30 March 2008

valiant lafayetters keeping the pressure on the redflex scam and the criminals running lafayette consolidated government

redflex protest 29 march 2008 lafayette, louisiana

The Valianteers had an impromptu protest yesterday!!

The Abshires were protesting the van on HWY 90 while Betsy and Stephanie protested the van at Kaliste Saloom & Hugh Wallis. The police requested that the Abshires leave HWY 90 because waving at the traffic is not appropriate (it was on the 6pm & 10pm KATC news). We learned from the police that it is appropriate to protest with signs.

The Abshires next went to reinforce Betsy and Stephanie at Kaliste Saloom location. The protest was successful as business became slow for Redflex and the operator packed up. As a group and with proper signage we went back to HWY 90. That van operator decided business was too slow and also packed up. We followed that van to its next location on Pinhook, before Walmart, and allowed them to setup. As we approached the van, with signs in arm, the driver drove off without even disconnecting and removing the external radar system!!!

We aggravated 2 vans enough to move from their locations 3 times – that’s 150% success!

Great job for Mark, Steph, Betsy and photographer Phil Abshire.

high res
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4

inside van photo 2
inside van photo 3

Our efforts continue to be strong and we are really pissing off Redflex right now. We also have the first threat letter from attorneys in Toledo threating to report a man to a credit bureau if he does not pay the $25. Whatever.

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