28 December 2008

how judaized christians enable war

now that israhell has launched its latest attacks upon the christian and muslim people of gaza, its worth taking a look to see where the zionist regime of israel gets its power to undertake its murderous actions.

israel's power is mostly due to the support from the united states government whose support is in turn demanded by millions of american evangelical "christians" (christian zionists) who themselves have been deceived for the past 100 years by false and deceptive doctrines.

the christian zionist reprobates quote from genesis 12:3 "i will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee," as evidence that christians must support israhell and jews in in everything they do, no matter how ungodly, repugnant or unchristlike or risk being cursed by god.

the apostle paul, (nee saul of tarsus) in galatians chapter 3 clearly explains that the "blessing" spoken of in genesis 12:3 is jesus christ! not jews and certainly not israhell.

in titus chapter 1, christians are told DO NOT GIVE HEED TO JEWISH FABLES. who are you going to believe? the scriptures which were written thousands of years ago or these fake, lying celebrity preachers?

the baptist church of gaza city was built on the site of a former mosque. it is attended by many people who used to be muslims. an active mosque sits next to the baptist church. christian and muslim children attend the same schools and grow up together. christians and muslims have lived together in peace in gaza for centuries.

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cyrus i. scofield and the scofield reference bible
wealthy jewish zionists had corrupt lawyer, adulterer and opportunist cyrus scofield pollute the christian faith. the oxford university press published his heretical commentary in the scofield reference bible. ~ the incredible scofield and his book by joseph m. canfield
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