24 March 2008

city of alexandria, la. gets 'smart' quits online advance posting council agenda

UPDATE: sometime around 10:00 am cdt tuesday 25 march 2008 the city updated their website with the council agenda.

this morning, we noticed that the gannett/town talk reporter, karina donica, in her weekly 'city notebook' column wrote about some agenda items on tomorrow's alexandria, la. city council meeting agenda.

so, we jammed over to the city of alexandria's official website to view the agenda ourselves because you cant trust the town talk's reporting about these things because they always leave out (or suppress) most of it and usually the most important part out of their reporting but alas the 25 march 2008 city council agenda is nowhere to be found within the city's website. this is surprising because in the past the city council agenda was usually placed on the city's website on the thursday or friday before the following tuesday's city council meeting.