13 December 2008

of friends and tails

an essay by the late father paul a. keenan


Yes, some of my best friends have tails. Knowing nothing about cats years ago when I first brought Teddy and Flicka home, I remember spending a nervous night before they arrived. I made a promise that I would never treat them as my cats, but always as my friends. It was the best promise I ever made.

For these animals have taught me so much. They insisted that I get past those early sad experiences of animals, and open my heart to a depth of love that I never thought I could know. They’ve given me hours of fun. They’ve shared their sadness and illnesses with me, and have allowed me to heal them.

Teddy and Flicka were part of my healing from my nearly fatal illness, and today I notice that whenever I am down or sad, my kitty friends make every effort to cheer me up or at least to let me know that they care. ~ read more