08 December 2008

down with trinket salesmen

according to today's gannett/town talk, the rapides parish sheriff's office -- "in addition to other law enforcement agencies" has went to the trouble to issue a press release to let all us citizens know how they are desperately cracking down on itinerant trinket salesmen working the lucrative rapides parish flea market and bazaar circuit.

meanwhile, violent i.e. real crimes are skyrocketing out of control in alexandria and around the parish -- but have no fear the next time you're at the mall getting your head cracked and your christmas prezzies stolen or you're at super-one or wal-mart having your purse snatched and your groceries swiped or you find yourself in the middle of some unruly youth having a riot at the grand theatre, because the rapides parish sheriff's office, "in addition to other law enforcement agencies," have all the poor schmucks, trying to eek out a living, selling homemade bird houses and coonass microwaves under control. we feel safer already...dont you?