07 March 2008

c.b. forgotston: keeping the pressure on piyush scam

in his most recent post "what will jindal do?" legislative watchdog and blogger, c.b. forgotston addresses recent news that a state agency (louisiana recreational and used motor vehicle commission), on 19 february 2008, violated louisiana open meetings law.

mr. forgotston points out that this occurred on gov. piyush "bobby" jindal's "watch," (piyush scam was inaugurated on 14 january 2008) mr. forgotston says that "it begs the question of what the governor will do about it?" since "according to LA R.S. 32:783, all members of the commission that violated the law are appointed by the governor. additionally, the chairman is appointed by the governor."

mr. forgotston wonders if piyush is "talk or action" and writes "how jindal handles this situation will say a lot about how serious he is about “transparency” in government."

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