30 December 2008

former congresswoman cynthia mckinney on the israeli navy ramming her boat

click picture to enlargea view of the gaza strip via google earth

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cynthia mckinney on a peaceful, humanitarian mission to deliver medical supplies to gaza when the boat she was on the "dignity" was rammed three times by the zionist israeli navy.

ms. mckinney calls on president-elect obama to say something about the humanitarian crisis being experienced right now by the people of gaza. good luck with that, seeing as how obama has surrounded himself with zionist, israel - firster jewish criminals and who can forget how he dishonored himself this past june when he groveled to aipac.

former congresswoman mckinney infers that todays incident is reminiscent of the zionist regime's thursday 08 june 1967 unprovoked, false-flag attack upon the uss liberty in which israel murdered thirty-four american sailors and injured many more.
learn about the uss liberty attack and how the american and israeli governments have covered it up since 1967:
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by cynthia mckinney
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