31 March 2008

SHOCK: avoyelles murder connected to paragon casino

UPDATED 02 april 2008

6:00 pm 'continuing coverage' report 02 april 2008

UPDATE: tuesday 01 april 2008: Donald Ray Johnson, 23, of Bunkie, was charged late Monday with second-degree murder in addition to charges of unauthorized use of a credit card, Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Maj. Harry Normand said today. ~ source
UPDATE: tuesday 01 april 2008 see missing woman found dead from the gannett/alexandria daily town talk
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5:00 pm 31 march 2008
65 year old janaver distefano of plaquemine, louisiana, was abducted from a parking garage at the paragon casino, marksville, la. saturday 28 march 2008. her body was found monday 31 march 2008 in her car, which had been left parked under a shed on an abandoned homesite, at the corner of what mr. magnoli called in his 5:00 pm report, "moreau street and marshall" google maps returns a hit for a moreau street and south marshall blvd. bunkie la. UPDATE: a screen grab from a klax-tv video shows the street signs. they are moreau and s. marshall. [picture]
the gannett/alexandria daily town talk reports:
Her body was discovered around 7 a.m. Monday in her car in front of an abandoned Bunkie home. The discovery came about three and a half hours after the arrest of Donald Ray Johnson, 23, of Bunkie, who was charged with unauthorized use of a credit card in connection with using Distefano’s card, Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Maj. Harry Normand said.

Johnson is also being investigated in connection with Distefano’s death, he said.

He said detectives were led to the body “through their investigation” and led to Johnson after his use of Distefano’s credit card.

Distefano was last seen Saturday morning at the Paragon Casino Resort and reportedly left around 11:20 a.m. to go to Wal-Mart, half a mile away, but hadn’t been seen since.

Several calls to Distefano’s cell phone over that day went unanswered, Normand said.

Her credit cards had been used twice by Johnson, according to Normand, at Wal-Mart and its gasoline pumps. ~ source
more later...

video: gov piyush "bobby" jindal opens the 2008 louisiana regular legislative session


ethics charges filed against city of pineville, la. chief of staff rich dupree

Created By: Jenny Arnaud on 03/31/2008 at 03:45 PM
Category: Ethics Charges

March 31, 2008

Mr. Rich Dupree
8317 Ridgemont Drive
Pineville, LA 71360

Re: Ethics Board Docket No. 2007-223

To: Rich Dupree

The Louisiana Board of Ethics, at its March 13, 2008 meeting, concluded a private investigation into information received by the Board of Ethics.

Following this private investigation, the Board, with Board Members Johnson and Lowery recused, by a majority vote of its membership at its March 13, 2008 meeting, ordered that a public hearing be conducted for the purpose of exploring the following:


That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1111C(2)(d) of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1111] by receiving compensation for providing services to the Alexandria Aces, at a time when the Alexandria Aces had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.


That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1111C(2)(d) of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1111] by receiving compensation for providing services to Louisiana College, at a time when Louisiana College had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.


That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1115 of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1115] by receiving complimentary admission to the Louisiana College Centennial Celebration Luncheon from Louisiana College at a time when Louisiana College had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.


That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1115 of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1115] by soliciting tickets to a professional baseball game from the Alexandria Aces, at a time when the Alexandria Aces had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.


That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1115 of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1115] by soliciting tickets to an Alexandria Aces baseball game for his spouse, from the Alexandria Aces, at a time when the Alexandria Aces had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.

The hearing will be held at 10:00a.m., August 14, 2008 in the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency Building, 2415 Quail Drive, 1st Floor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This public hearing will be conducted in accordance with the procedural requirements set forth in Section 1141E and 1143 of the Code, and in conformity with the Rules adopted by the Board, a copy of which is enclosed. At the conclusion of this public hearing, the Board may impose the civil sanctions contained in Part III, Subpart C of the Code.

In order to fully cooperate with you in this matter, the designated trial attorney will, upon request, provide you with copies of all documents that may be introduced into evidence and the names and addresses of all witnesses that the designated trial attorney intends to call. If you desire the attendance of any witnesses, the Board, through its Executive Secretary, Deborah Grier, can issue subpoenas for those witnesses. In order to have subpoenas issued you must, at least ten (10) days in advance of the hearing, supply the names and addresses of the persons to be subpoenaed to the attention of the Executive Secretary.

If you need any additional information, please contact Michael Dupree, the designated trial attorney, or Deborah Grier, the Executive Secretary, at (225) 763-8777 or (800) 842-6630.



Henry C. Perret, Jr.



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    ex r.p.s.o. deputies raymond edwards and hayden paul fire back at sheriff wagner

    the below advertisement was paid for by raymond edwards and hayden paul and was published on page A-6 of the sunday 30 march 2008 edition of the gannett/alexandria daily town talk.

    click here to download one page .pdf

    we're not the only ones who watch channel four

    on the friday 28 march 2008 ksyl talk back live radio program, hosts dave graichen and bob madison were talking about the city of alexandria, la. supplying water to the international paper mill located across the red river near pineville.

    mr. graichen, basing his comments on nothing factual, was insistent that alexandria sold the water to international paper at a nice profit, stating
    "they [alexandria] don't give it [water] to them [international paper], they make a pretty nice chunk of change on that from what i understand." a caller called in and said that "no, the lady was on t.v. talking yesterday said..." mr. graichen cut the caller off in mid sentence and chastised him saying that "i'am telling ya, no -- the city of alexandria -- that [international paper] is one of their top customers -- they make money off of that, they dont give the water to international paper...the city charges international paper for that water"

    however, the informed caller stood his ground and replied to repeat what he had heard and seen "the lady" state on t.v. the previous day that the city charges international paper .31 cents per thousand gallons, while it costs the city around .90 cents per thousand gallons to produce.

    "the lady" whom the caller was referring to, is city of alexandria,.la. chief operating officer, kay michiels and the t.v. program was the city of alexandria special city council meeting held the previous day, thursday, 27 march 2008 and televised live on government access channel 4.

    there can be no doubt as to what ms. michiels said, however, we will remain skeptical of her facts and figures unless and until the city posts those documents to their official website for us to download and see for ourselves. even better, it would be preferable to see these documents posted under cover of a notarized verification since ms. michiels and the mayor tried to trick us in the past with their fake prescott road 'study.'

    an audio clip of the caller as well as a video clip of ms. michiels addressing the ip water situation can be found here or at the link. the full version of the special city council meeting in question is here.


    30 March 2008

    commenter: piyush "bobby" jindal's tax commission appointments full of graft; corruption

    the other day we posted the contents of a letter we received from dan juneau in which he took governor piyush "bobby" jindal and the louisiana tax commission to task because "within minutes of taking their oath of office, the new commission unanimously voted to overturn significant, pro-taxpayer rules put in place by the prior tax commission under fovernor blanco. because of this reversal in policy, many taxpayers will be subjected to higher property assessed values and higher taxes."

    mr. juneau's letter was also published on the popular statewide political website bayou buzz.

    today we noticed that a bayou buzz commenter, /concerned citizen' pointed out the following about several of piyush "bobby" jindal's tax commission appointments:

    What Mr. Juneau politely omitted was the questionable backgrounds of 3 of Jindal's 5 Tax Commissioners. Jindal's appointed chairman, Pete Peters, left the Tax Commission years ago in scandal. He was found to have taken gratuities along with the old Chairman, who was found guilty by the Board of Ethics. The Inspector General also found that Peters created bogus travel expenses for the Chairman. Peters was the former Director of the troubled agency.

    Kenny Naquin was investigated by the Feds for lowering the assessment on a New Orleans riverboat casino. The casino then gave Naquin's cousins (Sen. Heitmeier and his brother) a "consulting" contract.

    Paul Hargrove was investigated by the Ouachita Sheriff's department in Monroe when his former employer accused him of theft. I don't know the ultimate outcome of that. Hargrove was also cited by the Board of Ethics for a campaign finance violation. (he ran for state rep in Monroe and lost)

    Since all of these things are easily verifiable and were widely reported, why did Jindal appoint them anyway? Are the Assessors so strong that they get to appoint the Board that is supposed to police them? Wow ! Either Jindal doesn't know government, doesn't know how to do a background check, or he really is a very bad politically corrupt guy masquerading as a reformer. It will be very interesting to see if the State Senate will confirm these Jindal Tax Commissioners.
    Written by Concerned Citizen on 3/30/2008

    another bayou buzz commenter had this observation:

    Everyday we are finding out that Governor Jindal is not his own person, as he told us all throughout his campaign and acceptance speech. With all of the groceries, insurance, gasoline going up in price, we, the citizens of the State of Louisiana, really appreciate your latest move, Governor Jindal. You could not even let the new board get their feet wet before you gave them their orders.
    Written by Sweetpea on 3/28/2008


    valiant lafayetters keeping the pressure on the redflex scam and the criminals running lafayette consolidated government

    redflex protest 29 march 2008 lafayette, louisiana

    The Valianteers had an impromptu protest yesterday!!

    The Abshires were protesting the van on HWY 90 while Betsy and Stephanie protested the van at Kaliste Saloom & Hugh Wallis. The police requested that the Abshires leave HWY 90 because waving at the traffic is not appropriate (it was on the 6pm & 10pm KATC news). We learned from the police that it is appropriate to protest with signs.

    The Abshires next went to reinforce Betsy and Stephanie at Kaliste Saloom location. The protest was successful as business became slow for Redflex and the operator packed up. As a group and with proper signage we went back to HWY 90. That van operator decided business was too slow and also packed up. We followed that van to its next location on Pinhook, before Walmart, and allowed them to setup. As we approached the van, with signs in arm, the driver drove off without even disconnecting and removing the external radar system!!!

    We aggravated 2 vans enough to move from their locations 3 times – that’s 150% success!

    Great job for Mark, Steph, Betsy and photographer Phil Abshire.

    high res
    photo 2
    photo 3
    photo 4

    inside van photo 2
    inside van photo 3

    Our efforts continue to be strong and we are really pissing off Redflex right now. We also have the first threat letter from attorneys in Toledo threating to report a man to a credit bureau if he does not pay the $25. Whatever.

    click the redflex label in the footer of this post for more.


    more piyush scammery: gary chouest

    lies, deception, fraud and trickery have been and shall remain the hallmarks of this administration. piyush was a liar and a deceiver from the beginning but fortunately for those hip to these things, a viewing of that disaster of an inauguration ceremony portends that piyush and all those around him are bunglers and are destined to be found out.

    Jindal donor got first contract

    Capitol news bureau
    Published: Mar 30, 2008


    The first business to benefit from state economic development aid under Gov. Bobby Jindal is run by a man whose family and businesses donated at least $135,250 to the governor’s campaign and local Republican Party causes during the past year.

    Jindal introduced the donor — Gary Chouest, of Galliano — as a leader of Louisiana business in the same March 9 speech when the governor proclaimed before the Legislature that the state’s political culture had moved beyond “who you know” motivations. click here or link to read the entire article.
    Jindal donor got first contract

    Chouest contributions
    Contributions by companies related to Gary Chouest or by people named Chouest using the same address in campaign financial disclosures:

    CLEAN TANK LLC: Galliano, on 10/2/2007, $5,000 to Republican Party of Louisiana.

    C-LOGISTICS LLC: Galliano, on 10/2/2007, $5,000 to Republican Party of Louisiana.

    OFFSHORE SERVICE VESSELS LLC: Galliano, on 9/14/2007, to $5,000 Jindal Campaign for governor.

    ALPHA MARINE SERVICE LLC: Galliano, on 9/14/2007, $5,000 to Jindal Campaign for governor.

    CHOUEST OFFSHORE SERVICES: Galliano, on 9/13/2007, $5,000 to Jindal Campaign for governor.

    ROSS CHOUEST: Galliano, on 5/18/2007, $2,500 to Jindal Campaign for governor.

    CASEY CHOUEST: Galliano, on 5/18/2007, $2,500 to Jindal Campaign for governor.

    GARY CHOUEST: Galliano, on 5/18/2007, $5,000 to Jindal Campaign for governor.

    ROSS CHOUEST TRUST: Galliano, on 1/25/2007, $50 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    DINO CHOUEST: Galliano, on 1/25/2007, $50 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    DAMON CHOUEST: Galliano, on 1/25/2007, $50 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    CASEY CHOUEST TRUST: Galliano, on 1/25/2007, $50 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    DIONNE CHOUEST: Galliano, on 1/25/2007, $50 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    C-LOGISTICS LLC: Galliano, on 11/3/2006, $100,000 to Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

    source: Louisiana Board of Ethics via the advocate


    who's nigger are you?

    pastor james david manning has an interesting take on political correctness and words you can and can't speak and words you ought to speak and avoid.


    29 March 2008

    major pennsylvania tomato grower ends crop - no workers

    tomato planting illustration photo courtesy: plow creek farm

    Major Grower Ends Crop, Lacking Workers

    By MICHAEL RUBINKAM – 4 days ago

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. (AP) — Saying the nation's immigration system is broken, Pennsylvania's largest grower of fresh-to-market tomatoes announced Monday he will no longer produce the crop because he can't find enough workers to harvest it.

    Keith Eckel, 61, a fourth-generation farmer and the owner of Fred W. Eckel Sons Farms Inc., said he saw a dramatic decline last summer in the number of migrant workers who showed up to pick tomatoes at his 2,000-acre farm in northeastern Pennsylvania.

    He said Congress' failure to approve comprehensive immigration reform had hindered his ability to hire enough workers to get his crop to the market. Most of Eckel's workers came from Mexico.

    "There are a number of workers hesitant to travel, legal or illegal, because of the scrutiny they are now under," said Eckel, whose tomatoes have been shipped to supermarkets and restaurants throughout the eastern United States. "So there are less workers crossing state lines."

    Eckel, who planted 2.2 million tomato plants last year, said he also will stop growing pumpkins and will plant half as much sweet corn as usual, resulting in a loss of nearly 175 jobs.

    Eckel, one of the largest growers of fresh tomatoes in the Northeast, said it cost him $1.5 million to $2 million to plant and harvest a tomato crop — too much of an investment to risk not having enough workers at harvest time.

    "The system to provide our labor is broken and the emotion surrounding the immigration issue is standing in the way of those in the political arena moving forward to solve it," Eckel told a news conference at his farm in Clarks Summit.

    Congress failed to pass legislation last year that would have allowed immigrants — some already in the country illegally and some who would come from abroad — to work through guest-worker and legalization programs.

    Carl Shaffer, president of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, predicted other farmers would follow Eckel's lead and stop growing labor-intensive crops unless the government developed a reliable guest-worker program.

    "The American consumer really needs to wake up to this issue," said Shaffer, who joined Eckel at the news conference. "It's not just an immigration issue, it's an issue that's going to affect everyone's food supply."

    Eckel does not participate in the federal government's H-2A guest worker program, which allows farmers to bring in foreigners if they can prove that workers can't be found locally. Like many farmers, Eckel believes the program is too cumbersome. He said he wouldn't qualify for it anyway because his growing season is too short.

    According to the U.S. Labor Department, U.S. farmers hired only about 75,000 H-2A workers in 2007 — while an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 workers in the United States were illegal immigrants.

    The Labor Department has announced plans to overhaul the H-2A system, but the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is calling for a guest-worker program to be built from scratch that will provide a stable, legal supply of labor.

    Though Eckel's tomato pickers made an average of $16.59 per hour last year, he said the relatively high wage is not enough to attract local labor to work the fields.

    "A lot of people think with immigration that we're talking about immigrants taking jobs from others. Let me tell you, there is no local labor that is going to go out and harvest those tomatoes in 90-degree temperatures except our immigrant labor," Eckel said. "They come here to do a job that no one else will do in this country."

    Eckel said he is scrupulous about asking workers for immigration documents. Nevertheless, he wants to avoid the risk of a federal immigration raid. He cited national surveys that found as many as 70 percent of U.S. farm workers are in the country illegally.

    The acreage he previously devoted to tomatoes and pumpkins will be converted to field corn that is harvested by machines.

    Ray Vega, 64, who came to the United States from Mexico as a boy and has worked seasonally at Eckel's farm since 1970, said many migrant workers "are scared to travel anymore" because they're afraid of being picked up by immigration authorities.


    28 March 2008

    piyush scammed: higher property tax assessments on the way

    Written by: Dan Juneau

    After much anticipation, Governor Jindal’s Tax Commission was sworn into office on March 18, 2008. Within minutes of taking their oath of office, the new commission unanimously voted to overturn significant, pro-taxpayer rules put in place by the prior Tax Commission under Governor Blanco. Because of this reversal in policy, many taxpayers will be subjected to higher property assessed values and higher taxes.

    During the summer of 2007, the Blanco Tax Commission heard testimony, discussion and lengthy presentations from taxpayers and assessors on the pending rules and regulations for 2008. Taxpayers successfully argued that, to achieve fair market value in valuation techniques as mandated by our state constitution, the appraiser must appropriately recognize depreciation and obsolescence when evident, or the property will be overvalued—and thus, overtaxed. To the contrary, the assessors pushed for discretionary privileges regarding obsolescence, leaving its inclusion solely at the discretion of the assessor. Unfortunately, many assessors simply do not recognize obsolescence as a matter of practice, even though it is a requirement of the appraisal process in determining fair market value. Other assessors treat obsolescence as a gift to taxpayers—if they choose to bestow it.

    Taxpayers are not looking for gifts or handouts, but rather the uniform application of appraisal principles throughout the state, regardless of whether the parish is an “obsolescence-granting” parish or whether the “obsolescence-granting” assessor is still in office or not. This arbitrary and capricious treatment of obsolescence certainly does not comply with the uniformity provisions of our state constitution—property should have the same fair market value standards statewide, irrespective of the parish or assessor making the fair market value determination.

    During much of modern history in Louisiana, assessors have generally had their way with the Tax Commission. This has often led to the historical under-assessment of residential property on the tax rolls statewide and a disproportionate amount of property taxes being paid by business and commercial interests. Gov. Blanco made a bold decision early in her administration to reform and clean up the property tax system. To do this, she appointed a fair and independent Tax Commission. This obviously worked, because both taxpayers and assessors generally left Tax Commission meetings not satisfied, with neither ever getting all that they had hoped for.

    Some powerful assessors were determined to overturn the reforms put in place under Governor Blanco. They endorsed then-candidate Jindal, in hopes of going back to the way things used to be at the Tax Commission. On February 29, 2008, Governor Jindal announced his five appointments to the commission. On the same day they took their oath of office, the new commission, on rehearing and without any public discussion or explanation, reversed the obsolescence policy in favor of the assessors. Because of this change in policy, assessors will now be able, within the sole discretion and whim of each assessor, to choose whether or not to include obsolescence in their appraisals, even if established by the taxpayer.

    While it is still too early to tell whether the Jindal Tax Commission will continue to veer from the road to reform paved by the Blanco Commission, it is definitely off on an inauspicious start. If the new policy holds, we will be telling businesses looking to invest or expand in Louisiana that they will need to kiss the rings of their local assessors in order to be treated fairly. That policy will erode the positive impact of the economic development advances Governor Jindal recently pushed through the Legislature. He should realize that and demand that his Tax Commission reverse this policy.

    local piyush poot sniffer, joey vercher, sells out central louisiana's poor and elderly property owners.

    call joey vercher and tell him to stop sniffing piyush's poots and to do whats right for the property owners of this area and this state

    harold joseph vercher
    710 w shore dr, alexandria, la 71303
    (318) 445-6578

    image one realty / v & v properties
    1223 macarthur dr, alexandria, la. 71303
    (318) 473-8344
    (318) 308-6578

    list of companies to boycott owned by joey vercher here and here.
    see also
    jindal replaces highway safety champion


    kittens chase bear up a tree

    kittens run a 'real young teenage bear' up a tree

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    27 March 2008

    governmental crime gangs to battle over sales tax loot

    mayor roy: "we cannot stomach losing four million [dollars] a year"

    it seems that back in 1967 rapides parish voters approved a one percent parish-wide sales tax. according to mayor roy "it allocates thirty-three percent of the one cent sales tax revenue to [the city of] alexandria, fifty percent goes to the rapides parish school board, i believe, nine percent goes to the [rapides parish police] jury and five percent goes to the city of pineville. there are other municipalities...townships and villages that share in those other percentages. they were actually listed in the call. at the time when the 1967 tax passed, ball was an unincorporated township so it did not share. five years after that, it incorporated and it started its - really battle to become one of the ones that share directly."

    apparently, the sales tax is coming up for renewal this year and the rapides parish police juror from district "a" john "buck" linecum, whose pushing the redistribution proposal, is...according to central la politics blog...a "sock-puppet for crooked ball mayor, roy hebron" and seemingly in agreement, the gannett/town talk reporter, karina donica, writes today that police juror lincecum wants the voters to "vote on a redistribution of the proceeds from the 1-cent sales tax voters approved in 1967" and that "the town of ball especially stands to gain from a redistribution. the municipality was created after the 1967 tax was passed. if the proposal were to pass, the town would go from receiving nothing to receipts of more than $600,000, based on 2007 sales tax data." source

    if this redistribution proposal comes to a vote, its highly likely that it would pass because it looks like its going to be sold to the voters that since alexandria is no longer the center of the universe around here with the amount of people that have moved out and into pineville and into the rural areas its only fair that more money go to them.

    at the special alexandria city council meeting they did the "aw shux after all we do for them," routine pointing out that alexandria maintains the parish animal shelter, golf courses, alexandria provides water to the international paper mill on the north side of the river and the zoo and so forth. all valid arguments against redistribution.

    when the sales tax comes up for a vote we will vote to rescind the tax because as a matter of principal we vote against any and all taxes but having said that, the best reason to reject a redistribution of the sales tax is simply because we can always keep an eye on alexandria city government to see what they are up to. the city of pineville doesnt broadcast their council meetings like alexandria does. nor does the town of ball, forest hill or the speed trap bandits at woodworth even the rapides parish police jury and the rapides parish school board refuse to broadcast their proceedings. the local media seldom reports on the goings on at those meetings either. so if the tax must stay on the books the best thing is to leave it like it is.


    26 March 2008

    mike magnoli shines a little light on the city of alexandria, la.'s definition of 'transparency'

    louisiana public records law


    third circuit affirms judge davidson's ruling in fuel plus llc v rapides parish police jury et al

    click here to download five page .pdf
    this is the case to allow alcohol sales in certain parts of north rapides parish. it turned on a louisiana state supreme court opinion in sabine parish police jury versus commissioner of alcohol & tobacco control [thirty page .pdf] however, the third circuit didnt buy that argument:
    The case before us differs from Sabine, in certain respects. In Sabine the local option election took place before the redistricting of the parish into election districts, that redistricting resulted in a “dry” ward becoming part of an otherwise “wet” election district. In the case before us, the local option election took place after the redistricting, included the entire parish, and after the election, all of Election District A had voted to remain dry.

    Although the parish-wide election allowed voters to determine whether their ward, rather than their election district, would allow sale of alcoholic beverages, the result, as it affects the parties to this case, is that Election District A chose to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the argument that the election should have been held on the basis of election districts rather than wards is based, in this case, on a distinction without a difference. In either case, the voters of Election District A have chosen to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages.

    La.R.S. 26:583 makes it clear that its purpose is that the sale of alcoholic beverages be allowed or prohibited “only in an entire ward, election district, or incorporated municipality and not in any portion thereof.” Therefore, as it pertains to Election District A, the purpose of the statute has been achieved.

    a rude awakening for realtor wolf

    robert wolf

    link to video clip page
    at the tail end of the 25 march 2008 alexandria, la. city council finance committee meeting, local realtor robert wolf, arose to ask a question to the committee concerning last summer's tax election.

    mr. wolf was specifically concerned about the one percent sales and use tax that was on that ballot. it seems that previously this sales tax had an expiration date of ten years, meaning that it had to come before the voters every ten years to be approved or rejected.
    mr. wolf asked: "not too long ago we voted to renew a sales and use tax - one percent, that had a expiration date of ten years -- and the renewal does it also have an expiration date of ten years?"

    (get a load of city finance director david crutchfield standing behind mr. wolf shaking his head in order to let the committee know the answer)

    "no" replied councilman chuck fowler

    "well how could we vote for a renewal of a tax that had an expiration date of ten years and not have an expiration date on what we voted for?" mr. wolf asked.

    so councilman lawson called forth finance director crutchfield who promptly explained that it was an "in perpetuity" tax.

    actually, last spring there was talk in one of the city council committees about making this tax "in perpetuity" so it really shouldnt have come as a surprise that is just what the city did.

    however, no one ever explains how an in perpetuity tax is legal. a hundred years from now we will all be gone, yet people that arent even born yet will be tasked with paying these in perpetuity taxes without ever having a say or even having the opportunity to have a say. do you think thats right? what kind of people do that to their own offspring? an immoral people thats who. isnt an in perpetuity tax in reality taxation without representation? or how about a violation of including, but not limited to, section 1 of the fourteenth amendment right to due process? an in perpetuity tax is a totally unamerican concept - its communist.

    the same goes for the rapides parish sheriff's office in perpetuity tax

    05 october 2002 link

    if louisiana actually had any politicians, legislators, etc. that were actually worth a damn, they would file a bill and pass a law outlawing this in perpetuity tax scam. but louisiana doesnt have any politicians or legislators that are worth a damn because they wouldnt have ever foisted this garbage on the people to begin with.


    25 March 2008

    rapides parish sheriff chuck wagner admits he lied for 'political reasons'


    city of alexandria to get another attorney in cleco fraud suit

    in the 25 march 2008 alexandria city council legal committee, mayor roy "put forth an agenda item fact sheet it does not have a contract attached which does not follow the normal rules" the mayor said that he would work with the legal committee chair mr. everett hobbs, "to negotiate any legal fees or structure that needs to be met for an ordinance "authorizing the mayor to enter into a professional services agreement with john adragna, esquire." because "the administration seeks the services of mr. adragna to assist in the litigation of city of alexandria versus cleco corporation in the event the present mediation is not immediately resolved - we think this is necessary, mr. adragna is one of the best in the business...[and is the] kind of person we would need in the litigation phase of this case as opposed to where we've been."

    john michael adranga [bio] is a principal with the washington d.c. law firm miller, balis & o'neil, pc. and practices in the area of electricity regulation.

    heather-renee tribute video

    heather-renee' sarah skarina skeen was a twenty-two year old who died in september, 2005 in rapides parish, ball, louisiana under what her mother and maternal family maintain was suspicious circumstances, which they say were never properly investigated.


    24 March 2008

    more words of wisdom from pastor james david manning

    via curt maynard's blog:

    Why did I write that the media will ignore Pastor Manning as opposed to smearing him? Simple, it's obvious he'll never apologize for telling the truth, he has no fear of them, thus they'll never give him any publicity, NEVER!

    Pastor Manning is far too honest for the average black to comprehend and appreciate, and way too honest for the Zionist media and Zio-American monstrosity in Washington DC to ever allow you to see.


    city of alexandria, la. gets 'smart' quits online advance posting council agenda

    UPDATE: sometime around 10:00 am cdt tuesday 25 march 2008 the city updated their website with the council agenda.

    this morning, we noticed that the gannett/town talk reporter, karina donica, in her weekly 'city notebook' column wrote about some agenda items on tomorrow's alexandria, la. city council meeting agenda.

    so, we jammed over to the city of alexandria's official website to view the agenda ourselves because you cant trust the town talk's reporting about these things because they always leave out (or suppress) most of it and usually the most important part out of their reporting but alas the 25 march 2008 city council agenda is nowhere to be found within the city's website. this is surprising because in the past the city council agenda was usually placed on the city's website on the thursday or friday before the following tuesday's city council meeting.



    c b forgotston schools state rep hunter greene

    representative hunter v. greene

    .mp3 here

    appearing on the moon griffon radio program 17 march 2008, louisiana uber blogger and legislative watch dog c. b. forgotston took a call from state representative hunter green. according to representative greene he says that he has been a "very big advocate of refunding monies to taxpayers."

    however, as shown in the audio clip representative greene really doesnt know the state constitution, or louisiana law or really what hes talking about. whats worse (but normal for louisiana) is that representative greene is chairman of the house ways and means committee, which must mean that representative greene was made chairman of ways and means because he is a useful idiot and puppet to the piyush "bobby" jindal adminstration.
    see also
    save or spend our money?


    23 March 2008

    kalb getting set to do another fluff piece on rapides parish sheriff chuck wagner

    in the easter sunday 10 pm news cast, kalb's leigh culbert announced that kalb will be sitting down this week with rapides parish, louisiana sheriff chuck wagner. you can tell its gonna be a fluff piece by the way its announced in that ms. culbert recites the obviously erroneous line that the staff changes are "part of the normal process any police agency goes through in its day-to-day operations." this is a patently disingenuous thing to say, considering all the documented evidence to the contrary. all kalb is trying to do here is subliminally plant that seed in your mind that everything is ok, its just normal bidness.

    see also the rpso label in the footer of this post


    al copeland dies

    popeyes famous fried chicken founder al copeland died today at munich, germany.

    the mosquito coast has a rather detailed write-up about mr. copeland from the times-picayune - click here.

    UPDATE: monday 31 march 2008 wwl:
    Al Copeland to be laid to rest today

    08:16 AM CDT on Monday, March 31, 2008


    Final goodbyes will be said Monday to legendary New Orleans restaurateur Al Copeland.

    Copeland died Easter Sunday in Germany where he was seeking treatment for a rare form of cancer. He was 64-years-old.

    Visitation will begin at 11 a.m. at Holy Name of Jesus Church on St. Charles Avenue, with a mass following at 2 p.m.

    After the mass, there will be a funeral procession to Metairie Cemetery on Pontchartrain Boulevard where Copeland will be laid to rest.

    At least a dozen of Copeland’s race cars, motorcycles and his famed speed boat will be displayed on the lawn – just some of the toys that epitomize his flamboyant lifestyle.
    alvin c. copeland memorial at find a grave
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    rep. chris roy: hooking up the trial lawyers; driving up the cost of modular housing

    hb795 by representative roy "provides that immunity from civil liability under worker's compensation law shall not extend to situations where an employer removes adequate safeguards"

    click here to download two page .pdf
    hb532 "provides an exception to the compulsory motor vehicle liability security law"
    I. Any health care provider, hospital, or ambulance service that furnishes emergency medical services or supplies to the owner of a motor vehicle, who fails to own or maintain compulsory motor vehicle liability security, shall have the right to recover the reasonable charges or fees for such services or supplies from the owner of the other vehicle and his insurer, regardless of the provisions of this Part.
    click here to download two page .pdf
    representative roy's crème de la crème is hb800. this eleven page legislative boondoggle creates something called the louisiana modular housing act. this bureaucratic nightmare will to drive up the pricing of modular homes, hb800 promises to: to provide legislative findings; to provide for definitions; to provide for rules and regulations relative to modular housing; to provide for third-party inspectors and design review agencies; to provide for standards of construction for modular housing; to provide for enforcement of the building code; to provide for enforcement of building code amendments; to provide for design review; to provide for inspections of modular housing; to provide for decals or insignia on modules; to provide for reciprocity of modular housing; to provide for local government authority; and to provide for related matters.

    those "related matters" can be found in the bill's digest "proposed law authorizes the council to establish reasonable fees to enforce proposed law." "reasonable" fees to be borne by guess who.

    in these uncertain economic times that we live in and most economists agree that we are already in a recession, some predict a full blown depression, doesnt it make sense that if representative roy was really concerned with the plight of his fellow louisianaians he would be working to remove taxes, fees, rules and regulations that drive up prices and restrict commerce and industry instead of pouring more on? especially when you stop and think that a lot of us, if we're lucky, are probably going to be living in a modular home before long.

    even if representative roy is concerned about unscrupulous modular home builders ripping off louisianaians, dont we already have consumer protection laws and fraud laws and misrepresentation laws like for example the unfair trade practices and consumer protection law found at La. R.S. 51:1401 already on the books? and hey what about caveat emptor?

    the louisiana legislature is like a senile person. they do the exact opposite of what they are told to do, of whats expected of them - just for spite. senator edwin murray talking about his bill, sb6 to create a state cocktail was quoted as saying "we will probably have a little fun with this bill." the thing is, is that we dont send you to baton rouge to "have a little fun" we send you to baton rouge to help create a better louisiana for everyone. something that the legislature is totally deficient and incapable of doing by creating unwanted and unneeded laws and crimes and rules and regulations, taxes and fees out of thin air that make life harder for your average louisianaian, while at the same time they protect their criminal friends.
    click here to download hb800 eleven page .pdf
    see also
    hb518 provides for special permits for the transportation of modular
    buildings- three page .pdf
    and also
    hb379 expands license classifications of the state licensing board for
    contractors to include modular building contractors - five page .pdf
    click the link to view all bills filed by representative chris roy jr.
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    bob vila
    modular homes make sense