09 March 2008

a moral obligation to stop john mcmadman mccain

Why John McCain must not become Commander in Chief
by Devvy Kidd

Senator John McCain Opposed Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs

"It took them nine months to set up the committee mainly because John McCain bitterly opposed all efforts to find POWs."

"McCain made over 32 propaganda tapes for the Vietnamese government."

Watch the 3:58 second video above on YouTube. You will see former members of Congress talk about the massive efforts by John McCain to stop all efforts to find American POWs.

More betrayal by McCain, short video:

Get the DVD, Missing: Presumed Dead: The Search for American POWs. This professional grade DVD was made by Bill Dumas, who has spent 50 years trying to get the truth about his brother, an American MIA from the Korean War. This DVD uses actual video from senate hearings on our POW/MIAs. You will see and hear with your own eyes how John McCain and John Kerry sold out our precious soldiers.

As painful as that might be, the media has built this man up to be a war hero, when in fact, he is not.
Missing: Presumed Dead, see here: http://www.billdumas.com/

Keating Five: Had it not been for McCain connections, he would have gone to prison over his role in the savings and loan scandal. This article represents the facts:

John McCain joined with Senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez to pass S.1639 the monstrous amnesty bill last summer to give 15 MILLION illegal aliens a free pass. More Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens than died on 911. We the people defeated that bill supporting this massive invasion of our country.

Our Moral Obligation to Stop McCain


"The article, "Influence peddling claims dog McCain, describes McCain’s criminal corruption while on the Senate Commerce Committee for which McCain should have been removed from office and prosecuted. During the time this was going on, McCain was receiving large contributions to his Reform Institute from socialists George Soros and Teresa Kerry.

"John McCain helped arm Kosovo Islamic terrorists. In gratitude the Albanians collected one million dollars for the McCain’s presidential campaign":

February 13, 2008:

"He did everything that we asked of him, including arming the KLA", said Albanian lobbyist Joe DioGuardi. The Albanians collected one million dollars for the presidential campaign of this senator.

Viet Nam Veterans Against John McCain:
John McCain has not "won" the GOP nomination.
The GOP convention is September 1-4, 2008. At that time, all the delegates will come together, committed and uncommitted, to cast their votes. Americans must be aware that vote fraud was once again rampant during the primaries. That factor puts "committed" delegates into the null and void category. Please join millions of Americans trying to educate Americans about the real John McCain.