the criminal trial of a man charged with operating a massive Ponzi scheme. No, not that massive Ponzi scheme, the other massive Ponzi scheme:


A female lobbyist is suing The New York Times for $27 million, claiming that she was defamed by a story reporting that she engaged in an "illicit and inappropriate romantic relationship" with Senator John McCain. Details here:


The author of a book about Anna Nicole Smith is using a novel legal defense to a defamation claim filed by a confidante of the late actress. It's the Seinfeldian "not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-it" strategy:


For a shot at a truly fine prize package (including assorted DVDs and valuable TSG swag), enter our contest now:


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alexandrian michael goins on city of alexandria vs cleco fraud suit settlement

some people might find mr. goins words hard to understand. in reality though, mr. goins speaks volumes. he was the only citizen who stood up and questioned what the city and cleco is really up to. he should be commended. too bad five councilmen: myron lawson, everett hobbs, roosevelt johnson, harry silver and chuck fowler, didnt heed his words of wisdom.

check out the silly jack-boot in the background running a clock on everyone. the police are not interested in solving crimes or ferreting out corruption.



30 December 2008

former congresswoman cynthia mckinney on the israeli navy ramming her boat

click picture to enlargea view of the gaza strip via google earth

UPDATED with full version

cynthia mckinney on a peaceful, humanitarian mission to deliver medical supplies to gaza when the boat she was on the "dignity" was rammed three times by the zionist israeli navy.

ms. mckinney calls on president-elect obama to say something about the humanitarian crisis being experienced right now by the people of gaza. good luck with that, seeing as how obama has surrounded himself with zionist, israel - firster jewish criminals and who can forget how he dishonored himself this past june when he groveled to aipac.

former congresswoman mckinney infers that todays incident is reminiscent of the zionist regime's thursday 08 june 1967 unprovoked, false-flag attack upon the uss liberty in which israel murdered thirty-four american sailors and injured many more.
learn about the uss liberty attack and how the american and israeli governments have covered it up since 1967:
see also
jcn international news
we lived to tell the story: lebanon rescued us
by cynthia mckinney
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    alexandria, la. city council votes 5 - 2 to settle the cleco fraud suit

    alexandrians suckered again

    6:50 pm cst

    voting no: jonathan goins and edward lavardain

    voting yes: myron lawson, harry silver, chuck fowler, roosevelt johnson and everett hobbs.

    more later...

    kalb 10:00 "news" makes no mention of the settlement vote or any mention of the city council meeting whatsoever!

    FLASH: u.s. bankruptcy court appoints fred rosenfeld to manage the alexander fulton hotel

    u s bankruptcy court appoints a company owned by fred rosenfeld, to manage for the next ninty days, the alexander fulton hotel property.

    UPDATE: the gannett/town talk, in a story posted on 31 december 2008, identifies the company as b.k. fulton management, l.l.c., however a search for b.k. fulton management, l.l.c. from the louisiana sec'y of state corporations database returns no information for that company.



    barry cooper launches new reality show; website: kop busters.com

    Kop Busters Episode #1 Free Yolanda!
    It's called an informant plant. The Odessa narcotics unit illegally compelled an informant to plant drugs on Yolanda Madden. The informant testified in federal court he planted the drugs on her and he passed a polygraph confirming the same.

    Yolanda also passed a polygraph along with a hair follicle and urine test. Our broken criminal justice system ignored the evidence and railroaded her through court sentencing her to 8 years in prison.

    Her father hired KopBusters, a new reality show produced by NeverGetBusted, whereby Barry and Candi along with their detectives set up stings across America to catch crooked Kops.

    KopBusters rented a house in Odessa, Texas and began growing two small Christmas trees under a grow light similar to those used for growing marijuana.

    When faced with a suspected marijuana grow, the police usually use illegal FLIR cameras and/or lie on the search warrant affidavit claiming they have probable cause to raid the house.

    Instead of conducting a proper investigation which usually leads to no probable cause, the Kops lie on the affidavit claiming a confidential informant saw the plants and/or the police could smell marijuana coming from the suspected house.

    The trap was set and less than 24 hours later, the Odessa narcotics unit raided the house only to find KopBuster's attorney waiting under a system of complex gadgetry and spy cameras that streamed online to the KopBuster's secret mobile office nearby.

    KopBuster's attorney, Adam Reposa, was handcuffed and later released when eleven KopBuster detectives arrived with the media in tow to question the illegal raid. The police refused to give KopBusters the search warrant affidavit which is suspected to contain the lies regarding the probable cause. ~ read more


    29 December 2008

    city of alexandria, la. could purchase two used trolley buses

    at least one alexandrian -- shaunte spears, sees that in this economy, wasting money is foolish!

    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2008
    7) To consider final adoption of an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract with the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority to acquire two trolley buses. (LEGAL 12/30)

    UPDATE: city council approves trolley bus purchase


    jena 6 ringleader mychal bell in trouble again

    MONROE, La. (AP) — One of the youths known as the "Jena Six" was arrested Christmas Eve and booked on a shoplifting charge.

    Police say 18-year-old Mychal Bell was freed on $1,300 bond after his arrest at a Monroe mall.

    Bell allegedly tried to steal shirts from a department store and fled when a security guard and off-duty police officer tried to detain him. Bell also was booked on a charge of simple battery because he allegedly struck the security guard with an elbow. ~ read more

    UPDATE: gannett/monroe news star via louisiana now:

    Bell, 18, who lists his current address as 109 Grayling Lane, Monroe, is free on bond following a Christmas Eve arrest on multiple charges, including shoplifting, resisting arrest and simple battery, related to an incident at Dillard’s in Pecanland Mall. ~ read more

    UPDATE: gannett/town talk: mychal bell shoots self in chest

    UPDATE: click here to download the monroe, la. police department offense reports for the attempt suicide/overdose and theft/poss.of stolen things. four page .pdf [747 kb]
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    28 December 2008

    how judaized christians enable war

    now that israhell has launched its latest attacks upon the christian and muslim people of gaza, its worth taking a look to see where the zionist regime of israel gets its power to undertake its murderous actions.

    israel's power is mostly due to the support from the united states government whose support is in turn demanded by millions of american evangelical "christians" (christian zionists) who themselves have been deceived for the past 100 years by false and deceptive doctrines.

    the christian zionist reprobates quote from genesis 12:3 "i will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee," as evidence that christians must support israhell and jews in in everything they do, no matter how ungodly, repugnant or unchristlike or risk being cursed by god.

    the apostle paul, (nee saul of tarsus) in galatians chapter 3 clearly explains that the "blessing" spoken of in genesis 12:3 is jesus christ! not jews and certainly not israhell.

    in titus chapter 1, christians are told DO NOT GIVE HEED TO JEWISH FABLES. who are you going to believe? the scriptures which were written thousands of years ago or these fake, lying celebrity preachers?

    the baptist church of gaza city was built on the site of a former mosque. it is attended by many people who used to be muslims. an active mosque sits next to the baptist church. christian and muslim children attend the same schools and grow up together. christians and muslims have lived together in peace in gaza for centuries.

    view original slideshow at http://whtt.org/show/

    cyrus i. scofield and the scofield reference bible
    wealthy jewish zionists had corrupt lawyer, adulterer and opportunist cyrus scofield pollute the christian faith. the oxford university press published his heretical commentary in the scofield reference bible. ~ the incredible scofield and his book by joseph m. canfield
    learn more about zionism:
    eric hufschmid
    jews united against zionism
    neturei karta international: orthodox jews united against zionism
    learn even more about the ashkenazi / khazar "jewish" imposters
    the thirteenth tribe by arthur koestler
    benjamin h. freedman nee freidman:
    facts are facts the truth about khazars
    u.s. presidents - jewish pawns
    1974 speech
    and also:
    rabbi chaim lefkowitz - zionists stole the true name of the jews
    and also
    jack bernstein
    my farewell to israel the thorn in the mideast


    27 December 2008

    renee allen departs kalb

    aww thats a shame. we always liked ms. allen all the way back to her klax days. we wish her the best.

    see kalb: saying goodbye to renee

    NOTE: the low sound is due to a problem with youtube. if you come across a youtube video with low sound try adding:
    &fmt=18 at the end of the youtube url.



    george w bush federal judge appointee jay zainey orders that the birth certificate of a same sex couple's adoptive son bear the name of both "fathers"

    this would seem to be in line with the bush regime's general destruction of traditional values. whats more - the federal judge is catholic!

    Associated Press Writer

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A same-sex couple in California has won a federal court ruling that their adopted son's Louisiana birth certificate must bear the names of both adoptive fathers.

    The facts are so clear that no trial is needed, U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey wrote.

    Louisiana's Office of Vital Records must give full faith and credit to the New York State court in which Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith of San Diego adopted the boy, he ruled Monday. The office had refused to issue a birth certificate listing both as the boy's legal parents.
    Zainey wrote that Louisiana law requires a new certificate when it gets an adoption decree, and the law does not include any limits or restrictions. The state's arguments would make the adoption law's "plain language ... meaningless by reading in restrictions and requirements that simply are not present in the text of the statute," he wrote. ~ read more

    26 December 2008

    uss indianapolis disaster survivor passes

    grover cleveland carver, who was a survivor of the uss indianapolis ca-35 disaster and an uncle to local blogger buddy martin, died in california this morning. see buddymartin.net - a tribute to a hero of our family.

    click here to download mr. carver's obituary .pdf [259 kb]
    The Worst Naval Disaster in US History

    At 12:14 a.m. on July 30, 1945, the USS INDIANAPOLIS CA-35 was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea and sank in 12 minutes. Of 1,196 men on board, approximately 300 went down with the ship. The remainder, about 900 men, were left floating in shark-infested waters with no lifeboats and most with no food or water. The ship was never missed, and by the time the survivors were spotted by accident four days later only 316 men were still alive. ~ read more at ussindianapolis.org
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    councilman harry silver: cleco settlement a 'coverup'

    freudian slip? was councilman silver trying to tell us something? and just why is the city, cleco and federal judge dee drell working together to suppress the cleco audit known formally as the kpmg report?

    in the meeting it was suggested that the audit would never be released to the public.

    why is the city asking alexandrians to settle their fraud lawsuit against cleco without being fully informed?


    25 December 2008

    polar bear meets dogs

    via david icke

    Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay

    The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his dogs when the polar bear wandered in, but...see what happened

    UPDATE: oyster @ your right hand thief links here and provides a link to these photographs snopes entry - see noble encounter

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    2008 friends we've lost this year

    click here to view find-a-grave's 2008 necrology


    24 December 2008

    merry christmas from oak alley plantation

    "Happy Holidays"
    from all of us at
    Oak Alley Plantation
    click picture to enlarge
    Oak Alley snow -- 11 December 2008

    As another year draws to an end, we invite you to
    celebrate the most important things with us ... the comforts of home,
    family, love, friends, joy and peace.

    Thanks for being an important part
    of our extended family!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and may you
    enjoy a healthy and happy New Year!

    Oak Alley Plantation
    3645 Highway 18
    Vacherie, Louisiana 70090


    23 December 2008

    H.R. 1424 wall street bailout: where did the money go?

    $350 billion dollars have been spent so far on the wall street bailout. this is more than what was spent on the marshall plan, more than the apollo moon program and nearly as much as was spent to build the nations interstate highway system and the banks wont tell what they are doing with the money. there is another $350 billion dollars waiting to be spent.

    louisiana congressmen who voted for the wall street bailout (H.R. 1424) were: rodney alexander, charles boustany, jim mccrery and charlie melancon. louisiana senators katrina mary landrieu snellings and david vitter voted no.

    elijah cummings the congressman interviewed for this ac360 piece also voted for the wall street bailout a/k/a emergency economic stabilization act of 2008.

    see also the
    2008 american financial collapse
    label in the footer of this post


    22 December 2008

    farmington new mexico community still sending kind thoughts to injured jonesville la bull rider corbin carpenter

    excerpt from a piece captioned "check your list, mr. claus" written by farmington, new mexico, the daily-times, sports writer, darren vaughan:

    Please be kind to Louisiana cowboy Corbin Carpenter this year and give him the chance to fulfill his dream of competing in rodeo again. He gave us all quite a scare back in July when he suffered a broken neck after falling off of a bull, but he's been a true inspiration since as he's regained his ability to walk. It'd be a gift not only to him, but to all of us, to see him get back in the arena again.
    see also the corbin carpenter label in the footer of this post


    19 December 2008

    video: george w bush remarks on financial assistance to troubled auto makers


    UPDATE: general motors ceo rick wagoner on auto bailout.


    daily kingfish sends up a trial balloon for mayor jacques roy 2010 la-05 congressional run

    la-05: alexander running for re-election in 2010


    The question then becomes whether there is a Democratic candidate out there willing to challenge Alexander in a general election. There were rumors that such a candidate would emerge during the filing period this summer, but none did.

    I wonder if Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy would be willing to take on this fight. Doing so however, would mean foregoing a re-election campaign for Mayor, which is that fall as well. ~ read more


    18 December 2008

    levees.org catches the u.s. army corp of engineers flooding its comments section with stupid and deceptive messages!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA our hats are off to levees.org and ms. rosenthal;

    in october 2005, eric hufschmid, wrote a piece to help you understand how deceptive message board commenters operate -- see 'wolf in sheeps clothing to get away with crimes pretend to be a crime fighter.'


    17 December 2008

    power supply agreement between cleco and the city of alexandria, louisiana

    UPDATE: councilman harry silver: cleco settlement a 'coverup'

    the cleco audit still hasnt been released to the public. however, this settlement proposal .pdf courtesy of the gannett/town talk has.

    note: the .pdf itself says that it is eighty-one pages long but the copy that the town talk has posted is only seventy-nine pages.

    kalb's 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. treatment

    click here to download seventy-nine page .pdf [18.5 mb]
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    terrebonne and lafourche, louisiana parishes 'hole in the sky'

    photo: sandra ledet

    sandra ledet of raceland, louisiana took this photograph on saturday, 13 december 2008.

    ms. ledet told the houma courier:

    “My daughter called me and she said, ‘Mom, look at the sky,’ and I went back in, got my camera, and started snapping,” Ledet said. “It completely circled my house and then disappeared. It was too big, too round and too low to be caused by a jet.” ~ read more
  • lafayette, la. 'hole in the sky'

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    15 December 2008

    jfk on a potential political career for his children

    a clip from an nbc sunday political show, hosted by martin agronsky, called "look here."

    this clip is from sunday, 24 november 1957.



    the david vitters' invite you for christmas cheer

    Please Join Us For
    Christmas Cheer
    Monday, December 15th, 6-8 PM
    Andrea's Restaurant
    3100 19th Street

    Tuesday, December 16th, 6-8 PM
    A La Carte Restaurant
    301 Heymann Boulevard

    Wednesday, December 17th, 6-8 PM
    The Cambridge Club
    2024 Fairfield Avenue

    Baton Rouge
    Thursday, December 18th, 6-8 PM
    Juban's Restaurant
    3739 Perkins Road

    no louisiana congressional criminals cosponsoring rep louie gohmert's 'tax holiday' bill

    on 09 december 2008, texas republican, louie gohmert, introduced his H.R. 7309. a bill "to amend the internal revenue code of 1986 to suspend employment and income taxes for the first two months of 2009, and for other purposes."

    click here to download five page .pdf [89 kb]

    according to the library of congress, as of 1:09 p.m. cst, monday 15 december 2008, rep. gohmert's bill has thirty-seven co-sponsors:

    surprisingly -- or not -- not one louisiana congressman has signed on to co-sponsor rep. gohmert's bill.

    rep.'s mccrery, cazayoux and jefferson, perhaps can be excused since they are all on their way out of the congress.

    however, there is no excuse for republican rep.'s rodney alexander and charles boustany (who both voted for the wall street bailout) for not co-sponsoring this bill. nor is there any excuse for democratic rep. charlie melancon's (another rat who voted for the wall street bailout) not co-sponsoring this bill either. the other republican -- rep. steve scalise, his name is also inexplicably absent.

    call rodney alexander [contact], charles boustany [contact]. charlie melancon [contact]. and steve scalise [contact] and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 7309 and to do everything within their power to pass this bill.
    see also
    world net daily
    tax holiday bill picks up steam
    and also
    gohmert's tax holiday squelches paulson's squandering
    GovTrack.us. H.R. 7309--110th Congress (2008): To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to suspend employment and income taxes for the first..., GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Dec 15, 2008)


    14 December 2008

    iraqi journalist throws shoes at bush

    good thing it wasnt molotov cocktails eh

    via what really happened

    Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- President George W. Bush ducked two shoes thrown at him by an unidentified man during a press conference in the Iraqi prime minister’s office....

    In Arab culture, throwing shoes is a grave show of disrespect. The man shouted an Arabic phrase, which an Iraqi present translated as "this is a farewell kiss, dog."

    beware of obama's groundhog day

    john pilger/information clearinghouse via david icke


    One of the cleverest films I have seen is Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray plays a TV weatherman who finds himself stuck in time. At first he deludes himself that the same day and the same people and the same circumstances offer new opportunities. Finally, his naivety and false hope desert him and he realises the truth of his predicament and escapes. Is this a parable for the age of Obama?

    Having campaigned with "Change you can believe in", President-elect Barack Obama has named his A-team. They include Hillary Clinton, who voted to attack Iraq without reading the intelligence assessment and has since threatened to "totally obliterate" Iran on behalf of a foreign power, Israel.

    During his primary campaign, Obama referred repeatedly to Clinton's lies about her political record. When he appointed her secretary of state, he called her "my dear friend".

    Obama's slogan is now "continuity". ~ read more


    13 December 2008

    who is bernard madoff?

    christopher bollyn via wake up from your slumber via what really happened:
    So who is Bernard L. Madoff? Apart from running his "investment company" and being a former chairman and director of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ), Madoff is a very committed Jewish Zionist who has served as the treasurer of two leading Zionist organizations.

    Like Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Sanford Weill of Citibank, and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., the major culprits behind the $2 trillion bail-out, Madoff is another New York Zionist Jew who has committed a massive financial fraud and cheated Americans and others out of untold billions of dollars.~ read more
    see also
    christopher bollyn
    9-11 and the crisis on wall street
    and also
    the jewish week
    feds argue return law makes jews flight risk


    of friends and tails

    an essay by the late father paul a. keenan


    Yes, some of my best friends have tails. Knowing nothing about cats years ago when I first brought Teddy and Flicka home, I remember spending a nervous night before they arrived. I made a promise that I would never treat them as my cats, but always as my friends. It was the best promise I ever made.

    For these animals have taught me so much. They insisted that I get past those early sad experiences of animals, and open my heart to a depth of love that I never thought I could know. They’ve given me hours of fun. They’ve shared their sadness and illnesses with me, and have allowed me to heal them.

    Teddy and Flicka were part of my healing from my nearly fatal illness, and today I notice that whenever I am down or sad, my kitty friends make every effort to cheer me up or at least to let me know that they care. ~ read more


    captain kirk on gun control

    link to video watch/download page


    12 December 2008

    today's cold moon to be biggest moon in 15 years

    Dec. 12, 10:37 a.m. CST — Full Cold Moon; among some tribes, the Full Long Nights Moon. In this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and the nights are at their longest and darkest. Also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long and the moon is above the horizon a long time. The midwinter full moon takes a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite to the low Sun. The moon will also be at perigee later this day, at 4:00 p.m. CST, at a distance of 221,560 mi. (356,566 km.) from Earth. Very high ocean tides can be expected from the coincidence of perigee with full moon. ~ read more

    If the shortening days are getting you down, be sure to catch a glimpse of tonight's striking full moon.

    It will appear 14 per cent bigger than usual and a stunning 30 per cent brighter thanks to a rare, natural coincidence.

    Each month the moon orbits the Earth and tonight it will skim by at its closest distance for the last 15 years. ~ read more
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    11 December 2008

    snow storm damages forest hill, la nurseries

    west monroe teen stabs 35 year old boyfriend after he refuses sex

    via the smoking gun

    "Not Tonight, Honey" Bust
    Louisiana man gets fat lip for refusing to have sex with girlfriend

    DECEMBER 10--Meet Brittany Phillips. Early Saturday morning, the 19-year-old Louisiana woman wanted some sex from her boyfriend. But Todd Stewart, 35, was apparently not in the mood. In fact, he tried to push Phillips off of him in the bedroom of the pair's West Monroe home.

    That much the couple can agree upon, according to Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office reports. Phillips claims Stewart became violent after rebuffing her advances. Stewart told an investigator that he left the bedroom to sleep on a living room couch, but that Phillips "would not leave him alone."

    At some point, he added, things got physical and he was stabbed in the lower lip with "a long metal object which appeared to be a knife." For her part, the frisky Phillips acknowledged to Deputy Shane Smith that she struck Stewart, but said it was done "to protect herself."

    Phillips, was charged with aggravated battery, R.S. 14:34, while a bloody Stewart, seen here, was charged with simple battery R.S.14:35. Phillips was also booked on a pair of outstanding warrants, for simple battery and damage to property. ~ read more


    k*b toys bites the dust - retailer has 5 stores in louisiana

    The nations number 2 toy retailer, KB stores has declared bankruptcy and will close down it’s 277 stores citing a “sudden” drop in sales. The companies 11,000 employees will be left looking for work.

    KB Stores was founded in 1922. The store began as a candy wholesaler and later grew to become one of the largest toy store retailers in the world. KB was able to make it through the first great depression but couldn’t manage to survive the current collapse. ~ read more

    k*b toys has five stores in louisiana: bossier city, gonzales, houma, metairie and slidell ~ source k*b toys.com store locater



    senator david vitter on cnn about why he opposes H.R.7321 the auto bailout bill


    10 December 2008

    H.R. 7321 auto bailout bill house final passage vote

    H.R. 7321 house passes auto bailout bill 237 - 170

    house final passage vote roll call #690

    louisiana's congressional delegation vote:

    cazayoux - voted against the wall street bailout bill (H.R.1424)
    jefferson - voted against the wall street bailout bill
    mccrery - voted for the wall street bailout bill
    melancon - voted for the wall street bailout bill

    alexander - voted for the wall street bailout bill
    boustany - voted for the wall street bailout bill
    scalise - voted against the wall street bailout bill
    vote breakdown by state via gov track
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  • ====
    GovTrack.us. H.R. 7321--110th Congress (2008): Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Dec 11, 2008)

    Because the U.S. Congress posts most legislative information online one legislative day after events occur, GovTrack is usually one legislative day behind.


    tom konvicka: likelihood of snow overnight -- thursday morning

    snow in forest hill, louisiana, thursday 11 december 2008

    weather update from 9:56 am cst thursday 11 december 2008

    likelihood of some snow mixed with sleet and some rain...any accumulations expected to melt quickly...

    kalb weather line - 318.442.1110
    kalb sky warn 5
    Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Louisiana
    national weather service alexandria, la.
    weather observations at esler field
    national weather service: louisiana state information
    Dial 511 for DOTD Road Updates
    La. State Police - Road Closures
    rapides parish sheriff's office
    Non-Emergency Number ~ Main Office - 473-6700
    Boyce Substation - 793-8157
    Deville (Ward 11) Substation - 466-3231
    Glenmora Substation - 748-4226
    South Substation - 449-5482
    Tioga Substation - 640-1696


    auto bailout bill discussion draft

    UPDATE text of H.R.7321 from thomas.loc

    click here to download forty page .pdf [89 kb]
    click here to download thirty-one page .pdf [74 kb]
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    george w bush: bible 'probably not' literally true

    via: the raw story

    we're not holding our breath, but it should be interesting to see how some of the gannett/town talk 'your mail' fake christian, gas-bags like ruth barden, spin this because either the entire bible is literally true or none of it is.

    US President George W. Bush said in an interview Monday that the Bible is "probably not" literally true and that a belief that God created the world is compatible with the theory of evolution.

    "I think you can have both," Bush, who leaves office January 20, told ABC television, adding "You're getting me way out of my lane here. I'm just a simple president."

    But "evolution is an interesting subject. I happen to believe that evolution doesn't fully explain the mystery of life," said the president, an outspoken Christian who often invokes God in his speeches.

    "I think that God created the Earth, created the world; I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an almighty and I don't think it's incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution," he told ABC television.

    Asked whether the Bible was literally true, Bush replied: "Probably not. No, I'm not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it."

    "The important lesson is 'God sent a son,'" he said.
    Nabil Shaath says: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, "George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan." And I did, and then God would tell me, "George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …" And I did. And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, "Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East." And by God I'm gonna do it.'" ~ god told me to invade iraq, bush tells palestinian ministers ~ bbc