31 December 2008

news from the smoking gun

Dear Friends:

Up until the last 12 hours, 2008 was shaping up as a mediocre year for celebrity mug shots. And then ex-NBA superstar Charles Barkley got arrested on a drunk driving charge. The arrest report contains some incredible quotes from the former NBA star, who spoke with Arizona cops about, um, oral favors. As Sir Charles would say, that's terrible:


And actor Matt Dillon got popped for driving 106 mph on a Vermont interstate:


As if being linked to the Rod Blagojevich case wasn't enough of a headache, President-elect Barack Obama's name may soon pop up at the criminal trial of a man charged with operating a massive Ponzi scheme. No, not that massive Ponzi scheme, the other massive Ponzi scheme:


A female lobbyist is suing The New York Times for $27 million, claiming that she was defamed by a story reporting that she engaged in an "illicit and inappropriate romantic relationship" with Senator John McCain. Details here:


The author of a book about Anna Nicole Smith is using a novel legal defense to a defamation claim filed by a confidante of the late actress. It's the Seinfeldian "not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-it" strategy:


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